22 Handmade Card Ideas with 3D Embossing Folders

Last Updated: May 31, 2024

If the struggle to create a visually striking, high-impact handmade card is all too real, then this post is exactly what you need. Between finding the right balance of design elements, experimenting with different techniques, and trying to achieve that elusive "wow" factor, cardmaking can often feel like an uphill battle.

Valentine's Day card idea with 3D embossed flower arrangement and the word "love"

But what if there's a secret weapon that can transform your creations in an instant?

Enter Altenew's incredible collection of 3D embossing folders - the game-changing tools that are about to revolutionize the way you approach your paper crafting.

Bold and dramatic pink floral handmade card with 3D embossed flowers

Transform Your Handmade Cards Instantly with 3D Embossing Folders

With a diverse range of designs spanning lush and realistic florals, captivating geometrics, one-of-a-kind patterns, and even faux letterpress textures, these 3D embossing folders unlock a world of creative possibilities. In this comprehensive post, we’ll explore over 20 ingenious handmade card ideas that showcase the power of Altenew's 3D embossing folders. 

Boho chic DIY greeting card with 3D embossed wicker background and cute pink floral hat

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22 Handmade Card Ideas with 3D Embossing Folders

From quick and easy background techniques to show-stopping shaker cards and beyond, embossing folders are versatile enough for various cardmaking techniques and designs. Say goodbye to flat, lackluster cards and hello to dimensional, eye-catching designs that are sure to impress. Let's dive in!

CAS card with a 3D geometric embossed background and a red armchair image

1. Add dimension to CAS cards. 

Use it to add dimension and texture to a clean and simple handmade card. While geometric embossing folders are perfect for this, you can use other designs you have in your stash.

DIY tag with a reverse embossed blue flower on a black background

2. Reverse 3D Embossing

Add a fun and unique look to your handmade projects with reverse embossing! In her DIY tag, Michelle placed the tag inside the Whimsy Motif 3D Embossing Folder, but with the front of the tag facing the back of the embossing folder, not the front. This technique gave her a lovely debossed impression on the front of the tag.

2 handmade greeting cards with 3D embossed teal and tarnished gold background and the greetings "sup" and "yo"

3. Add Gold Pigment Ink

Do you love the look of tarnished gold? In her card video tutorial, Erum showed how to step up 3D embossing folders with a bit of ink swiping and blending. Watch it below by clicking on the image.

Watch the video: Create Mesmerizing 3D Embossed Cards with a Dazzling Tarnished Gold Finish! 

Beautiful 3D embossed teal handmade greeting card with 3D flower arrangement and the sentiment "hugs"

4. Make It Dramatic!

With some inks and textured cardstock, you can easily add a dramatic effect to your handmade cards. Read the step-by-step instructions to recreate Erum’s cards here.

DIY shaker card with 3D gold mirror frame

5. DIY Shaker Card

Have you tried creating a shaker card using embossing folders? The Magical Mirror 3D Embossing Folder is perfect for this technique! Want a little extra pizzazz? Swipe some gold pigment ink around the embossed mirror frame!

Purple handmade greeting card with elegant 3D flowers and the sentiment "hello"

6. Pigment Ink Magic 

Erum took her cardmaking to the next level by combining the letterpress technique with inking over embossed edges but she used different ink colors. Here, she used a darker color for the letterpress look and white pigment ink to highlight the embossed design.

2 mini DIY thank you notes with 3D paper flowers and embossed details

7. DIY Thank You Notes

If you’re in need of quick and easy thank you notes but still want them to have an impact, try using 3D embossing folders. Here’s a fun DIY tutorial by Reiko.

Handmade greeting card idea with 3D embossed neon flowers made with Altenew 3D Embossing Folders

8. Create a Neon Look to 3D Embossed Images

Make your handmade card truly POP off the page by creating a neon look with the Soft Blossoms 3D Embossing Folder and Altenew Crisp Dye Inks. Watch Erum’s video tutorial below.

Watch the video tutorial: A Fun Way to Use Embossing Folders!

Simple but beautiful DIY greeting card on Kraft cardstock, with 3D embossed flowers made with Altenew 3D Embossing Folders

9. 3D Embossing on Kraft

Change up the look of your handmade cards by using Kraft cardstock instead of white cardstock! Take it up a notch and use the coordinating coloring stencils to add colors. 

2 rainbow watercolor 3D embossed greeting cards, made with Altenew 3D embossing folders

10. Rainbow Watercolor 3D Embossed Card

Who doesn’t love rainbows? Find out how Lydia created her embossed and debossed cards using the same 3D embossing folder and ink colors, but slightly different techniques. Read more.

Boho style handmade thank you card with a pink 3D embossed background and boho arrows

11. Partial Background

Need a quick background to “ground” your focal image? Here’s a tip from Terri! Blend your favorite ink on a white cardstock, dry emboss it with the Masonry Wall 3D Embossing Folder, trim it, and voila! 

Beautiful watercolor flower card idea with a 3D embossed rose

12. Watercolor Before Embossing

One quick and easy way to add a “wow” factor to 3D embossed cards is to watercolor the image. Therese’s card is the result of watercoloring the panel before embossing it. She used the stunning Rose Bellevue 3D Embossing Folder and Artists’ Watercolor 24 Pan Set.

 Pro Tip From Therese: If your embossed edges lose definition after adding water, simply wait for the panel to completely dry and re-emboss it with the 3D embossing folder.
A close-up shot of a DIY celebratory card with a 3D embossed watercolored rose

13. Watercolor After Embossing

Another 3D embossed card idea from Therese used the same products and technique as the previous one, but this time she watercolored the panel AFTER dry embossing it. This time, she used the Artists' Gouache paints to add color and shading. The result is a beautiful freehand watercolor look!

Cute "miss you" card idea with a cat standing by 3D embossed folded drapes, made with Altenew 3D embossing folder

14. Create a scene

Our one-of-a-kind 3D embossing folders are great for creating a wide range of scenes on your handmade card. Check out this CAS card by Jaycee featuring our Folded Drapes 3D Embossing Folder! Adorable, right?!

beautiful debossed greeting card, ink blended with Altenew dye inks

15. Ink Blend on a Debossed Card

This fun card idea by Therese is so easy, you can do it in under 5 minutes! Pick your favorite 3D embossing folder, use it to deboss a panel, and ink blend away!

DIY Christmas tag with a 3D embossed holiday wreath

16. Try No-Line Stenciling

The Mistletoe Wreath Complete Bundle is another must-have for quick and easy handmade cards. You’ve got a stamp, a die, a stencil, and an embossing folder - just add cardstock and inks! Find out how Michelle did no-line stenciling on her DIY holiday tags here.

Easy handmade thank you card idea with 3D embossed flowers colored in with coloring pencils

17. Add Texture with Woodless Coloring Pencils

Color in your 3D embossed images with coloring pencils for that added “look of texture” and interest. Here’s a tutorial from Therese.

2 handmade Mother's Day card made with the eclipse technique and Altenew 3D embossing folder

18. Eclipse Technique with 3D Embossing Folders

If you’ve always wanted to try the eclipse technique but don’t know how or where to start, this is your sign! 3D embossing folders are perfect for this technique! Find out how Jaycee created these gorgeous 3D embossed cards using this technique. Read more.

Belated happy birthday card with a 3D embossed organic linen texture

19. Faux Jeans Texture

Using our very popular Organic Linen 3D Embossing Folder, Svitlana created the look of “textured jeans” on her slimline card and we are simply amazed! Want to recreate this handmade card? Check out the instructions here.

DIY congrats card with 3D embossed banana leaves, watercolored with Altenew watercolors

20. Create an Abstract Watercolor Art

Pick your favorite floral or nature-themed 3D embossing folder and do some no-line watercoloring to create your very own abstract watercolor art! This would be perfect for handmade cards, DIY wall art, or home decor!

Pale pink envelopes decorated with 3D embossed flowers

21. DIY Decorative Envelopes

Make your handmade cards and invitations extra special by embossing the envelope! Quick, simple, stunning! Here’s how.

Cute Christmas card with a 3D embossed gingerbread house design

22. Mass Produce Holiday Cards

If you’re pressed for time, invest in a versatile holiday-themed 3D embossing folder! This will help you mass-produce holiday cards quickly and easily!

Beautiful textured handmade greeting card with 3D embossed wicker design

Bonus Idea! 

Emboss, Stencil, and Die Cut! 3D Embossing Folders like A Banner Day make it super easy and simple for cardmakers to whip up wedding cards, birthday cards, and other DIY greeting cards - even if you’re a beginner! Invest in complete bundles, with coordinating coloring stencils and dies, to save time and effort. Here’s a CAS wedding card idea by Laurie.

Need more embossing folder ideas? Read Next: How to Use Embossing Folders for Outstanding Projects.

Clean and simple rustic style handmade greeting card idea with a bird on a wooden fence

Must-Have 3D Embossing Folders

Do you want to grow your embossing folder collection? We’ve got you! Here are some of our most popular and unique 3D embossing folders worth adding to your crafting stash!

Colorful DIY greeting card with 3D embossed hills and 3D chestnut tree

What is your favorite technique when it comes to 3D Embossing Folders? Comment below!

With so many versatile and innovative ways to utilize our impressive 3D embossing folder collection, the creative possibilities are truly endless. Hopefully, this post has sparked your imagination and shown you just how transformative these tools can be for your cardmaking. 

Cute and punny DIY birthday card with an old TV and the greeting "you're not old, you're vintage"Nature themed DIY greeting card idea with 3D embossed hosta leaves

Now it's time to get hands-on and start bringing your own unique vision to life! Whether you're looking to create stunning backgrounds, dimensional scenes, show-stopping shaker cards, or anything in between, our 3D embossing folders are the perfect way to elevate your handmade projects. You can find more unique cardmaking ideas and tips In the Craft Room. Happy crafting! 

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