Simple Hacks on How to Clean Clear Stamps + Storage Tips!

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Stamping is one of the most fun and rewarding hobbies, but it also has a downside. Keeping your stamps in good condition can be hard work! Luckily, there are many easy ideas on how to clean stamps and how to store them so they will last for years to come. In this post, we’re sharing a few tips, tricks, and hacks so you can spend less time worrying about your beloved stamps and more time creating handmade projects!

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How to Clean Stamps

Ever had a stamp that you just can't seem to get clean? You know the feeling. You're in the creative zone, ready to stamp your heart out, but your stamps are “dirty,” and you just can’t be bothered to go to the kitchen sink and give them a good ol’ scrub. Don’t worry! We've got a few quick and easy solutions for you.

1. Baby Wipes - This is the go-to stamp cleaner for most cardmakers. It’s easy to use, readily accessible, and travel-friendly. They’re cheap and therefore can be bought in bulk, and you have the option to go for organic and environment-friendly ones if you’re worried about having too much waste. Since it’s created for babies, you’re 100% guaranteed that it is safe for your stamp - whether it’s a clear or rubber stamp. It also serves other purposes. For instance, if you get ink or watercolor on your hand or your work surface, you can use baby wipes to clean it. However, some crafters aren’t into baby wipes because they tend to leave tiny fibers or lints on stamps. 

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2. Stamp Cleaner - If you’re wondering how to get ink off stamps, this fantastic liquid cleaner is the answer to your prayers. Most cleaners in the market can easily remove any kind of ink on your clear stamps and rubber stamps - whether it’s dye ink or pigment ink. It is available in two different types:

  • Spray Bottle - This one comes with a spray nozzle so you can quickly spray it on your stamps. Altenew’s multipurpose stamp cleaner is made for both clear and rubber stamps and will work with water-based or permanent inks. Simply spray onto the surface of your stamp and wipe clean with a soft cloth, or use with a stamp scrubber or shammy.
  • Dauber Topped - This stamp cleaner is topped with a sponge dauber, so you can directly apply the cleaner to your stamps. You can either use a stamp shammy or scrubber to clean the solution off the stamp thoroughly.

3. Microfiber Cloth - If you’re looking for great and simple ideas on how to clean stamps, try keeping a handy microfiber cloth next to you whenever you do some stamping. It is washable, easy to clean, easily accessible (you can get it from grocery stores, hardware stores, or any convenience store in your area), and reusable. Like baby wipes, it might leave some tiny fibers on your stamps, so keep that in mind. Most cardmakers find it affordable and handy since one cloth can last you a long time.

4. Stamp Shammy - Some pigment inks and oxide inks get your stamps too saturated and get into the intricate grooves and nooks of your stamps. A stamp shammy is an excellent option! It is thick, durable, and easy to use. You just need to keep it moist by adding water to it. Simply wipe the ink off your stamp using the shammy, and it will be as good as new! To clean your stamp shammy, you can wash it the same way you would wash your stamps and microfiber cloth - using water and mild dishwashing liquid soap. The biggest perk of using a shammy instead of baby wipes and microfiber cloth is it doesn’t leave lint, fibers, or chemicals on your stamps.

PRO TIP! Keep your stamp shammy in an airtight container - like an old CD case - to keep it moist for more than a week! This way, you don’t need to keep adding water to it if it gets dry.   

5. Stamp Scrubber / Stamp Cleaning Pad - This works like a stamp shammy, but it’s bigger. Stampin’ Up’s Stamp Scrub has two trays with plush black fiber scrub pads. It’s excellent for pigment inks and oxide inks because it really cleans the nooks and crevices. This cleaner is recommended for those ink stains that are extremely hard to remove, even with a shammy. Spritz some stamp cleaner or water onto the scrub pad, scrub your stamp on it, and watch the magic unfold!   

Check out our multipurpose stamp cleaner for clear and rubber stamps!

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What Is the Best Way to Store Clear Stamps?

Are you having trouble storing and organizing your stamps collection? You’re not alone! The plight of your fellow crafters is how to store clear acrylic stamps - especially if you don’t have enough space?! Every crafter has their own unique storage and organizing system. You can always follow your favorite crafter’s organizing tips and tricks. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. As long as it suits your space and it’s convenient for you, then go for it! In the video below, you will see how our very own Lydia stores and organizes her growing collection of Altenew stamps!

Before you start unleashing your inner Marie Kondo, you need to decide on the functional features of your storage system. This depends on you as a person and a crafter. While some prefer a clear storage box so they can easily find what they’re looking for, others opt for covered organizers to keep their supplies dust-free and avoid damages. Here are a few things to consider when deciding how to store clear acrylic stamps:

  1. Clear - If you have more than a few stamps and have trouble finding the right one, opt for a clear storage box.
  2. Colored - If you’re into rainbows and color-coding, a colored storage box will suit you best.
  3. Sliding - This is a great space saver and can help you organize your stamps better.
  4. Stackable - If you only have a small collection of stamps, you can try something stackable on your desk for easy access.
  5. Open - Some crafters prefer displaying their stamps since this allows them to find what they’re looking for right away. The only disadvantage here is it could get dusty and dirty quickly.  
  6. Covered or with lids - Whether it’s clear or colored, a covered storage box is a wonderful option not just for storing, but also for caring for your stamps.

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Another thing to consider when figuring out how to store clear acrylic stamps is the labeling system. Having an excellent labeling system will reduce the hassle of finding a specific stamp set. Here are a few labeling ideas!

  1. Color-coded - You can assign a particular color for each stamp manufacturing company, different occasions (birthday, Christmas, wedding), or different themes (florals, geometric, nature). Use colorful sticky notes or create your own colorful labels - the creative possibilities are endless!
  2. Themes - Organizing according to themes can work for various products, but it is particularly ideal for stamp sets. Store all birthday-themed stamps together, keep all thank you stamps in one container, or have a dedicated storage for all of your holiday stamps.

  3. How to store and organize stencils and other crafting supplies

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  4. Alphabetical (A to Z) - This is ideal for those who are still growing their collection and can still remember the names of each stamp set they own. You can find them easily if they are arranged alphabetically.
  5. Sizes - Keep all 2x3, 4x6, and 6x8 stamp sets in their respective storage boxes, and you’re good to go! This isn’t as specific as the other labeling systems, but it works for some people.
  6. Categorical - You can categorize your stamps into florals, nature, geometric, sentiments, alphabet, occasions, and more! It’s all up to you!

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How to Store Clear Acrylic Stamps

There are a ton of clever ideas and hacks that will help you organize and store your clear stamps and rubber stamps. You just need to find one that fits your budget, space, and preferences. We’ve got a few popular ideas right here!

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  1. Storage pouch - It is resealable, sturdy, and comes in different sizes. 
  2. Plastic ID cardholder - You can use this for storing your mini stamps.
  3. Pocket page protector - It comes in various sizes and is very durable.
  4. Stamp pocket - Some companies have released their own version of stamp pockets or pouches. It’s a very straightforward way of storing your stamps.
  5. Drawers - Pull-out drawers are always excellent for storing and organizing your stamps. It is also a space-saving option. 
  6. Paper tray - If you have a smaller collection, you can keep your stamps in a paper tray on your crafting desk. There are stackable options in case you grow your collection.

  7. How to organize coloring supplies

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  8. Folder organizer - It’s a great way to store your stamps and display them as well. 
  9. Tiered file and folder rack/holder - Another stackable storage that will allow easy access to your favorite stamps. 
  10. Plastic storage containers - This is one of the most popular storage options, not just for stamps but also for other crafting supplies. It keeps your stamps organized and clean.
  11. Kitchen island - You can use a kitchen island as your crafting desk AND craft supplies storage since most kitchen islands come with built-in drawers on the sides and bottom. 
  12. Filing cabinet - If you don’t want to spend too much money on those IKEA drawers, a cheap or repurposed filing cabinet will work wonders too!
  13. Pantry cabinet - A good ol’ pantry cabinet can be repainted and repurposed into a decent craft supply storage. You can put plastic storage bins or baskets inside to organize your stamps, dies, stencils, and more. 

PRO TIP! Create DIY dividers for your pull-out drawers using cardboard or foam board. This will keep your stamps in place and well-organized.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stamps

Let’s answer a few commonly asked questions about clear stamps and rubber stamps.

How do you make clear stamps cling again?

There are two ways to make clear stamps cling again:

  1. Clean the back of the stamp with baby wipes to remove the dirt or dust on it. 
  2. Clean it with mild dishwashing soap and water. Make sure to rub and rinse the stamp with your hands until it doesn’t feel slippery anymore. Air dry them upside down, and don’t wipe them with anything. 

How do you store unmounted stamps?

Here are a couple of ideas on how to store your unmounted stamps.

  1. You can create your own mount and storage for your unmounted rubber stamps using a sheet of stamp card or clear cardstock, some black ink, and adhesives. This will help you organize your rubber stamps better too. 
  2. Use wood scraps to make your own stamp block. Simply put rubber foam adhesive on the back of the rubber stamp and stick it to the wood stamp block.

How do you remove pigment ink from stamps?

Pigment inks are notoriously juicy and will likely stain your clear acrylic stamps. If you find that your stamp is saturated with pigment ink and you can’t get it out of the intricate nooks and crevices, simply use a stamp cleaner and rub it on your stamp cleaning pad or scrub pad.

Make sure to visit Altenew's quick guide to stamping!

Cleaning and storing your stamps properly is essential in ensuring their longevity. You don’t want to invest in stamps and let them go to waste because you didn’t properly care for them. Learning how to get ink off stamps is just the beginning. Make sure you store them in a clean, dry place and away from direct sunlight. We hope you found some valuable ideas on how to store clear acrylic stamps in this blog post. Make sure you drop by our All About Crafting page for more project inspiration, ideas, and how-tos.

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