Add a Touch of Zen to Your Cards with This NEW Mandala Set!

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

In the world of crafting, there are few designs as captivating and versatile as the mandala. Originating from the Sanskrit word for "circle," mandalas have been used for centuries as spiritual and ritual symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Handmade greeting card with a blue dotted mandala design, made with Altenew Dotted Mandala Stamps

Today, these intricate and symmetrical designs have found their way into the world of art and crafting, where they are celebrated for their beauty and meditative qualities.

CAS DIY card with a red mandala pattern from Altenew and the greeting "I love you always"

If you love creating beautiful, intricate designs with a touch of zen, the NEW Dotted Mandala Stamp and Die Set is perfect for you. Let's explore the beauty and versatility of this new set and delve into some inspiring ideas for incorporating it into your crafting projects. Plus, we'll showcase other mandala-themed products in the Altenew store!

4 mandala cards made with Altenew's mandala themed stamps and dies

Introducing the Dotted Mandala Stamp Set

The Dotted Mandala Stamp Set is a 6" x 8" set including three mesmerizing mandala motifs. What sets this set apart is its versatility - you can use the mandalas together or individually, allowing for endless creative possibilities. In addition to the mandala motifs, the set also includes three separate clusters and dots for stamping within and around the larger mandalas. This adds depth and intricacy to your designs, making them truly stand out.

Pastel butterfly greeting card with 2 butterflies, a bird cafe and a dotted mandala design in the background
 Fun Fact: In Sanskrit, "mandala" translates to "circle" or "sacred center." It symbolizes harmony, unity, and the interconnectedness of everything. Mandalas are often used in meditation and spiritual practices to represent the journey of self-discovery and the integration of the inner and outer worlds. (Source)
Clean and simple DIY greeting card with a yellow-orange mandala and the sentiment "hello"

To add a personal touch to your handmade creations, the set includes eight sentiments that perfectly complement the mandala motifs. From "I love you always" to "Choose kindness," these sentiments add a heartfelt touch to your paper crafting projects. With a total of 14 stamps in the set, you'll have everything you need to create stunning designs that resonate with beauty and meaning.

Mandala Magic: Card Making Ideas

Now that we've acquainted ourselves with the Dotted Mandala Stamp Set, let's dive into some inspiring card making ideas that will showcase the beauty of mandalas in all their glory.

Masculine birthday card idea with blue and green mandala design and 3D embossed background

1. Layered Mandala Cards

Create a striking visual impact by stamping the mandala motifs in varying sizes and layering them on your cards. Experiment with different color combinations to bring out the intricate details of the mandalas. Add a touch of elegance by heat embossing the mandalas with metallic embossing powders for a luxurious finish.

CAS greeting card with a lavender mandala design and the sentiment "choose kindness"Clean and simple masculine birthday card with a blue and green mandala design

2. Monochromatic Mandalas

For a minimalist yet impactful look, try stamping the mandalas in a single color or with shades from the same ink color family. This creates a serene and sophisticated aesthetic that is perfect for sending messages of peace and tranquility to your loved ones.

3. Interactive Spinner Cards

Take your card making to the next level by incorporating the mandala motifs into interactive spinner cards. Create a mesmerizing focal point by stamping a mandala on a spinning element, allowing the recipient to interact with the design as they open the card. This adds an element of surprise and delight to your creations.

Elegant Valentine's Day card idea with a gilded marble letterpress background and a gold mandala designDIY hugs card with a hot foiled mandala design in the background and the sentiment "hugs"

4. Mixed Media Mandalas

Explore the world of mixed media by incorporating the mandala motifs into your art journaling or mixed media projects. Use acrylic paints, inks, and texture pastes to add dimension and vibrancy to the mandalas, creating captivating pieces of art that speak to the soul.

Clean and simple anniversary card with lavender mandalas stamped in the corners and the sentiment "I love you always"Colorful birthday card idea with dotted mandalas

5. Mandala Frames

Use a portion of your mandala as a frame - either to frame a focal point or border frames. Take that extra step by heat embossing (or dry embossing!) your mandalas for added shine and interest.

DIY birthday card with dotted mandalas from AltenewMasculine birthday card idea with blue flowers and a beautiful mandala design in the background

6. Mandala Background

Make a mandala background! You can do repeated stamping, partial stamping, or simply stamp the mandala in a light color and use it as a background for your focal point!

Did You Know? Altenew is all about mandalas! We’ve got quite a collection of mandala-themed stamps, dies, stencils, hot foil plates, and embossing folders. Check them out here.

Beautiful and elegant thank you card with a gilded marble background3 different cards with folksy flower designs

7. Use the Versatile Sentiments In the Set

Not in the mood to create mandala cards and paper crafts? The Dotted Mandala Set includes some basic and versatile sentiments that you can use with other designs in your collection.

Here's a card video tutorial showing you fun ways to use one of Altenew's mandala stencils. Click the image to watch the video.

3 fun ways to use the mandala builder stencil on handmade cards

Tips for Stampers

As you embark on your mandala stamping projects with the Dotted Mandala Stamp Set, here are some tips to enhance your crafting experience:

Blue and green mandala on a simple handmade card, decorated with Altenew Gem SparklesCelebratory handmade card by Jennifer McGuire featuring a mandala design from Altenew
  • Experiment with different ink blending techniques to create captivating backgrounds for your mandalas. Try ink blending with a blending brush to achieve seamless gradients that complement the intricacy of the mandala designs.
  • Use masking techniques to create layered effects with the mandala motifs. By selectively stamping and masking different parts of the mandalas, you can create stunning compositions that appear multi-dimensional and dynamic.
Simple but elegant handmade greeting card with a gold foiled mandala design and the sentiment "dream big"Elegant greeting card with gold 3D embossed mandala design and the sentiment "hello"
  • Don't be afraid to mix and match the sentiments included in the set. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect sentiment that resonates with the mood and message of your creation.
Colorful handmade greeting card with metallic 3D embossed mandala design and a die-cut dragonfly

Embracing Mindful Creativity

The beauty of working with mandalas goes beyond just creating visually stunning designs. The process of stamping and crafting with mandalas can be a deeply meditative and mindful experience. As you immerse yourself in the intricate patterns and rhythmic stamping, you may find a sense of calm and focus washing over you. Let this be an opportunity to embrace mindful creativity, allowing the act of crafting to become a form of self-expression and rejuvenation.

A clean and simple celebration card with a beautiful dotted mandala design

Whether you're creating handmade cards for loved ones, art pieces for your home, or simply indulging in some therapeutic crafting time, the Dotted Mandala Stamp and Die Set invites you to infuse your creations with beauty, meaning, and a touch of zen.

Masculine thank you card with a partially embossed mandala design

If You Love Mandalas, You’ll LOVE This New Set!

Our new Dotted Mandala Stamp Set is a true celebration of the timeless allure of mandalas. With its versatile motifs, heartfelt sentiments, and endless creative possibilities, this set is a must-have for anyone seeking to add a touch of zen and beauty to their crafting projects.

As you embark on your mandala stamping journey, may you find joy in the art of creation and inspiration in the mesmerizing world of mandalas. See you In the Craft Room for more card making tips, ideas, and hacks!

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