Everything You Need to Know About Paper Crafting and Card Making!

Have you ever wondered how paper crafting started? Do you want to learn some fun, interesting, and unique facts and trivia about your favorite crafting supplies? Are you curious about their history, manufacturing, and usage? Learn everything you need to know about stamps, dies, inks, stencils, watercolors, scrapbooking, washi tapes, and more through these specially curated, ultimate guides!

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Seven years of inspiring crafters to express themselves through the art of paper crafting, over 5,000 products in 17 different categories, 800+ stamp sets, serving customers in 88 countries, with 19 incredibly talented designers, and a growing team from around the world. Altenew’s mission is to spark creativity and bring inspiration through our wide variety of beautiful, elegant, and innovative paper crafting products - from stamps and dies, stencils, embossing folders to inks, watercolors, and alcohol markers.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Paper Crafting

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An All-Purpose Guide for Understanding Craft Stamps

Rubber stamps, wooden stamps, acrylic stamps, and photopolymer stamps - which stamp suits you best? How do you use these stamps? Find out more about the humble beginnings and the evolution of the most basic card-making and scrapbooking tool here!

Everything You Need to Know About Inks for Paper Crafting

Ink has been used for so long that it has integrated itself into almost every part of our society. The wide variety of inks available today has made this coloring medium a staple in every crafter’s stash. Learn more about the first uses of inks, the different types of inks for paper crafting, and other ink-related trivia here!

Card making ideas, card making supplies, card making kits and MORE!

The art of card making has brought crafters from different walks of life, crafting styles, and preferences together. Have you ever wondered how it all began? When and where did this popular hobby start? Who created the first handmade card? Find out more here.

Paper Crafting Inspiration and Ideas!

Recognized by the Craft Business Awards as the Best American Brand in 2021, Altenew has been the leader in creating elegant, unique, and innovative products in the world of paper crafting. Walk down memory lane with us and check out our most notable achievements and milestones in the past seven years.

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What Is Watercoloring?

What is watercolor? How does it differ from other types of paints? What makes it so trendy? All your burning questions about watercolors - from different types to techniques - are finally answered! Read more here.

What Is Watercoloring?

What is watercolor? How does it differ from other types of paints? What makes it so trendy? All your burning questions about watercolors - from different types to techniques - are finally answered! Read more here.

Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol Markers

Alcohol markers are probably one of the most versatile coloring mediums out there. Do you want to know more about how it was created? What makes it popular among beginner and experienced crafters? Learn more about these supplies here!

Essential Information About Die Cutting for Paper Craft

Have you marveled at beautiful paper crafting creations made with dies and wondered how to use these nifty little tools? These wafer-thin metal dies have been total game-changers in the world of card making and scrapbooking. Find everything you need to know about craft dies, die-cutting techniques, and die-cutting machines here!

What Are Stencils?

If you love creating quick and easy backgrounds on your cards, scrapbook pages, art journals, etc., then stencils will be your go-to supply. Have you ever thought about the origin and manufacturing of stencils? Are you looking for more stencil art techniques and inspiration? Read more here!

All You Need to Know About Your Favorite Washi Tapes

Colorful, cute, and decorative washi tapes are all the rage these days! If you are into crafts, then you may have at least come across these cute little tapes. What are washi tapes, and how do you use them? Learn more about their rise to popularity here!

Embossing 101: Embossing Cards, 3D Embossing Folders, Custom Embossing Folders, and More!

The beautiful art of embossing isn’t new to arts and crafts enthusiasts. If you’ve always been curious about the difference between heat embossing and dry embossing and how to use the very trendy 3D embossing folders, then keep on reading!

Scrapbooking: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

DIY scrapbooking has gained popularity among hobbyists and crafters, turning this once personal hobby into an exciting, creative, and trendy social event. Are you interested in finding out about its history, materials used, techniques, and latest trends in scrapbooking? Let us fill you in!

The Ultimate Guide to Cardstock Paper and Craft Paper

What makes cardstock the best choice for paper crafting? What are the different types of paper used for card making and scrapbooking? How do you find the best paper for your artwork? Find all the answers to your burning questions right here!

Adhesives From A to Z: History, Types of Adhesive, Best Adhesive for Crafts, How to Use, and More!

As a crafter, do you find a simple stroll down the adhesives aisle a bit overwhelming? Are you simply looking for crafters glue, or do you perhaps need some waterproof adhesive? Everything you need to know about adhesives is in this ultimate guide!

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Mixed Media!

Do you want to know more about mixed media art? Would you like to learn some techniques and find creative inspiration for your next handmade creation? This quick read has everything you need to know about this unique visual art form.

Your Quick Guide to Paper Crafting Tools

Discover basic card making and scrapbooking tools, essential tips on storing and organizing your crafting supplies, and more! Learn everything you need to know about your precious paper crafting tools and supplies here!

Beginner's Guide to Fabric & Fabric Crafts

What is fabric, and how do you make crafts with fabric? In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about fabric's history, manufacturing, trends, uses, etc.

The Complete Guide to
Gouache Paints for Beginners

Gouache paint is a beautiful and versatile medium that you can use for various creative projects. Learn all about gouache paints in this comprehensive guide!

All You Need to Know About Ensembles:
Paper Crafting Bundles

From cardmaking kits to stamp and die bundles, discover all the benefits of ensembles and all you need to know about creating awesome paper crafting projects!

Your Complete Guide to Altenew's Innovations 

Delve into Altenew's cutting-edge paper crafting systems, including Zero Waste, Key-Hole, and One-Go! Discover how these innovative systems revolutionize your crafting experience and help you unleash your creativity like never before!

Crafting 101

Are you looking for fun and easy online craft classes? Our crafting 101 classes are specially curated for beginners in paper crafting! Each class focuses on the basics of the featured paper crafting supply - from stamps and dies to stencils and watercolors! Learn everything you need to know about each tool, understand how they work, and discover different techniques and unique ideas on how to use them. Sign up for these art and craft classes today and enjoy lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace!

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