Basic Paper Crafting Tools Every Crafter Should Have

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No matter what your craft of choice is, there are a few essential craft tools that you should always have on hand. Some people like to work with scrapbook paper and stickers, some love making cards, and others enjoy working with fabric and thread. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the basic crafting tools every crafter should have in their toolkit. So whether you're just getting started in the world of crafting or you've been at it for years, be sure to read on for some valuable tips!

Basic craft tools every crafter should have

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What should a beginner crafter have?

No matter what type of papercraft you’ve decided to try, having paper, scissors and glue in your craft room is essential. Other people might recommend a few other must-have craft supplies for beginners, but these three supplies are definitely the most basic things you’ll need to get started.

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  1. Paper

Paper is, of course, one of the most basic tools for crafting. While it goes without saying that you need paper in every type of paper crafting project, other types of DIY crafts also require the use of paper in some way, shape, or form. Paper comes in various types, sizes, weight, color, texture, etc. There’s regular copy paper, cardstock paper, specialty paper (vellum, foil, parchment), watercolor paper, patterned paper, and more! While you don’t need to buy these different types of paper right away, it would be handy to have some of them in your arsenal, especially if you are into card making and scrapbooking. In addition, some special types of paper can add more flair to your DIY crafts.

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  1. Scissors

One of those tools every crafter should have is a good ol’ pair of scissors. Scissors are an everyday household item that proves to be one of the most valuable things in crafting. When choosing the best scissors for your DIY crafts, opt for the following:

  • Sharp and smooth blades
  • Thicker steel
  • Durable
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Titanium-coated blade (for extra durability)
  • Soft grip handle
  • Ergonomically-designed

In card making and scrapbooking, scissors are used to cut cardstock, fussy-cut stamped images (if you don’t have the matching dies), cut embellishments, make DIY ephemera, trim other decorative pieces, and cut overhanging bits and pieces. So high-quality scissors are essential craft tools for both beginners and seasoned crafters.

Fun Fact! Superglue was invented accidentally! In 1942, American inventor Harry Coover accidentally created the substance cyanoacrylate, now widely known as superglue! It was released for commercial use in 1958.

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  1. Glue

Most types of arts and crafts require you to stick things together, especially in paper crafting. Having the right kind of glue in your crafting tool kit will make or break your project. Aside from scissors, glue (or any kind of adhesive) is just one of those universally known things used in crafts. Like paper, we see adhesives in various types, sizes, forms, and even colors. Therefore, finding the best glue that will suit your project’s needs is crucial.

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What tools are needed for crafting?

While this will depend on what type of crafting project you’re working on, a few basic tools for crafting are paper, scissors, adhesives, craft tweezers, craft knife, crafting mat, hot glue gun, bone folder, heat tool, microfiber cloth, and water bottle sprayer. Some of these essential craft tools might fly under the radar and go unnoticed, but as you do more crafting, you’ll realize just how important they are.

If you're a card maker, scrapbooker, or paper crafter, then you know that having the right tools makes all the difference. With these handy and basic crafting tools, you'll be able to create beautiful cards, scrapbook pages, and other DIY paper crafts in no time!

Tweezers for card making and crafting

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  1. Craft tweezers

A seasoned paper crafter would know just how crucial it is to have a pair of craft tweezers in your craft room. And no, you can’t use the same tweezers that you use to remove gray hair or pluck your eyebrows. You need a solid pair of craft tweezers for a hassle-free crafting session! Micro-tip angled tweezers are must-have craft supplies and ideal for those struggles that only a crafter would know, such as applying sequins, beads, or gems to a surface, picking up tiny embellishments, or moving an intricate die-cut.

Did You Know? The word ‘tweezer’ is French in origin; it comes from etwee or étui, which means "small case." Etwee is a small case used to carry small objects such as toothpicks. As time went by, tweezers got their name because these were often found in these small carrying cases.
  1. Craft knife

Throughout your crafting journey, you will come across the dilemma of how to cut through or around tight spots and smaller spaces. That’s where a craft knife comes in handy. This is one of those things used in crafts that often go unnoticed but are truly helpful to have on hand. It gives a clean and precise cut that no pair of scissors could do. In addition, some craft knives are retractable and available in different-sized blades.

essential DIY supplies for scrapbooking

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  1. Hot glue gun

A hot glue gun is probably one of the most essential DIY supplies for home decor projects. This common household item is handy for a wide range of DIY crafts - especially ones that need quick, strong, and long-lasting adhesives. Hot glue gun needs hot melt adhesives (glue sticks) to work its sticking powers. The solid glue stick melts because of the heat from the glue gun, allowing the liquid adhesive to “pass through its barrel onto the material, where it solidifies.” (Wikipedia). While some crafters might go on their crafting journey without ever using a hot glue gun, we think it is quite handy and one of those tools every crafter should have.

Did You Know? 92% of paper crafters create cards more than any other type of project!

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  1. Heat tool

Speaking of hot craft tools, a heat tool is another basic craft tool to add to your list! This tool applies even and directional heat to your project. If you are leaning toward card making or scrapbooking, heat embossing is one of the easiest techniques that you can try. While it is a must-have tool for heat-embossing techniques, a heat tool can be used to hasten the drying time of pigment inks, watercolors, and other wet mediums. It’s also great for shrink-wrapping, resin crafts, etc. In any case, if you need to dry something on your project quickly, a heat tool is very effective.

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  1. Crafting mat

Crafting is fun and all until you realize you’ve ruined your beloved crafting desk with knife cuts, stains, other crafting boo-boos. That’s why one of the most essential craft tools is a crafting mat. A high-quality silicone or rubber crafting mat will not just protect your work surface; it will also keep the mess to a minimum. Check out Altenew’s self-healing, reversible cutting mat in the video below!

bone folder for paper crafting

Crafter's Essential Bone Folder

  1. Bone folder

This basic tool for crafting has a dull edge shaped like an arrow’s head, usually white, and is commonly used for folding and creasing paper, cardstock, and other materials used for crafts. A bone folder is used a lot in paper crafting, especially in card making and scrapbooking. It is also often used with a scoring tool. Here are a few easy steps on how to use a bone folder:

  • First, run it along the line that you want to score. You can use a scoring tool for this. 
  • Use the bone folder to press the paper into the scoring tool. This will create some kind of crease or indentation.
  • You can now easily fold the paper using the crease as your guide. 
  • Once you fold the paper, use the bone folder to press along the fold line and avoid cracking on the paper.

Stamp cleaner and cloth for cleaning clear stamps

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  1. Microfiber cloth

While it may not exactly be a basic crafting tool, a microfiber cloth is super handy for any type of DIY crafting. Crafting can be super messy, and having a few of these microfiber cloths around your craft room can help you keep a clean and neat workspace. You can use these essential DIY supplies to wipe surfaces, clean your crafting mat, clean your stamps and stencils, wipe off powders or inks on surfaces, and more! It is easy to clean, cost-efficient, and reusable. Moreover, one cloth will last you long, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing it every year.

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There are some basic crafting tools every crafter should have in their stash - regardless of the type of crafting they’re into. On the other hand, a basic craft tool for card-makers might not be as essential for a scrapbooker and vice versa. The 7 tools we’ve mentioned above may or may not be needed in your chosen craft, but it wouldn’t hurt to have them at hand. At the end of the day, it’s important to get the most essential craft tools and take advantage of other supplies that are readily available to you. Drop by our All About Crafting page if you wish to learn more about everything paper crafting-related!

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