All You Need To Know About Your Favorite Washi Tape

scrapbooking embellishmentWhat is washi tape?

If you are into crafts, then you may have at least come across the term washi tapes, if not used them. 

So, are you wondering what washi tapes really are? 

Washi tapes are decorative tapes that are made out of rice paper.

These tapes are available in multiple colors and unique designs. They are a good option for crafting and are widely used in craft projects, paper crafts, and other arts. Washi tapes are a common scrapbooking embellishment.

Washi tapes are also popularly known as Japanese masking tapes. Since these tapes originated in Japan under the name MT masking tape, they are often referred to as Japanese masking tapes.

In 2006, a Japanese firm received an email from a small group of women. This group had used this industrial masking tape to develop and design their book. The email stated that the women would like to visit their unit before they used these tapes in their next book.

Initially, the owner ignored the email but later received a package from the group. This package contained vibrant and beautifully designed pages in masking tape. This amazed the owner, and he allowed the ladies to visit their unit. He was surprised to see the washi tape art was created by females.

The group encouraged the owner to create tapes in more colors and designs. Then, the owner received another book that had beautiful crafts with washi tape. 17 different artists had used masking tapes creatively to develop beautiful artwork.

Beautiful washi tape artwork

The owner participated in a big art exhibition in Tokyo. The company introduced a lot of different colored tapes and took a dive to produce brilliant rolls that could be used for arts and crafts. With time, they introduced an increased number of fancy, cute, and functional designs.

The journey of washi tapes sounds quite interesting, but it had a few roadblocks. For starters, choosing a proper hue for washi tapes was a tricky procedure. The consistency of the rice paper made it difficult to produce the right shade or tint. This was quite a challenge, especially with light colors. It is easy to acquire a dull hue but getting the same in light color was challenging.

The production of washi tapes was time-consuming and laborious. The owner then produced tapes in colors that mirrored flowers in the field. Then, they planned to give standard color names and attractive packaging to washi tapes. This was important as a lot of craftsmen and artists use these for their preferred washi tape ideas and crafts.

washi tape ideas and crafts

Today, there are several companies producing these tapes, and hence, they are now easily available in the market.

Latest News on Washi Tapes

Over the years, there has been a transition in the way these tapes are produced, designed, and used in crafts. Discussed here are some of the latest trending washi tape ideas.


Several companies, art bloggers, and influencers happen to create crafts with washi tapes. This has led companies to arrange contests to encourage the use of these tapes. Companies and artists arrange online contests to motivate participants to use washi tapes creatively in their art.

crafts with washi tapes

These contests have introduced diverse crafts and techniques to use washi tapes. The contests also bring like-minded artists together and test their creative skills to get them to passionately work on their craft.

The contests give an opportunity to artists to combine washi tape crafts with other creative elements and design and enhance the overall look of their artwork.

Therapeutic effect

Designing and creating artworks from washi tapes is quite therapeutic for a lot of people. It helps people to release their stress. As a beginner, you can use these tapes to decorate your journals, books, personal diary, sketchbooks, etc.

There are several washi tape uses, and crafters can learn how to use them for different designs and also at home. You can surf online for washi tape ideas and use them in your own unique way.

Different types of tapes will bring you new and impeccable crafting ideas. Initially, you might just cut these tapes in a simple way. With time, you will learn to cut them differently. This helps you to clear your mind and acquire a different perspective.

washi tape uses

These tapes are vibrant, and their patterns spread positive energy to get over your mundane thoughts. You will feel more relaxed and at peace after creating a design with washi tapes.

Diverse uses

You can use them to create a unique image of an animal or write a quote for one of your bedroom or living room walls. You can search online for washi tape on walls to get specific ideas and inspiration. Washi tapes can also be used to create patterns on your ceiling fans and photo frames.

If your business card has a sharp edge, then you can add a soft border to it with washi tapes. At times, it is tricky to hang postcards and small photos, so a washi tape holder is a perfect solution to hold them in place. You can also add a whimsical spin behind the photo to give it a striking feature.

washi tape holder

Bored of the cliché gift wrappers and those basic envelopes? Give washi tapes a different look than the traditional gift wrapper. A striking pattern of washi tapes can give your envelope a different effect. Your friends and family members are likely to remember your gift and envelopes for a very long time.

Different types of washi tapes at hand

There is a variety of washi tapes available in the market. You can use these tapes however you wish, using your own creativity. However, there are certain types of tapes that look good and give a classy look.

Discussed here are different types of washi tape ideas that you can implement or improvise as per your choice.


When you search online or go for in-store purchase of washi tapes, you will find a wide array of stripes. There are stripes with a white base, for example: pink and white, green and white, black and white, etc. Then, there are a few stripes with a black base: black and blue, black and green, black and yellow, etc.

stripes with a white base

Every combination shares a particular energy and vibe. For instance, yellow and white provides a vibrant and happy vibe. Using these tapes in your living room can spread positive ambiance in the room.

Stripes are different from the plain tapes, yet give away a subtle unique presence. You can use them for your living room, journals, and various other spots.


When you read this word, maybe all you can think of is the chessboard. Checkered washi tapes are quite unique in their own way. This is so because you can give an exceptional look to your boring book with these tapes.

Buy washi tape in your favorite checkered color and use them as a border for your book. If you have a plain hard cover, then you can create stripes of these tapes and give it a different look. There are small and large checkered tapes; choose the one that goes with your overall design.

large checkered tapes


These washi tapes are slightly more special than the rest. Most people find it tricky to pick one from the amazing combination of cityscape tapes that are available online. A lot of people when in search of washi tape scrapbook designs prefer cityscape tapes.

This is because these tapes blend beautifully with your book and you are tempted to use the scrapbook. A glimpse at the cover will compel you to skim through the book.

A cityscape is an ideal option for all the wanderlusts and people who are fond of travelling. Cityscape washi tapes give a spectacular and splendid look. They are the right combination of color saturation, quality, and overall design. If you and your friends share the same love for travel, then you can gift them a scrapbook designed with different cityscape washi tapes.


Nature significantly influences the artwork of any artist. Flowers being one of the natural elements have a tremendous impact on the artworks. Flowers resemble peace, sincerity, and subtleness. Floral washi tapes are used in thank you cards, congratulatory cards, condolence cards, and many more.

Floral washi tapes

You can also search for DIYs with washi tapes to learn how to use floral washi tapes in a unique manner. Yet another simple and striking way to use floral washi tapes is to enhance the look of a simple gift bag. You can use the tape for the borders or to create a design at the center.

Often, you have to send cards and gifts to people that are not very close to you. Floral washi tapes work best for them. You neither appear to be formal nor informal and can easily convey your gesture.

Special design

You can combine 2-3 washi tapes and create a special design and hang this design on your cupboard, bedroom wall, hallway, or any other suitable spot.

Cut black washi tape as your base and then stick a gilded ombre washi tape to it. You can add stickers and other embellishments to enhance its look.

gilded ombre washi tape

Materials and manufacturing of the product

Raw materials

  • Rubber
  • Glue
  • Rubber blocks
  • Resin
  • Japanese paper

Different types of washi tapes

Manufacturing process

  • Different types of rubbers (natural or synthetic) are used to apply on the back of the masking tape.
  • This glue may appear to be stiff and thick.
  • The glue is elastic in nature and can change its form with additional efforts.
  • Large rubber blocks are sliced into thin pieces sized 5mm.
  • Rubber blocks are now kneaded.
  • Rubber blocks can now be easily dissolved in the solvent.
  • Plastic resin is added to the blender while heating to create a good mix.
  • It is necessary to blend different types of rubbers to acquire a strong masking tape.
  • Once the glue is ready, it is used as an adhesive for the masking tape. (The modern processes include acrylic glue along with rubber-based glue.)
  • The Japanese paper is set on the top of the machine.
  • The machine applies glue on the back of the sheet.
  • Simultaneously, a release agent will coat the front of the paper.
  • A thick protective coat is applied so that the front of the tape doesn’t smudge.
  • The roll is then pulled out swiftly.
  • Individual rolls are gathered and placed in order.
  • The rolls get delivered to the main factory where they are cut into smaller rolls.

Using washi tapes

There are several ways to use washi tapes. The basic uses for washi tape are to decorate your home, gifts, books, journals, etc. You can use these tapes the way you want. Some of the ways to use washi tapes are highlighted below.

washi tape for gifts

  • Bookmark
  • Decorate your door
  • Prepare wall calendar
  • Label your files and drinks
  • Mark your schedule
  • Bind your keys into a set
  • Frame to your photos
  • Design your phone cover
  • Design scrapbook
  • Bunting
  • Helps you in nail art
  • Create wall art or wall design
  • Redesign your candle base
  • Greeting cards
  • Customize laptop cover
  • Give a new pattern to your pencils
  • Create lanterns
  • Add tags to your belongings
  • Design your table mat and coasters
  • Napkin rings

Advantages of washi tapes

Apart from multiple uses of washi tapes, there are several other advantages of using these tapes.

Advantages of washi tapes

Check out some of the advantages before you buy washi tapes:

  • Easily available - Washi tapes are easily available almost anywhere and everywhere. You can order them online in a few clicks, and they will be delivered at your doorstep.
  • Cost-effective - These tapes may cost slightly higher than the ordinary tapes. But they are highly functional and more durable than any average tape.
  • Easy-to-use - You can design or redesign your entire room with these tapes. They are quite easy to use. You don’t have to be a professional to use them. You can be creative, and your hands won’t get dirty.
  • Durable - Once you purchase these tapes, you don’t have to worry about them getting spoiled. You can easily place them in your drawer, and they will stay the same even after months.


Washi tapes can be your secret rescue agent. They can save you from any crafty or design disaster. If you are painting something and have stained the desk, then you can create a design with these tapes and, ta-da, you have a new desk!

washi tape roll

These tapes are quite helpful and have multiple uses. You can learn about their usage and benefits only when you start using them regularly. So, what are you waiting for? Order your washi tape roll today!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q1 - How do you use washi tape for scrapbooking and cardmaking?
A1 - It’s easy to add a touch of detail to scrapbook layouts using washi tape. Simply unroll the desired amount for the roll, and place it where you want. As washi tape is flat, this means it won’t add any bulk to your project.

Q2 - What you can do with washi tape?
A2 - You can do many things with washi tape! You can add it to all kinds of paper crafting projects to dress them up and add a little more interest. You can also use washi tape to add interest to walls, furniture, and home decor items.

Q3 - How do you decorate with washi tape?
A3 - Choose your chosen design, unroll, and add it wherever you want to! As the washi tape is low-tack, it is also easy to remove from walls and furniture if you feel like a change.

Q4 - What is the best washi tape?
A4 - There are many washi tapes on the market, and some are better than others. When choosing a washi tape, you want a quality one that doesn’t stick too fast and doesn’t tear when unrolling the roll.