5 Cool Washi Tape Designs You Need Right Now!

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Washi tape is the perfect way to add that final touch of interest and texture to your paper crafting projects. Today we're going to share some of our favorite washi tape designs, so you can find the right design for your project. If you're looking for a fun and creative way to embellish your scrapbooking pages or make a handmade card invitation more unique, then check out what we have in store for you!

If you love crafting with paper and you're a fan of washi tape designs on paper, then this post is for you. We've rounded up our favorite washi tapes from our store. These colorful and unique washi tape designs will have your crafty projects looking fabulous in no time! From watercolor florals to geometric patterns to gold foiling, there's something for every crafting style here. Pick up a few rolls today and get started on your washi tape journey!

Cool washi tape designs from Altenew

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What Is The Point of Washi Tape?

This decorative tape is multipurpose and can be used in a wide range of paper crafting projects such as handmade cards, scrapbook layouts, bullet journals, art journals, mixed media art, and DIY home decor. 

Originally, it was used by bullet journal enthusiasts to decorate their pages and eventually made its way to the card making and scrapbooking world. It is often used for masking techniques since it is, after all, a type of masking tape. Nowadays, though, with the plethora of beautiful and cool washi tape designs out in the market, crafters are finding various uses for these tapes. They are used as quick backgrounds on cards, borders, focal points, and embellishments.

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What Is the Difference Between Washi Tape and Normal Tape?

The most significant difference between washi tape and regular masking tape is the quality and the stickiness. Usually, a washi tape is thinner (since it is made of rice paper) and easier to tear with your hands. It is a low-tack adhesive, so it is repositionable and doesn’t leave any sticky residue on the surface. 

A masking tape, on the other hand, has lower quality and is more permanent than washi. Meanwhile, pressure-sensitive tapes (a.k.a. Scotch tape) are stickier and more permanent than washi tapes. Depending on the surface, this kind of tape might leave a residue and is harder to reposition.

DIY journal with gold washi tape design

Foiled Marble Washi Tape

Is Washi Tape Removable?

The best thing about these handy little tapes is that they don’t leave a sticky residue behind, unlike other kinds of tapes. Once you stick it to a surface, you can still easily remove it without ruining the tape or the surface. Now you know why they are an excellent choice for paper crafting projects like journaling, scrapbooking, and card making.

How Do You Use Washi Tape?

So, how do you use washi tapes? Don’t worry. It’s not exactly rocket science. You just need a bit of extra care when using these, compared to other regular tapes. Here are five steps on how to use washi tapes:

  1. Pull the washi tape away from the roll. 
  2. Make sure to add a few centimeters more than the length that you desire.
  3. Next, gently press down the tape onto the surface that you want to cover with tape.
  4. Smoothen out any “bubble” or “bumps.” For this, a bone folder, a ruler, or an old credit card can do wonders.
  5. Use a scissor to cut the tape or tear it just like you would a piece of paper. Just remember: cutting it with a scissor will give you a cleaner and neater edge.

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Cool Washi Tape Designs for Various Crafts

Do you find yourself looking for cool and cute washi tape designs to use on your paper crafting projects? We’ve got a list of our highly recommended awesome washi tape designs that will give you some inspiration and get you started on your next crafty project. 

Floral Washi Tapes

Floral washi tapes are in! If you’re looking for the best washi tape design ideas, go for florals! These are beautiful, classy, and timeless. With our available floral designs and sizes, you can either cover the front of an A2 card, create gorgeous borders on scrapbook layouts, or decorate your journal pages. Here are a few floral washi tape designs that we recommend you check out.

Floral washi tape on a journal cover

Floral Field Washi Tape

  1. Vibrant Spray Die-Cut Tape - This stunning die-cut tape features watercolor flowers and greenery - perfect for any handmade project!
  2. Wild Flora - This giant of a washi tape may be the widest that you have ever laid your eyes upon! Measuring approximately 11.5" wide, this cool washi tape design features lush greenery with wildflowers in yellow, amber, and navy shades.
  3. Painted Fantasy - This features soft and beautiful watercolored floral elements. It is approximately 4.5" wide, which is large enough to cover the front of an A2 size card.
  4. Glitter Flurries - Another 4.5” wide washi that features watercolored floral elements with gold foil accents.
  5. Floral Flurries - This washi tape is 6 7/8" wide and runs for about 11 yards. Its large size is perfect for DIY home decor and various paper crafting projects.

Solid color washi tape design on a handmade card

Sweet Dreams Washi Tape Set

Solid Color Washi Tapes

If you are looking for something clean and simple, solid color washi tape designs are for you! As the name suggests, this design usually includes one or two plain colors. This is ideal for monochromatic projects, gender-neutral or masculine ones. Here are some of our top picks!

  1. Fall Harvest
  2. Cool Summer
  3. Pixel
  4. Red Ombre
  5. Sea Shore
  6. Pink Watercolor
  7. Red Sunset
  8. Blue Watercolor
  9. Summer Days

Scrapbook page with geometric washi tape

Round Art Washi Tape

Geometric Washi Tapes

Who doesn’t think geometric washi tape designs are cool?! Whatever shape you’re looking for, our line of washi tapes are some of the most versatile designs you’ll ever see in the market. Perfect for quick and easy backgrounds or as accents on your design. These will look good on your next washi tape card designs!

  1. Deco Lines
  2. Aztec Art Border
  3. Gradient Lines
  4. Tuxedo
  5. Peachy Tiles
  6. Round Art
  7. Brushed Grid

Handmade greeting card with gold washi tape

Gold Splatter Cosmic Berry Wide Washi Tape

Gold Washi Tapes

Like florals, gold is timeless. If you’re into cute washi tape designs, gold might not be for you. Here at Altenew, we took it a step further by creating gilded, foiled, and gold-splattered designs! This gives you even more creative possibilities when it comes to creating washi tape card designs, scrapbook albums, journals, and other DIY crafts. 

  1. Foiled Marble - This washi tape combines the beauty of natural marble with the glamor of gold foil! This tape will be an elegant and timeless addition to any handmade card or scrapbook layout.
  2. Gold Foil Paint Drip - This washi tape design idea features stunning gold foil on a white background, the perfect touch for various elegant paper crafting projects. 
  3. Evening Skyline - Inspired by the deep purple and blue hues in the evening sky, this washi tape features a gold foil city skyline against a rich background. Great for your DIY washi tape card designs!
  4. Concrete Wall - This one features scattered gold foiled triangles over a backdrop of concrete texture. The natural texture of the concrete wall will give your handmade projects a unique look and fascinating perspective. 
  5. Marbled Dream - This wide cool washi tape design truly is a dream, with a gradient of green and blue hues accented by a shimmering gold foil marbled design. It can be used as a background or a shining focal point.
  6. Gilded Ombre - This tape features a purple ombré watercolor with a gold foil wave running along the length of the tape. It is approximately 3" wide and is great for adding accents, die-cutting, and creating partial backgrounds on a card or layout.
  7. Gold Splatter Cosmic Berry - Another stunning washi tape design idea featuring a gold foil splatter design on a stunning cosmic berry backdrop.

Handmade card with cute washi tape designs

Delicate Stripes Washi Tape

Stripes and Dots

Just like geometric washi tape designs, you can never go wrong with stripes and dots. These are basic patterns that you’d want in your crafting kit. They’re suitable for clean, simple, and everyday designs on any paper crafting project.    

  1. Bubbly Blues
  2. Rainbow Stripes
  3. Painted Grid
  4. Delicate Stripes
  5. Dotted
  6. Delicate Polka Dots
  7. Many Dots

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 5 cool washi tape designs for paper crafting. We’ve tried to include a range, from the trendy geometric shapes and patterns you may find on Pinterest to some more classic and traditional styles. Don’t forget about the rest of your crafting supplies when considering what kind of DIY project you want to do with your newfound inspiration. If there are any washi tape card designs we’ve missed, or if you have other favorite designs, be sure to let us know in the comment section!

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