What Projects Can You Do with Fabric? Here Are 17 Easy Sew Fabric Crafts!

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Fabric is an integral part of our daily lives. Its flexibility makes it a versatile medium. The beauty and potential that lies even in scrap fabrics is innumerable. Fabric may be used in simple and highly customizable ways to create unique sewing projects, or enhance any sewing project. What’s amazing is all the endless variety of prints, patterns, and materials of fabric that are available out there.

With the combination of all kinds of fabric, yarn, threads, and of course techniques, imagine all the possibilities of DIY sewing projects, limited only by your creativity!

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Crafting with fabric can add a whole new dimension to any DIY project! Whether you sew by hand, use a sewing machine, or even perhaps not sew at all, try adding fabric to your crafts in your next crafting adventure!

Fun Fact: Cotton is your friend. It is one of the best fabrics for sewing projects for beginners!

Before we dive into some fun and easy fabric sewing projects, it is important to understand how to choose the right fabric for your sewing project. The fabric you choose can make or break your project. The next question should be, “what can I make out of fabric?” Some of the most common fabric used in crafts are: 

  • Cotton - one of the most popular choices for crafts or projects like bags, aprons, quilts, accent pillows, and many other household crafts.
  • Duck, Canvas, and Denim - heavier and thicker than cotton; often used in projects and crafts for outdoor items like throw pillows, outdoor cushions, tote bags, etc.
  • Fleece, Mink, and Plush - super soft, and cozy; perfect choice for all things blankets, pajamas, stuffed animals and babies
  • Silk, Tulle, and Satin - used in fancier craft projects such as creating dresses, silk pillowcases, clothing; not beginner friendly due to how slippery they are to handle. 
  • Jersey Knits - soft and stretchy; common crafts and projects that can be made from this are shirts, hats, headbands, fabric flowers, and apparel.

What Is Fabric? Here's Your Quick Guide to Fabric!

Who doesn't like handmade gifts?  There are lots of great cute sewing projects for gifts. Let's take a look at some sewing project ideas:

1. Create your own wall decor or throw by stenciling on fabric - Pick a fabric of your choice to use as your canvas. Sew along the edges. You may also use fat quarters stitched together like a quilt. Plan your pattern layout, and stencil away!

Stenciling on fabric using card making project kit and mixed media inks

Quick and Easy Sew Fabric Crafts Idea Using Stencils

2. DIY Stamped Book Cover - Do you love putting a creative stamp on everything? If so, creating and decorating notebook covers are your perfect project!  This is an easy sew project. Make your own book cover following a sewing pattern. Once the book cover, front, and back are sewn and turned inside out, it's time to stamp the cover the way you want.

DIY notebook cover using pink Chambray Tilda Fabric, stamps and pigment ink

Easy Sewing Craft Idea Using Chambray Tilda Fabric

3. DIY Stamped Jeans Pocket Pouch - This trendy easy beginner sewing project is a brilliant masterclass in techniques.  Reuse your old jean pockets to create a pouch, add a zipper, and stamp on it to customize as you please!

Cute DIY denim pouch upcycled from old denim jeans pocket with stamped design

 Sew Fabric Craft Project: Cute Denim Pouch with Stamped Sentiment

4. DIY Stamped Fabric Coasters - Here’s another simple sewing project with cotton fabric. Coasters are often an underestimated and overlooked element of an interior’s style, but they are actually a great way to enhance your home decor with pops of color and texture - especially when you can cover them with a fabric of your choice! These cute DIY coasters consist only of 2 pieces of cotton pattern fabric, one piece of linen fabric, and one piece of cotton batting - so truly anyone can make it!

2 neutral colored DIY fabric coasters using pattern fabric, linen, and cotton batting and stamped with a sentiment using clear stamps and pigment ink

Easy DIY Fabric Coasters

5. DIY Fabric Envelope - Making a fabric envelope is so wonderfully easy! It’s the perfect easy sewing project for beginners since you only need to sew straight lines to complete it. It would be a perfect place to store cards, personalized with a stamp of your choice and given to a loved one!

Cute DIY fabric envelope made from fat quarter fabric with green and yellow foliage prints

Sew Fabric Crafts for Beginners

6. DIY Reversible Face Mask - One of the biggest sewing trends in the past couple of years has to have been handmade face masks. Making your own is a great way of adding your personal stamp to this highly-demanded pandemic staple!

DIY reversible face mask made from fat quarter of fabric with watercolor flower designs

Create Your Own DIY Face Mask

7. DIY Top/Tee -  This is definitely one of the most popular fabric projects to sew. Take two fat quarters of cotton fabric and turn it into a gorgeous top! Or if you are looking to embellish a plain tee for your baby, die cut flowers and leaves with the fabric of your choice and stitch it onto it!

cute pink and white DIY floral top made from fat quarter fabric collection

8. DIY Cat Collar Bandana - Don't you always want to get something special for that amazing loving family member in your life? Well, here’s a cute handmade accessory, made in a small sewing project, that you can dress them up with on special occasions!

Cute DIY pink cat collar bandan with white foliage patterns made from Altenew fat quarter of fabric collection

Cute DIY Cat Collar Bandana

Fun Fact: If you want to learn how to make easy sewing projects, fat quarters are a great place to start! This quarter yard of fabric has so much potential to create beautiful and unique projects! Use your fat quarters to make beautiful handmade creations for your home including pillows, oven gloves, totes, pouches, or even a pot holder. You can even use them to make cases for all your favorite gadgets like phones, tablets, etc. 

Discover the Different Types of Fabric for Your Sewing Projects!

9. Stamp Positioning Tool Case - If you are a regular stamper, then you most definitely own a stamping tool such as the MISTI Stamp Positioner. Incorporating some fusible foam with some fat quarters and finishing off with magnetic snaps, you can make a handy and easy case to hold your favorite stamp positioning tool or even your tablets and laptops!

Sew fabric craft idea for stamp positioning tool case using fat quarter of fabric

10. Handmade Fabric Card - Do ever wonder what to do with your leftover scrap fabric from other projects? This is an easy sewing project with scrap fabric. Using fabric spray adhesive, adhere the fabric scraps to your cardstock. Then, sew across each strip, tucking the ends underneath. Incorporate stamping and die cuts to finish off your card!

Easy thank you card made with colorful floral fat quarter fabric

11. Fabric Jewelry - Make matching hair accessories, bracelets and earrings with the amazing colors and patterns on fabrics.

Cute DIY sew fabric bracelets made with Altenew fat quarter fabric collection

12. Reversible Tote Bag - If you’ve ever wondered how to sew a project bag or how to make a nice simple tote, you can use canvas, cotton, linen, or whatever fabric you prefer, as long as it can hold the structure! You can even make some of these bags in less than an hour!

Cute floral fabric tote bag made with 18" x 22" fat quarter fabric from Altenew

13. DIY Throw Pillow - If you want to add a touch of warmth to your home, this pillow is perfect! Pick out some compeimentary color blocks or patterns from your stash and stitch up a storm with this fantastic sewing project!

Easy sew fabric craft idea for DIY throw pillow using fabric collection from Altenew

14. Zippered Pull Down Marker Storage Bag - This charming little marker storage bag is fantastic and easy to make. With minimal supplies needed, this is a quick make and a great sewing project!

DIY Zippered Pull Down Marker Storage Bag made with Altenew fat quarter fabric

15. Pin Cushion Wrist Band - If you have some small scraps of fabric or want to use up fat quarters, this pin cushion wrist band is a great sewing project for scrap fabric! It’s perfect for the sewists amongst us.

Easy DIY Pin Cushion Wrist Band with colorful patterns

16. Pattern Weights - Are you still using pins to hold down your pattern pieces? Pattern weights are a huge timesaver! Stitch up tiny pouches in this great beginner sewing project, and fill it with something as easily available as rice! Next time you need to cut out a project, be amazed at the help these pattern weights can provide!

3 cute and colorful DIY pattern weights made with 18" x 22" fabric collection from Altenew

17. DIY Baby Bibs - If you are looking to make a gift to take to a baby shower, this is the perfect first bib for a new arrival!

3 colorful DIY baby bibs with different patterns made from Altenew fat quarter fabric collection

Find the Best Fabric for Your Sewing Projects Today!

Fabric is a fantastic resource for not just sewists, but also crafters. If you're not familiar with them, you've been missing out!  Even just a fat quarter, which is a quarter yard of fabric, has so much potential to create beautiful and unique patterns! We mentioned cute and small sewing project ideas that use fabrics of different sizes - some big, some small, but all involve ideas that are creative, easy and fun! Hopefully they inspired you enough to dive into a new sewing project adventure!

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