A Comprehensive Guide to Greeting Card Envelopes

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Are you looking for the perfect greeting card envelope to complement your handmade card? This comprehensive guide to greeting card envelopes will explore the various types of envelopes available, including different sizes, colors, and materials. Whether you’re sending a heartfelt card to a friend or a formal invitation to a special event, choosing the right envelope is essential for making a lasting impression. Let’s delve into the world of greeting card envelopes and discover everything you need to know about your handmade greeting card’s perfect companion.

Floral handmade card with a Kraft envelope and a gold wax seal stamp

I. Introduction

Greeting cards are a timeless way to express sentiments and celebrate special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or holiday, a thoughtful greeting card can brighten someone's day. 

However, the presentation of a greeting card is not complete without a well-suited envelope. Greeting card envelopes play a crucial role in protecting the card and adding to the overall aesthetic appeal. Here at Altenew, we understand the importance of quality paper crafting tools, and our range of greeting card envelopes is designed to enhance your card-sending experience.

Altenew's Crafty Necessities Greeting Card Envelopes in Tropical Forest colors
Altenew's Crafty Necessities Greeting Card Envelopes in Cherry Blossom colors

A Brief History of Envelopes

The history of envelopes dates back to ancient civilizations, where early forms of envelopes were used to enclose letters and important documents. In ancient China, envelopes were made of paper and used to store monetary gifts

The concept of folded paper envelopes, as we know them today, began to emerge in the 19th century. With the advancements in paper production and printing, envelopes became more standardized and widely used for personal and business correspondence.

2 floral handmade greeting cards with matching custom envelopes from Altenew's Crafty Necessities Envelope collection
Floral thank you card with a matching colored greeting card envelope from Altenew, made by Jennifer McGuire

The introduction of pre-gummed envelopes simplified the process of sealing envelopes, making them more convenient for everyday use. Over time, envelope designs and materials evolved, offering a wide range of options for different purposes and occasions.

In the modern era, envelopes continue to play a crucial role in communication, marketing, and stationery. With the advent of digital communication, envelopes have also adapted to new trends and technologies, remaining a staple in the world of paper-based correspondence and mailing.

Valentine's Day card with halftone hearts and a decorated greeting card envelope

II. Understanding Greeting Card Envelopes

Different greeting card envelope sizes

Source: Common envelope sizes and styles

A. Greeting Card Envelope Sizes

Greeting card envelopes come in various sizes to accommodate different card dimensions. Common sizes include A2 (4.375" x 5.75"), A6 (4.75" x 6.5"), and A7 (5.25" x 7.25"). Another type of card and envelope is slimline, which measures 3 ⅞” x 8 ⅞”. It's essential to choose an envelope size that fits your greeting card comfortably, ensuring a snug and secure fit. 

Custom greeting card envelopes in various sizes and colors

B. Envelopes for Greeting Cards: Standard Sizes and Custom Options

Standard envelope sizes for greeting cards provide a convenient choice for most card designs. However, for unique or custom-sized cards, custom envelope options are available to cater to specific dimensions and design preferences.

2 types of greeting card envelope flaps

Source: Common envelope sizes and styles

Different companies also offer envelopes made from various materials such as:

  • Smooth
  • 100% Cotton
  • Plain Weave
  • Felt Weave
  • Linen
  • Kraft
  • Metallic
  • Vellum

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C. Altenew's Greeting Card Envelope Products

Altenew's Crafty Necessities Greeting Card Envelopes in Fall Harvest colors
Handmade greeting card with 3 floral die-cuts and a matching pink greeting card envelope
  1. Crafty Necessities: A2 Greeting Card Envelopes

Have you ever wished your favorite Altenew ink colors had coordinating envelopes? Your crafty wish is our command!

Our Crafty Necessities Envelopes are the perfect companion for your A2-sized (4.25" x 5.5") handmade cards. These envelopes are designed to coordinate with Altenew's signature color families, adding a personal touch and a splash of color to your mail.

Vellum card envelope from Altenew
  1. Vellum Envelopes

Designed for 5" x 7" greeting cards, our A7 envelopes offer a spacious and elegant presentation for wedding invitation cards and other formal greeting cards. 


  • Size: A7
  • Bar : 5.25 x 7.25”
  • Quantity: 50 envelopes
  • Flap Type: Square Flap
  • Paper Type: Vellum
Motivational handmade card with a matching custom greeting card envelope
  1. Envelope Art Stamp Set

This clever stamp set allows you to adorn the outside of your envelopes with the same level of beauty as the card inside. Let the surprises begin before your loved one even opens your card!

A stunning bunch of ferns and leaves will be a joy to color, and the unique straight and curved banner stamps give you the versatility to customize between single or multi-layered banners. The charming sentiments and large "to" and "from" will find a place on the outside of an envelope or package, and you are sure to use the images on other projects, as well! 

Here are 5 fun and easy ways to decorate your envelopes!

DIY thank you card with a custom envelope for greeting cards
  1. Envelope Liner Die Set

Nothing is more luxurious than opening an envelope with a beautiful liner. An envelope liner can be used to add elegance, or you can use a funky patterned paper for a fun surprise! This die cuts a liner for an A2-sized envelope and perfectly coordinates with Altenew envelopes. We have even included a few extra dies, which can be used to cut details from the flap portion of the liner.

Celebration themed handmade card decorated with Altenew's Lovely Envelope Die Set
DIY hello card decorated with Altenew's Lovely Envelope Die Set
  1. Lovely Envelope Die Set

Before you put your card in an envelope, put an envelope on your card! This adorable little faux envelope die will add a small envelope image to your projects that you can decorate with a variety of flowers, leaves, and hearts. This die works great with any other stand-alone dies or stamps in your stash. Decorate this lovely envelope with your favorite images, or stuff a few removable bits and pieces for the recipient of your card.

 TIP! If you add adhesive only at the edges of the envelope, you can create the easiest and quickest pocket for your projects and add little coupons, gift cards, or memorabilia. 

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III. Choosing the Right Envelope for Your Greeting Card

Two 5x7 greeting card envelopes customized with 3D embossing folders and watercolors
Matching Envelopes to Greeting Card Sizes

Selecting the right envelope size for your greeting card is essential for a polished and professional look. A well-fitted envelope not only protects the card but also enhances its visual appeal.

Customized envelope for greeting cards, made with Altenew's patterned paper and dies
Black card envelope sealed with blue wax beads and Altenew's wax seal stamp
Custom Greeting Cards with Envelopes: Personalization Options

Custom greeting cards deserve equally special envelopes. With Altenew's special stamps, dies, stickers, washi tapes, and more you can elevate your personalized cards with bespoke envelopes that reflect your individual style and creativity.

How do you personalize your greeting card envelopes? Here are a few products you can use.

  • Stamps - Use your favorite stamp design to customize the front, back, or flap of your handmade card envelope.
  • Stencils - Not into stamps? Try stenciling designs onto your DIY greeting card envelopes!
  • Washi Tapes - These provide quick and easy designs that will turn your envelopes from 0 to 100 instantly!
  • Stickers - Decorate or seal your DIY card envelopes with your favorite stickers.
  • Wax Seal - Looking for something more posh and elegant? Try wax seal stamps!
colorful friend-themed card with matching greeting card envelope, decorated with Altenew Envelope Liner Die Set
Two 3D embossed DIY card envelopes sealed with Altenew's wax seal stamps and beads

Read more on how to decorate your envelopes with 3D embossing folders or watch the video below for more tips!

How do you mail cards with embellishments?

Here’s a top tip from May Park! You can always add extra postage or use bigger envelopes. Adding padding in front of the card also helps keep the embellishments in place. If you don't want your card to be bulky, avoid using thick embellishments.”

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IV. Steps to Make a Greeting Card Envelope

A. Materials Needed

To create your own greeting card envelopes, you will need paper or cardstock, a ruler, a pencil, scissors, adhesive, and any decorative elements you wish to add. You may also use an envelope punch board if you have one.

DIY greeting card envelopes decorated using Altenew's Envelope Art Stamp Set

B. Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Measuring and Cutting the Paper

Start by measuring the dimensions of your greeting card and adding an allowance for a snug fit. Use a ruler and pencil to mark the outline on the paper or cardstock before cutting it out carefully.

  1. Folding and Assembling the Envelope

Score along the folding lines and carefully fold the paper to form the basic envelope shape. Apply adhesive to secure the edges and flaps, ensuring a sturdy construction.

DIY slimline card and envelope decorated with Altenew stamps and dies
  1. Decorating and Personalizing

Let your creativity shine by decorating the envelope to complement the greeting card inside. Add embellishments, stamps, washi tapes, stickers, wax seals, or hand-lettered designs to make the envelope as special as the card it holds.

Gold foiled handmade greeting card with a pink greeting card envelope
Handmade card with matching colored greeting card envelope and a thank you sticker

V. Conclusion

We believe that sending a greeting card is more than just an exchange of words – it's an opportunity to share heartfelt emotions and thoughtfulness. By offering customizable envelope options and innovative designs, we aim to inspire creativity and personalization in every aspect of sending and receiving greeting cards.

Handmade slimline card inside a slimline envelope made from vellum

Greeting card envelopes are an essential component of the card-giving experience, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Whether you opt for standard sizes or custom ones, the right envelope can elevate your greeting cards and make each recipient feel truly special. 


Greeting card envelopes come in various sizes, but the most common sizes are A2 (4.375" x 5.75") for smaller cards and A7 (5.25" x 7.25") for larger cards.

To make a simple greeting card envelope, you can start by measuring your card and adding 1/4 inch to each side. Then, cut a piece of paper to the calculated size, fold it according to the card's dimensions, and seal the edges to create the envelope.

An A6 envelope typically measures 4.75" x 6.5".

An A4 envelope usually measures 4.25" x 6.25". 

A 5x7 envelope typically measures 5.25" x 7.25".

Envelopes for standard-sized cards are usually slightly larger than the cards themselves to allow for easy insertion and removal. For example, a 5x7 card would typically be paired with a 5.25" x 7.25" envelope. 


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