Make the Most Out of Your Cardmaking Embellishments

Last Updated: April 24, 2024

If you're a card maker, you know that the right card embellishments can take your creations from ordinary to extraordinary. But how do you make the most out of your embellishments? And do you need to stop adding these to your handmade cards

A monochromatic wedding card with an embossed image of the bride and groom, embellished with metallic thread

In this blog post, we'll explore the world of cardmaking embellishments, share some tips and tricks, and showcase the stunning array of embellishments here at Altenew.

Floral greeting card with a golden peach washi tape and embellished with gold gems

The Power of Card Embellishments

Embellishments are the secret weapon of every card maker. They come in various forms, such as washi tapes, sequins, enamel dots, gemstones, stickers, ribbons, metallic thread, twine, chipboard, and wood veneers, to name a few. 

3 neutral colored handmade greeting cards decorated with gold and white sequins

These little additions can add texture, dimension, and visual interest to your DIY greeting cards, making them stand out and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Altenew's metallic thread are great card embellishmentsFloral handmade card with a trio of roses, decorated with enamel dots from Altenew

With the right choice of card embellishments, you can convey emotions, set the tone, and elevate the overall design of your handmade greeting cards.

Friendship card with a gold foiled outline of a flower and a yellow background

This video showcases our collection of cardmaking embellishments and how to make the most out of them.

Tips and Tricks for Using Cardmaking Embellishments

Black and gold anniversary card with gold embossed flowers and gold sequins
  • Layering. Experiment with layering different types of embellishments to create unique and eye-catching designs. For example, combine sequins with enamel dots or pair gemstones with metallic thread to add depth and complexity to your handmade cards.
DIY thank you card with a sea-green and gold leafy wreath, decorated with metallic thread and gold sequins
  • Mixing and Matching. Don't be afraid to mix and match various embellishments to achieve a cohesive yet dynamic look. Combine different shapes, sizes, and textures to create visual interest and balance in your card designs.
Birthday shaker card with colorful cupcakes and sequinsDIY holiday gift tag with gold embossed design and a gold metallic thread
  • Interactive Elements. Incorporate interactive elements into your cards using embellishments. For instance, use thread as a ribbon or to hang bells, wreaths, tags, bookmarks, etc., and create shaker cards with sequins for a fun and engaging experience for the recipient.
Clean and simple Valentine's Day card with heart shaped enamel dots in various colors2 handmade holiday cards with O shaped enamel dots in different colors, spelling out the words Noel and Joy
  • Create Dimension. Use a combination of enamel dots, sequins, and gems to create dimensional clusters on your cards, adding visual interest and depth to your designs. Create shapes and patterns with enamel dots and sequins. Wood veneers are also ideal for adding dimension and interest.

Recreate Tenia’s beautiful CAS card above by following this step-by-step tutorial.

Congratulations card with pink 3D flowers and elegant frame, embellished with Altenew Gem SparklesMasculine greeting card with blue flowers and the message "have a good day"
  • Embellish Floral Designs. Enhance floral motifs on your cards with delicate washi tape borders or add sequins, enamel dots, or gems as sparkling accents to mimic flower centers.
Floral handmade greeting card with stamped flowers, decorated with Altenew enamel dots and a black threadSimple floral handmade card with a white background and pink flowers
  • Add Texture. Use metallic thread to create intricate hand-stitched patterns on your handmade cards and other DIY projects. You can also use thread, twine, or ribbon to add a tactile element to your designs.

The video below shows how to make the most out of your enamel dots. Click on the image to watch the video or watch it in HD on Altenew’s YouTube channel.

Enamel Dot Wreath Sentiments video tutorial

Altenew's Card Embellishment Collection

Altenew offers a diverse range of high-quality embellishments that are perfect for card making, scrapbooking, journaling, and other crafting projects. Here are some of the standout options that you need to add to your crafting stash.

Colorful handmade card with a background made of different colored washi tapesThank you card with die-cut washi tape florals on a wood grain cardstock background
  • Washi Tapes. Altenew's washi tapes come in an array of beautiful designs and patterns, allowing you to add decorative elements to your handmade cards easily. Whether you're looking for floral motifs, geometric patterns, or elegant foiled designs, there's a washi tape for every style and theme.
 Pro Tip: Die-cut washi tape designs and use them as a focal point on your projects. You can also create an instantly beautiful background with wide washi tapes!
"Thinking of you" card with a colorful geometric design, decorated with Altenew washi tapes and sequins
  • Sequins. Add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your cards with Altenew's sequins. Available in various colors and finishes, sequins are perfect for creating dazzling accents and focal points on your cards.
Masculine Valentine's Day card with a washi tape background and a modern vintage typewriter image, decorated with Altenew enamel dotsThank you card with purple flowers, decorated with Altenew enamel dots
  • Enamel Dots. Create pops of color and dimension with Altenew's enamel dots. These versatile embellishments are great for adding a playful touch to your designs and can be used as standalone accents or in combination with other embellishments.
Monochromatic thank you card with color coordinated leaf die-cuts and enamel dotsSlimline thank you card with color matching flowers and enamel dots

Pro Tip: Using color-coordinating enamel dots is a great way to tie everything together and produce a beautifully cohesive handmade project.

Friendship-themed card with a floral background, embellished with silver glitter tapeHandmade holiday card with a bow and glitter tape
  • Glitter Tape. Similar to washi tapes, glitter tapes are perfect for creating quick backgrounds and adding sparkle and color to die-cuts and other elements in your projects.
Scrapbook page decorated with Gingham background, florals, and cardmaking gems from AltenewColorful geometric birthday card decorated with Altenew Gem Sparkles
  • Gem Sparkles. Elevate your cards with the elegance of gemstone embellishments from Altenew. Whether you prefer the subtle shimmer of pearls or the bold sparkle of crystals, these gemstones add a touch of luxury to any card design.
masculine handmade card with green leaf die-cuts and a sticker with a print that says "for you"Cute cat themed card for friends, decorated with a cat sticker and confettis
  • Stickers. Altenew offers an assortment of stickers that are perfect for adding sentiments, motifs, and decorative elements to your cards. From sentiment stickers to floral motifs, there's a sticker for every occasion and style.
A die-cut of winter skates, decorated with flowers and a metallic thread
  • Metallic Thread. Infuse a hint of metallic allure into your cards with Altenew's metallic thread. Whether you're creating intricate designs or adding subtle accents, metallic thread adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your creations.
  • Wood Veneers. Add a natural and rustic charm to your cards with Altenew's wood veneers. These versatile embellishments can be used as standalone accents or painted and customized to suit your design aesthetic.
Fall-themed journal page decorated with leaves, enamel dots, and gemstonesGender neutral birthday card with boxes of presents, decorated with gold sequins

Incorporating Embellishments Into Your Handmade Card Designs

Embellishments are the cherry on top of every handmade card, adding personality, charm, and flair to your creations. With our versatile collection of embellishments, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're aiming for elegance, whimsy, or sophistication in your card designs, there's an embellishment waiting to help you achieve your vision.

Drop by In the Craft Room for more cardmaking tips, ideas, and hacks. See you there!

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