Choosing the Best Glue or Adhesive for Card Making

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Are you looking for the best glue for paper crafts? With so many different types of glue on the market these days, it’s challenging to know which one to choose for your next paper crafting project. Whether you're looking for a strong craft glue to attach paper or cardstock, or an adhesive that will hold embellishments in place, we've got you covered! In this post, we'll take a look at the best glue for card making and scrapbooking, answer your burning questions about craft adhesives, and share some tips on using them. Let's get started!

Best adhesive for cardstock

Instant Dimension Foam Tape

What is the best glue to use for paper crafts?

The best glue for paper crafts is whatever works best for the type of paper crafting project you’re working on. There is no simple answer here. There are so many different types of adhesives out there that it’s nearly impossible to pick out the “one glue that rules them all!” Remember: Not all glue is created equal. You also have to keep in mind that paper crafting encompasses a wide range of activities and projects - some might require strong craft glue while others only require light bonding. It really depends on your preferences and whether or not it suits your bonding needs.

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best glue pen for card making

2 in 1 Precision Glue Pen

What is the best glue to use for card making?

Liquid glue is a popular choice among card makers since it is multi-purpose, easy to use, and versatile. This type of glue comes in various sizes and packaging. You can use it as a repositionable adhesive or for a permanent bond. Liquid glue pens for card making are ideal for sticking tiny, thin, and intricate elements (such as die-cuts and embellishments) onto your card. This type of glue also dries clear, so you don’t need to worry about it seeping through and ruining your card’s design. 

Aside from liquid glue, a few other adhesives work well on cards. Here are some of the best glue for card making:

Instant Dimension Foam Tape for paper crafting

Sticky Essentials Foam Tape, Masking Paper, & Adhesive Sheets Bundle

  1. Foam tape is a type of contact adhesive that is acid-free, non-toxic, and waterproof. As the name suggests, foam tape has a thin foam in between clear adhesives. One side is stuck to the sheet and the other side has a release paper that needs to be removed.It comes in sheets, rolls, or in different-sized shapes such as circles and squares. If you’re looking for a glue that doesn’t warp paper - foam tape is the way to go. The best thing about foam tape is it adds instant dimension because of the height from the foam (usually 1/8 inches or 1/16 inches thick). A minor drawback with foam tape is that it creates a strong and permanent bond that is not removable or repositionable. Some foam tape brands also stretch when you tear them, so it’s harder to use them. It is, however, easy to store and travel-friendly.

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Tape runner from Altenew

3 Pack Glue Tape

  1. Most crafters would tell you that a tape runner is the best glue for paper crafts. It is super easy to use, refillable, mess-free, and works seamlessly with paper, cardstock, and most paper crafting supplies. It comes in a tape dispenser and produces a clear, self-sticking adhesive, making it the best adhesive for cardstock. A tape runner’s length depends on the manufacturer but the most common ones are between 10 to 12 meters. One of its best features is it is repositionable and removable. Although it is a strong craft glue, you can easily rub it off of your cardstock in case you want to move things around. The only disadvantage of tape runners is the bulky packaging.
Fun Fact! Birch-bark tar was the earliest form of adhesive and it was discovered back in the Middle Pleistocene era in Central Italy. Birch tar is a one-component adhesive and a plant-based adhesive.

Double-sided adhesive sheets from Altenew

Double-sided Adhesives Sheets (10 sheet/set)

  1. Double-sided adhesives are a type of PSA or pressure-sensitive adhesives. They work by marrying the adhesive with the adherend through the application of light pressure. It is self-sticking and works even without solvents or heat to activate it. This is another type of glue that doesn’t warp paper, is mess-free, acid-free, and non-toxic. It comes in either a tape roll or a sheet. It is a great tool for both card making and scrapbooking since it’s handy for die-cutting and sticking intricate dies.  

Want to learn some exciting ways to use your double-sided adhesives? Watch the video below!

  1. Liquid glue pens for card making, as discussed above, is an essential craft glue that everyone must have in their tool kit. Some liquid glue comes in a squeeze bottle with a pointed tip or nozzle. Altenew’s 2-in-1 liquid glue pen takes it to the next level with its fine tip which allows precise glue application. It also provides both removable and permanent bonds. Glue pens for card making are ideal for tiny and intricate dies, alphabet dies, and are the best glue for glitter and sequins.

Best glue for scrapbooking
 Craft-A-Flower: Poppy Layering Die Set

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Best adhesives for cardstock

40 Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets Unlimited Bundle (4 Sets of 10 Sheets)

Best adhesive for cardstock

For paper crafters, sticking paper to something (or something to paper) is one of the most important steps in the crafting process. That’s why finding the best adhesive for cardstock is crucial. The first step is looking for the best glue that doesn’t warp paper. If you’ve been crafting for a while, you understand the struggle when it comes to warped or wrinkled paper. While liquid glue is an excellent choice for card making and scrapbooking, warped paper or cardstock seems to be a universal crafting issue, regardless of your choice of craft glue.

Fun Fact! Even the best glue for card making has a shelf life! So it’s crucial to read the label and store them correctly. Also, when exposed to certain conditions and temperatures, such as heat, cold, oxygen, and moisture, the quality of your glue can degrade. This affects its overall stickiness and function.

Here are a few tips and hacks from our crafting experts on finding the best glue for card making and avoiding paper wrinkling and warping.

  1. A little goes a long way. If your paper or cardstock is always wrinkled or warped, no matter which glue you use, try using a little less glue. Sometimes less is more.
  2. Before you get all glued up, think about the type of paper or cardstock you’re using. Not all paper is created the same - just like adhesives. Some might be too delicate or thin; some might absorb glue better than others. Moreover, keep in mind that there are specific types of glue for various materials like fabric, wood, glass, plastic, etc. 
  3. When using a tape runner, just use dabs of it or apply tiny pieces around your paper. 
  4. Use precision glue pens for card making to get thinner and finer glue. You can either apply it in dots or thin lines to avoid warping.

Best glue for glitter

Double-sided Adhesives Sheets (10 sheet/set)

  1. Use a putty knife or an old credit card to smooth out wrinkles or warping.
  2. No matter what type of craft glue you’re using, always give it a nice and even press all over and give it a minute to dry.
  3. Use a brayer to smooth out bubbles or wrinkles - do this while your glue is still wet.
  4. Press the tip or nozzle of your liquid glue onto your cardstock and gently squeeze the bottle while doing a left-to-right motion all over your cardstock. This will give you a thin and even glue application all over.

How do you know what’s the best adhesive to use for paper crafting?

Tape runner for card making and scrapbooking

3 Pack Glue Tape

Whether you're looking for a strong craft glue that will hold your cards and scrapbook pages together securely, or a fast-drying adhesive that won't leave unsightly marks on your finished project, you know that finding the best glue for paper crafts is essential to get the results you want. We hope you enjoyed exploring the different types of paper craft glue available in the market today and learning how to choose the best one for your crafting needs. Drop by our All About Crafting page and learn more facts and trivia about your favorite adhesives!

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