Crafting Blues Got You Down? 7 Ways to Rekindle Your Passion for Cardmaking!

Last Updated: May 21, 2024

Are you feeling uninspired and unmotivated when it comes to your cardmaking hobby? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us! 

A well-organized Raskog trolley cart filled with Altenew crafting supplies and tools

No matter your skill level, beginner or experienced, there are times when the creative spark seems to fizzle out. In this blog post, we’ll share a few ways to reignite your passion for cardmaking and get those creative juices flowing again. 

7 Ways to Rekindle Your Passion for Cardmaking

Here are 7 tips to help you get back in the crafting groove.

2 card makers happily opening their box of Altenew crafting supplies in one of Altenew's in-person card making workshop

1. Join Cardmaking Fan Groups and Forums

One of the best ways to find inspiration and connect with fellow cardmakers is by joining cardmaking fan groups on Facebook and other forums. These communities are full of passionate and talented individuals who are always willing to share their knowledge, tips, and ideas.

Altenew's Facebook Fan Group is a great place for beginners and experienced card makers, scrapbookers, and paper crafters!

Join Altenew's Facebook Fan Group!

You can ask for advice, seek inspiration, and even participate in fun challenges and swaps. Being part of a supportive community can be incredibly motivating and can help you see your craft in a new light.

A couple of handmade cards displayed in a cabinet, along with some Altenew paper crafting supplies

2. Browse Instagram or Pinterest for Inspiration

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are packed with creative inspiration. You can easily find a plethora of cardmaking ideas, techniques, and trends by simply searching for relevant hashtags or browsing through different boards and profiles.

Pinterest handmade card inspiration with suggested color palettes

Create a mood board of your favorite designs and color schemes to refer back to when you're feeling stuck. Seeing what others are creating can often spark new ideas and reignite your passion for cardmaking.

The Altenew family and Jennifer McGuire out for a hike during Altenew's anniversary

3. Take a Walk and Find Inspiration in Nature

Sometimes, the best way to get over a creative block is to step away from your crafting space and immerse yourself in nature. Taking a leisurely walk or hike can help clear your mind, reduce stress, and provide a fresh perspective. You never know what natural elements or scenery you encounter might inspire your next card design. So, lace up your shoes and head outdoors for a dose of creative rejuvenation.

A group of journaling and planner enthusiasts trying out Altenew products at the Go Wild Conference 2023
Credit: Go Wild ConferenceTeam

4. Attend a Cardmaking Workshop or Event

Learning something new can be incredibly invigorating and can reignite your passion for cardmaking. Look for local cardmaking workshops or online classes that cover different techniques, styles, or mediums that you haven't explored before. 

An online cardmaking workshop with Altenew Educators

Not only will you pick up new skills, but you'll also meet like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for crafting. Sometimes, all it takes is a new challenge or learning opportunity to get those creative juices flowing again.

Altenew's President Tasnim Ahmed with a few Altenew staff donating blankets and jackets to the Zakat Foundation during winter in New York

5. Give Back Through Your Craft

Sometimes the best way to rekindle your passion for cardmaking is by using your skills to make a difference in someone else's life. Consider creating handmade cards for a local charity, nursing home, or hospital.

Altenew holds an annual card drive and asks its customers and fans to donate handmade cards to nursing homes around the US

Knowing that your craft is bringing joy and comfort to others can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Not only will this altruistic act reignite your passion for cardmaking, but it will also remind you of the true purpose and impact of your creative endeavors. Check out Altenew's annual Card Drive here!

6. Watch Video Tutorials on YouTube

YouTube is a goldmine of cardmaking tutorials, tips, and tricks. Whether you want to learn a specific technique or simply need some creative guidance, there's a video out there for you. 

101 ways to use enamel dots on handmade cards, scrapbook pages, and other paper crafts

Watching skilled crafters in action can be both educational and inspiring. You might discover new ways to use your existing supplies or learn about innovative tools and products that can elevate your cardmaking game.

Altenew's floral zipper pouches with a few Altenew crafting supplies in each of themAltenew's round ink pads stacked together and labeled with Altenew ink labels

7. Organize Your Crafting Space

A cluttered and disorganized craft room can stifle creativity and make crafting feel like a chore. Take some time to declutter, reorganize, and spruce up your crafting space.

Altenew fresh dye ink mini cubes with ink labels

Having a clean and well-organized environment can make a world of difference in how inspired and motivated you feel. You might even rediscover supplies or tools that were buried under the clutter!

Altenew fans taking a tour of the Altenew warehouse in Syracuse, New York

Bonus Tips to Fight Cardmaking Burnout!

  • Experiment with New Techniques

If you've been sticking to the same old cardmaking techniques, it's time to shake things up. Try your hand at heat embossing, watercoloring, or interactive card designs.

A process photo of adding stenciled images on a card panel2 handmade floral cards with the same elements but different designs and layouts, with stenciled backgrounds

There are countless tutorials and resources available online to help you learn new skills and expand your repertoire. Click the image below to watch another card making tutorial!

2 handmade cards with stenciled flowers

Not only will experimenting with new techniques reignite your passion for cardmaking, but it will also add an exciting element of challenge to your crafting practice.

Altenew's May Park and Lydia Evans crafting together and making cards with the same products and inks
  • Host a Crafting Party with Friends - In Person or Virtual

Gather your fellow crafty friends for a fun crafting party! Whether you meet in person or virtually, spending time with others who share your passion can be incredibly motivating. You can exchange ideas, share supplies, and even collaborate on projects together. 

2 cardmakers at an Altenew in-person crafting workshop

Plus, crafting with friends often leads to laughter, camaraderie, and a renewed sense of creativity.

May Park and April Leithner smiling big and wearing Altenew Artsy Aprons at the Go Wild Planner Conference 2024An Altenew fan holding up one of Altenew's special parcel boxes at the Altenew warehouse

Don't let the crafting blues get you down!

Feeling uninspired or burnt out when it comes to cardmaking is completely normal. However, by implementing these simple tips, you can reignite your passion for crafting. Whether it's seeking inspiration from others, learning something new, or simply taking a break to enjoy nature, there's always a way to reignite that creative spark. 

Don't be disheartened - try out these tips and get ready to fall in love with cardmaking all over again! And don’t forget to drop by In the Craft Room for more inspiring card ideas and tips!


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