The Ultimate Guide on How to Clean and Store Craft Supplies

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Are you looking for tips on how to clean and store your craft supplies? Here's a comprehensive guide to help you keep your crafting materials organized and in top condition.

Organized markers and watercolor tubes in clear jars

A Complete Guide on How to Clean and Store Craft Supplies

Table of Contents:

I. Tips on How to Clean and Store Craft Supplies

A. How do you store craft materials?

        1. Best Craft Storage Ideas

        2. Discover How to Organize Craft Supplies and Tools

B. How do I organize craft supplies?

       1. How to Organize Craft Supplies with Labels

       2. Find Out How to Organize Markers, Pens, and Pencils

C. How do you clean craft supplies?

D. How do you clean ink blending brushes?

E. How do you clean clear stamps?

F. How do you clean the Stampwheel?

G. How do you clean stencils?

H. Learn More About Basic Tools and How to Clean Craft Supplies

II. Craft storage solutions for small spaces

III. Conclusion

Altenew stamp sets on a white IKEA Raskog cart

Tips on How to Clean and Store Craft Supplies

Craft supplies can easily become disorganized and messy if not properly cleaned and stored. Whether you are a seasoned crafter or just starting out, it is important to establish good habits for maintaining and organizing your craft materials. In this article, we will address common questions about cleaning and storing craft supplies, as well as highlight some useful Altenew products for cleaning and organization.

Tips on how to organize crafting supplies using vertical storage - a few Altenew craft supplies on a wall-mounted storage

How do you store craft materials?

Proper storage is essential for keeping craft materials in good condition and easy access. Here are some tips for storing craft materials:

  1. Use clear plastic storage pouches to store smaller items such as embellishments, sequins, buttons, and beads. Clear pouches make it easy to see the contents at a glance.
  2. Consider using zipper mesh storage pouches for items that need a bit of ventilation, such as fabric scraps or yarn. Zipper mesh pouch is also great for organizing leftover die-cuts and other card making scraps.
  3. For larger items like patterned paper or sticker sheets, slide lock storage pouches are a great option for keeping them flat and protected from creasing or bending.
  4. Clear stackable storage boxes and bins are also great options for random items such as washi tapes, ink blending brushes, mini cubes, embellishments, and even die-cuts.

 Altenew Craft Your Life Tote Bag for storing arts and crafts supplies - perfect for crafters on the go!

  1. Use a tote bag to store craft supplies for crops, workshops, and other crafting events.
  2. Use vertical space! Hanging shelves and wall-mounted pegboards are perfect storage solutions for small crafting spaces.
  3. Repurpose old boxes or packaging. Some Altenew products come in special boxes that you can definitely recycle and reuse as arts and crafts supply storage.

Needs more ideas on how to organize craft supplies? Watch Lydia's craft room tour below!

Zipper mesh storage pouches from Altenew with Altenew foldable cutting mat and scoring board inside

Best Craft Storage Ideas

Consider using craft storage pouches, zipper mesh storage pouches, and slide lock storage pouches to keep your supplies neatly organized and protected from dust and damage. These pouches are great for storing items such as paper, stickers, die-cuts, and small embellishments. 

You can also use clear plastic bins or drawers to store larger items like yarn, fabric, and paints. Make sure to label each pouch or container so you can easily find what you need.

Altenew clear storage pouches are perfect for storing craft supplies like stamps, dies, stencils, markers, washi tapes, and more!

  • Craft Storage Pouches: Clear plastic pouches in various sizes are great for storing small embellishments, ephemeras, stickers, or die-cuts. Some are big enough to hold watercolor pans, alcohol markers, 6" x 8" stamp sets, stencils, die sets, and more!

Easy to use and sturdy zipper mesh storage pouches for cardmaking and paper crafting supplies

  • Zipper Mesh Storage Pouches: Breathable mesh pouches with zipper closures are ideal for storing cardstock scraps, leftover die-cuts, fabric scraps, yarn, coordinating products, and more. It can also be used to store finished cards and other DIY projects.

Altenew slide lock craft storage pouches with Altenew stamps, dies, and stencils inside

  • Slide Lock Storage Pouches: Durable pouches with slide-lock closures are perfect for keeping patterned paper pads, sticker sheets, or cardstock flat and protected. Larger ones can even hold documents and other printed materials.
  • Zipper Pouches: These are for crafters on the go who prefer stylish and practical craft storage solutions. They're not just for holding arts and crafts supplies. They can also hold toiletries, makeup brushes, and other everyday essentials.

Two blue-green IKEA Raskog trolley carts used to store crafting supplies and tools

  • Rolling cart: IKEA’s Raskog cart has been popular among crafters due to its durability and versatility. It’s a great crafting storage solution for those who want everything within reach.
  • Clear Storage Box and Bins: Clear and stackable storage boxes and bins make it easy to find supplies - especially small ones.

Small space craft storage solution using clear stackable storage from Altenew

Altenew’s Crafters Showcase: Small Ink Blending Tool Stackable Storage is a clear storage box is sized perfectly to fit your Altenew Small Ink Blending Tools and is divided into 12 compartments measuring 2.17" x 1.77" (55mm x 45mm) each. You can easily store additional tools and supplies to keep your crafting space neat and tidy, and the boxes are stackable so you can customize your storage!


  • 9.09" x 5.87" x 1.5" (231 mm x 149 mm x 39 mm)
  • Securely holds 24 Altenew Small Ink Blending Tools
  • Hinged lid with a raised lip for stacking


Craft storage idea using clear bins and labels

How do I organize craft supplies?

Organizing craft supplies can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be a satisfying and efficient process. Consider using labels to mark the contents of each storage pouch or container, making it easy to find what you need at a glance. 

Altenew offers a range of organizational products such as plastic storage pouches, zipper mesh storage pouches, slide lock storage pouches, stamp cleaner, ink labels, alcohol marker labels, and blending brush labels to help you keep your supplies in order.

Here are some tips for organizing craft supplies:

White stackable storage bins are great storage solutions for small crafting spaces

1. Sort and categorize your supplies by type, such as paper, stamps, inks, and tools. This will make it easier to find what you need when working on a project.

Clear stackable storage for cardstock, envelopes, embellishments, and other crafting tools

2. Use clear storage containers or bins to store similar items together. Label the containers with the contents to easily identify what is inside.

Craft storage solution idea using cabinets with drawers

3. Consider using drawer organizers or dividers to keep smaller items like sequins, gems, brads, eyelets, or beads neatly separated within a larger storage container.

Organizational labels for Altenew fresh dye inks - best way to organize craft supplies4. Consider using ink labels to clearly mark the color and type of ink on each ink pad, making it easy to find the right color for your projects.

5. Use alcohol marker labels to identify and organize your collection of alcohol-based markers by color family or brand.

Organize markers with alcohol markers label sets from Altenew

6. Keep your blending brushes organized with blending brush labels that indicate the type of ink or color family they are designated for.

How to Organize Craft Supplies with Labels

Consider sorting your supplies by type - for example, keep all your paper and cardstock together, separate your coloring supplies, and group your mixed media tools in one place. 

Another way to organize your crafting supplies is by color or theme - this works better for some people. For instance, keep all the birthday stamps together, all the layering dies together, and all the geometric stencils together. 

You can then create your own DIY labels with a label maker or some blank sticker/paper and markers. 

Organize craft supplies with labels! Altenew organizational ink labels are perfect for organizing fresh dye inks.

  • Ink Labels: Try some pre-printed labels that can be affixed to ink pads to easily identify colors, types of ink, and ink brands in your collection.

Altenew Alcohol Marker Labels are perfect for keeping markers organized and easy to find.

  • Alcohol Marker Labels: Use color-coded labels designed to organize alcohol-based markers by color family or brand for quick reference.

Ink blending brush labels from Altenew are great for organizing and storing craft supplies

  • Blending Brush Labels: These labels have color indicators to keep blending brushes organized by ink type or color family for effortless blending.


How do you clean craft supplies?

Regular cleaning of craft supplies and tools is important for maintaining their quality and performance. Here are some general tips for cleaning craft supplies:

  1. Dust and wipe down surfaces of crafting tools and equipment with a soft cloth or microfiber towel to remove any debris or residue. You may also use wet wipes and paper towels.
  1. Use a gentle cleaning solution or mild soap and water to clean non-porous surfaces such as acrylic blocks or cutting mats. You may also use wet wipes and paper towels.
  1. For fabric-based supplies like sewing notions or yarn, follow the manufacturer's care instructions for washing or spot cleaning. For instance, Altenew’s Dreamy Bouquet Fabric Fat Quarter Collection should be machine wash (gentle cold), tumble dry (low), and should not be bleached.

Tips on how to organize ink blending brushes, watercolor brushes, and other craft tools

How do you clean ink blending brushes?

Ink blending brushes are essential tools for creating smooth and seamless ink blending effects on paper crafts. Here are some steps for cleaning ink blending brushes:

  1. Rinse the bristles of the blending brush under lukewarm water to remove excess ink.
  1. Gently massage a small amount of mild soap or brush cleaner into the bristles to break down any stubborn ink residue.
  1. Rinse the bristles thoroughly until the water runs clear, then reshape the bristles and let the brush air dry completely before using it again.
  1. You may also gently scrub the bristles on a brush scrubber.

These tips on how to clean ink blending brushes also apply to any brush you have - sponge daubers, paddle brushes, watercolor brushes, etc.

Clean clear stamps easily with Altenew stamp cleaner and a soft cloth.

How do you clean clear stamps?

Clear stamps are popular for their versatility and ease of use, but they require regular cleaning to maintain their quality and stickiness. Here are some steps for cleaning clear stamps:

  1. Use a stamp cleaner specifically formulated for clear stamps to gently remove ink residue from the stamp surface.
What is a stamp cleaner?
A stamp cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner designed to gently remove ink residue from rubber stamps and clear stamps without damaging the material. This multi-purpose cleaner will work with water-based or permanent inks. 
An Altenew floral stamp set being cleaned using a piece of microfiber cloth and Altenew's stamp cleaner

How to Use a Stamp Cleaner

Simply spray onto the surface of your stamp and wipe clean with a soft cloth or use a stamp scrubber.


    • 2 fluid oz
    • No harsh odor
    • Non-toxic
    • Made for both clear and rubber stamps
    • Works with water-based or permanent inks
    • Made in the USA
  1. For stubborn stains or residue, lightly scrub the stamp with a soft cloth, a shammy, or a stamp scrubber.
  1. Blot the stamp dry with a clean cloth or paper towel, then store it away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration.

Wet wipes or a soft cloth and stamp cleaner can be used to clean stamping tools like the Stampwheel

How do you clean the Stampwheel?

Just like any other stamping tool, the Stampwheel needs to be cleaned and stored properly to ensure great results and longevity. 

  • Wipe down the clear flip plate using a wet microfiber cloth or wet wipes.
  • Wipe down the sticky mat using a wet microfiber cloth or wet wipes. You may also use a stamp cleaner for effective cleaning.
  • Use warm water and mild soap for stubborn stains or residue.
  • Store properly after use and keep away from direct sunlight.

How do you clean stencils?

It is important to clean stencils after every use, especially when using mixed media tools like embossing paste and ink sprays. Here are some simple steps on how to clean stencils:

  • Use baby wipes or stamp cleaner to remove any residual ink or craft medium. 
  • For a more thorough cleaning, a gentle soap with lukewarm water may be used. 
  • Lightly pat the stencil dry with a clean cloth and return it to its original packaging or a storage sleeve to keep it clean. 
  • Store flat and away from direct heat/sunlight.


Craft storage solutions for small spaces - recycle or repurpose old boxes and use them to store crafting supplies and tools

Craft storage solutions for small spaces

If you have limited space for crafting, consider using vertical storage solutions to maximize the use of space. Wall-mounted shelves, pegboards, and over-the-door organizers are great options for storing supplies without taking up valuable floor space. Look for furniture with built-in storage such as desks with drawers or cubbies, or carts with removable trays or bins.

Repurposing clear jars as craft supplies storage - coloring pencils stored in clear jars

You can also repurpose everyday items like spice racks, ice cube trays, and jewelry organizers to store small craft supplies in an organized manner.

A bright and neatly organized craft room filled with paper crafting supplies and tools


Proper cleaning and organization of craft supplies are essential for maintaining their quality and usability. By following these tips on how to clean and store craft supplies and utilizing the right organizational products, you can keep your crafting tools neatly organized, clean, easily accessible, and ready for your next creative project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you declutter craft supplies?

Sort through all of your supplies and discard anything that is no longer useful or irreparably damaged. After organizing your crafting materials, categorize them for easy access when needed. For instance, you can separate your items into sections such as stamps, stencils, dies, inks, tools, and more.

Why do we need to clean our crafting supplies?

Cleaning our crafting supplies is an essential aspect of crafting. It guarantees that they will be in excellent condition when needed again, and it also prolongs their durability. For example: with dies, small scraps of paper and materials can occasionally become lodged in the edges, particularly when you're working with intricate dies with smaller openings. Using a stiff bristle brush removes these pieces and ensures your dies cut all the way through, without a hitch.

How do you organize a messy craft room?

Using vertical space efficiently is essential to effectively organize craft supplies, particularly in a small craft room. If there are unused walls, think about installing shelves to store supplies or showcase completed projects. Another useful option is to use wall-mounted pegboards for organizing tools and ensuring they are easily accessible.


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