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Last Updated: May 2, 2024

As National Scrapbook Day approaches, it's the perfect time to celebrate the art of preserving memories through scrapbooking. Whether you're a seasoned scrapbooker or a newbie looking to dive into this creative world, this guide is packed with tips, techniques, and inspiration to help you create visually stunning and meaningful scrapbook layouts.

Scrapbook page idea with dry embossed background

Why Scrapbooking Matters

In today's digital age, it's easy to snap a quick photo and let it get lost in the endless sea of smartphone images. But there's something truly special about taking the time to print out those precious moments and immortalize them in a scrapbook. 

Scrapbooking allows us to capture not just the image, but the story behind it.

A close-up shot of a DIY scrapbooking page with a black and white photo of a dad and his sons and watercolor flowersDIY scrapbook pages decorated with roses, with photos of two girls and a grandma

Scrapbooking is more than just a hobby - it's a powerful tool for self-expression, emotional well-being, and preserving cherished memories. By capturing the moments, people, and emotions that define our lives, scrapbooking allows us to create tangible records of our experiences and the stories that shape us. Far beyond simply collecting photos and mementos, the act of scrapbooking engages our creativity, fosters mindfulness, and provides a therapeutic outlet for processing our thoughts and feelings. 

Colorful and layered scrapbook layout with a flower wreath and a photo of two sisters in the middle

In an increasingly digital world, scrapbooking offers a tactile and deeply personal way to honor the past, celebrate the present, and cultivate gratitude for the moments that make our lives extraordinary. Whether you're a seasoned scrapbooker or just starting your journey, the practice holds the power to enrich your life in profound and meaningful ways.

Learn About the History of Scrapbooking In This Complete Guide

A memory keeping journal page decorated with large pink flowers and a photo of a video conference call between paper crafters

Tips and Techniques for Stunning Scrapbook Layouts

When it comes to creating visually stunning scrapbook layouts, the possibilities are endless. Here are some top tips and tricks to take note of before you start creating your own scrapbook album for National Scrapbook Day:

A flat lay photo of scrapbooking supplies, scrapbook paper, ephemera, stickers, die-cuts, and other scrapbook tools
  • Choose the right color scheme. This will depend on your preference or the theme of your scrapbook layout.
  • Experiment with different textures and embellishments to make your scrapbook pages pop.
  • Layering is a popular technique in scrapbooking – it adds depth and dimension to your layouts, making them truly eye-catching.
  • Play around with mixed media. Adding elements like watercolors, stamps, embossing paste, and stencils can take your scrapbook pages to the next level, creating a truly unique and personalized look. 
  • Let's not forget about the power of minimalism – sometimes less is more, and a clean, simple layout can be just as impactful as one filled with embellishments.
A cute cat scrapbook page idea with paper pleating and stitching

The Latest Scrapbooking Trends

As with any creative endeavor, scrapbooking is constantly evolving, and it's always exciting to see the latest trends taking the community by storm. 

Right now, mixed media is huge – think splashes of paint, textured backgrounds, and unexpected elements like fabric and metal. Layering is also a big trend in the scrapbooking world, with crafters experimenting with different materials and textures to create visually dynamic layouts. 

A flat lay photo of a clean and minimalist scrapbook page with a few scrapbooking supplies aroundUnique folding scrapbook album idea with 3D embossed flowers

And let's not forget about minimalism – the clean and simple look is definitely having a moment, with scrapbookers embracing white space and understated embellishments.

How to Start Scrapbooking? Here Are Some Easy Scrapbook Ideas!

13 Scrapbooking Ideas Featuring Altenew Products

Achieve trendy scrapbooking styles this National Scrapbook Day 2024 with Altenew’s wide range of paper crafting supplies! For mixed media enthusiasts, our variety of stencils and mixed media tools are perfect for adding texture and interest to your layouts. Altenew dye inks are also great for creating unique backgrounds and adding pops of color to your pages.

Colorful scrapbooking page idea with floral die-cuts, enamel dots and dye ink swipes

If you're into layering, our collection of dies and 3D embellishments will help you create dimensional masterpieces that are sure to wow. And for those embracing minimalism, we have a selection of clean and elegant stamps and sentiments to help you achieve that chic, understated look with ease.

Here are a few scrapbooking ideas featuring Altenew products:

DIY masculine scrapbook layout with blue flowers and gold embossed elements

1. Create masculine memory-keeping layouts with florals. Who said you can’t use flowers in your masculine scrapbook pages? In her layout above, Nathalie recommended leaving a space between the elements. This will give them space to shine on their own, and together as a cohesive group. She hid her journaling behind the tag to keep the scrapbook page “airy and light.”

Scrapbooking idea with 3D embossed textured background and flowers

2. Adding texture to paper crafting projects is an important and, somewhat challenging, aspect. In this scrapbooking idea, Nathalie showed how to mix textures for an impactful look. She used a selection of Altenew products and simple techniques to create a visual and tactile dashboard for a 6″x 8″ scrapbook album.

How to add layers to a scrapbooking page using stencils

3. Add layers, but make it simpler! In her DIY scrapbook page, Lilith shared the secret to simple layering: using one color with different shades! The different shades of color that build up the image immediately add detail and dimension.

Fun Fact! That lovely back and gold paper she used to matte her photo is actually the tissue paper that comes with some Altenew parcels. Make sure you recycle and reuse yours too! 

3D interactive memory keeping layout idea with layering dies from Altenew

4. Make your scrapbooking layout more interactive. Nathalie incorporated multiple photos on her page using Tessellation Puzzles Die! Her step-by-step tutorial video below will show you how to create an interactive multi-photo memory-keeping layout. Click the image to watch the video.

scrapbooking video tutorial on how to create interactive scrapbook pages
 PRO TIP: The key to creating an interactive multi-photo memory-keeping layout is to make sure your interactive element – in this case, the pockets – is easy to use and access.
DIY traveler's notebook made with Altenew scrapbook patterned paper sets and fabric

5. Want to document your travels and adventures instead? Try creating a DIY traveler’s notebook! With just a few scrapbook paper packs (Celebrate 12×12 Paper Pack and the Our Family 12×12 Paper Pack) and Altenew’s Dreamy Fabric Bouquet, Rosie personalized her traveler’s notebook and it’s definitely a must-try!

A flat lay photo of an open memory keeping journal decorated with dry embossed and heat embossed elements, with a few scrapbook supplies and tools around it

6. Combine dry embossing with heat embossing for added elegance to your scrapbook layouts, just like Nathalie did in her project. Some key elements in her memory keeping page are texture, layering, contrast, and repetition.

7. With some funky stencils and washi tapes, you can easily whip up a cool and fun DIY scrapbook page! Watch Lilith’s scrapbook video tutorial below to see how she created her project. Click the image to watch the video.

Easy scrapbooking idea with stencils and 3D layering dies
Family scrapbook page idea with florals and geometric shapes

8. Don't be afraid to play around with shapes and flowers on your scrapbook layout. Lilith got a few of her Altenew dies, cut some shapes from patterned paper, and layered them with a few floral die-cuts. Don’t you love the mix of flowers and geometric shapes on her layout?

Rainbow scrapbook pages with colorful heat embossed leaves and stenciled background

9. Bring the colors of the rainbow to your scrapbooking page! No rainbow images or stamps? No problem! Nathalie created rainbow-colored leaves to decorate her lovely journal page and we simply adore it!

Cat themed scrapbook idea with a gold foiled leafy wreath design

10. Let it shine and shimmer! Don’t be afraid to add some metallic shine and shimmer to scrapbooking pages. Jaycee used hot foil plates and the metallic foil resist technique to create his adorable cat scrapbook page above.

Colorful friendship scrapbook layout with rainbow washi tape

11. Get your washi tapes out! Need a quick background, an eye-catching focal point, or a colorful embellishment? Washi tapes are perfect for all of these and more! Here’s a simple BUT stunning DIY scrapbook page by Lilith where she showed how to use washi tapes in a cool and fun way.

2 washi tape scrapbook idea with die-cut words and flowers

12. Another quick and easy washi tape scrapbook idea by the amazing Reiko!

13. Try paper pleating and stitching for added dimension and texture. Check out Jaycee’s scrapbook video tutorial below.

cat scrapbook page idea with paper pleats and stitch designs

No matter your preferred style, Altenew products offer endless possibilities for creating stunning and meaningful scrapbook layouts that will stand the test of time.

Cute 6" x 6" animal themed scrapbook layouts made with patterned paper

We hope you enjoyed this quick guide to preserving memories through the art of scrapbooking, just in time for National Scrapbook Day 2024! Whether you're celebrating by attending a local crop or simply spending the day crafting at home, we hope you get inspired to create something truly special. Need more scrapbooking ideas? Visit us In the Craft Room! Happy scrapping!

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