All You Need to Know About Ensembles: Paper Crafting Bundles

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Have you been looking for paper crafting bundles that are different from monthly subscriptions? Do you want a one-time crafty purchase that contains everything you need in just one bundle? Do you like the satisfaction of creating astounding projects but have no time to browse for mixing and matching different products? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ensembles are just the right fit for you!

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Stunning Sakura Ensemble

Today, we'll tell you all you need to know about ensembles and why they are one of the best cardmaking kits for adults on the market. From what techniques you can use with them to what kind of ensembles are available, these ensembles will be your next favorite paper craft kit! 

What Are Ensembles?

Ensembles are a new product category launched by Altenew during its ninth year as an innovative paper crafting company in 2023. They are coordinating products that belong to a specific theme or design, and they take the guesswork out of crafting. These can be a mixture of different paper crafting products, such as stamp and die bundles, stencils, embossing folders, and more! 

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 Arches 3D Embossing Folder

Instead of the regular individual products that are released monthly, Altenew now releases five to six groups of coordinating products. Of course, these products can still be purchased individually, but ensembles make it easier for both pro and beginner crafters looking to buy paper craft kits without the commitment of subscriptions. 

For their first batches of ensembles that made a buzz in the crafting world, Altenew has released a total of 10 ensembles, each belonging to a particular theme and vibe:

  • Boho Decor Ensemble - This is a cardmaking kit that will give you beautifully-cut boho arrows, Bohemian vases, and a masonry wall embossed texture.  
  • Enamel Elements Ensemble - This paper craft kit will let you create stunning enamel-themed lanterns and flower designs, together with gradient washi tapes in elegant blue colors. 
  • Patchwork Motifs Ensemble - If you've ever liked folksy patterns and tiles, this gorgeous set of patchwork-themed products can lead to stunning and colorful projects. 
  • Geraniums and Buttercups Ensemble - This assembly of coordinating stamps, dies, and stencils feature swamp buttercups and wild geraniums. The set also includes a stunning 3D Rattan Stripes Cover Die

Need ideas for cardmaking? Ensembles are here to save the day!

Patchwork Tiles

  • Zen Garden Ensemble- This paper craft kit produces aesthetic archways and leaf patterns, perfect for combining minimalistic shapes with nature designs. 
  • Happy Blossoms Ensemble - True to its name, this stamp and die bundle, with a coordinating stencil and embossing folder, will give you floral designs that will surely make you happy with their beauty.  
  • Contemporary Serenity Ensemble - Inspired by the charm of the Japanese countryside, this paper craft kit will give you stunning dragonflies, vertical sentiments, and a lovely wave panel die reminiscent of the famous Under the Wave off Kanagawa painting. 
  • Dreamscape Ensemble - This bundle will help you cut a captivating flock of swans and sakura flowers, which you can pair with the serene design of the embossing folder. 
  • Modern and Abstract Ensemble - This cardmaking kit lets you play around with different designs and techniques, such as hot foiling, die cutting, and stenciling. From wicker textures to golden rainbows and sentiments, this set has it all.
  • Out and About Ensemble - Catered to panda lovers, this set of stamps, dies, stencils, and an embossing folder will let you create adorable pandas and bamboo designs. 

As Altenew continues to develop more releases every month, the list of ensembles will only grow, so crafters can count on more exciting designs.

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Why Were Ensembles Created?

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Roaming Pandas Ensemble

 Altenew always puts emphasis on giving you inspiration, so you can focus on your creations. Ensembles were created to help crafters make cohesive projects without searching for matching products. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and wondering if the products you bought fit together!  

Plus, not only does it make your browsing and shopping more accessible, but it also enables you to save more. Bundled products usually come with a discount, making it more cost-effective for crafters who want to build up their supplies without breaking the bank. 

Ensembles also allow crafters to explore their creativity by offering them bundles with variety. Since not all the products feature the same designs, crafters are encouraged to mix and match, resulting in unique and one-of-a-kind projects. 

What Is in an Ensemble - Cardmaking Kit?

Even though ensembles are perfect for other paper crafting projects, such as journaling, scrapbooking, and gift customizing, they're perfect for cardmaking projects. If you're curious about what kind of products are included in an ensemble, they are most likely a combination of the following:

  • Stamps
  • Dies
  • Stencils
  • Embossing Folders
  • Washi Tapes

Craft stunning florals for your projects with paper crafting ensembles!

Sequins - Satin Gold

What Techniques Can I Do With These Materials?

Since ensembles feature different kinds of paper crafting products, there are many techniques you can practice and master, such as:

  • Stamping - From making backgrounds to ghost stamping outlines, ensembles feature high-quality stamps perfect for creating different designs. 
  • Die Cutting - If you like clean die-cuts, then you'll surely enjoy the impressive designs you end up with using the dies from ensembles.  
  • Ink-Blending - Some ensembles come with stencils, which means that you can do ink-blended backgrounds, patterns, and focal points.
  • Embossing - From heat embossing stamped images to using embossing with folders, you can play around with various embossing techniques!
  • Coloring - Whether you use markers, inks, watercolors, or gouache to color your images, the precious designs you get from ensembles will surely make way for limitless coloring combinations.  
  • Layering - Ensembles can also be used for layering different elements, such as patterned paper, cardstock, die cuts, and embellishments, on top of each other to create a multi-dimensional effect. 
  • Matting - You can also use matting techniques with ensembles. Simply make a sandwich between your card front and another background to create a border or frame pattern.
  • Mixed Media - You can combine different art materials, such as paints, inks, markers, and various types of paper and textures, to create a unique and layered design.
  • Embellishing - Whether you use dies or washi tapes to spruce up your crafts, you will surely get inspiration on embellishments from your ensembles!
  • Foiling - Ensembles also include unique hot foil plates that give you designs that stand out from the crowd. 
  • Stenciling - Stencils are not just for coloring and blending inks. They are also great for adding texture to your crafts with some embossing paste and other media!

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With an overload of techniques you can use, ensembles are not only perfect for experienced crafters. Ensembles are also perfect cardmaking kits for beginners since they allow them to experiment with different techniques and give them well-put-together designs. 

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Ideas on How to Use Your Ensembles

Mix and Match Techniques 

Mixing and matching techniques is a fun and creative approach to making the most out of ensembles. This technique allows you to experiment with various materials and techniques, such as stamping, embossing, die-cutting, and layering, to create a personalized card that is truly your own. 

Use Color Theory for a Cohesive Look 

Want to learn how to design a greeting card? Start with color theory! Using color theory is a helpful technique for achieving a cohesive and visually appealing look with your ensembles. By understanding how colors work together and complement each other, you can create harmonious and eye-catching designs.   

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Enamel Flowers Ensemble

A simple approach to using color theory is to choose a color scheme for your design, such as complementary or analogous colors, and stick to it throughout the card. You can also experiment with adding fun pops of color to create interest and contrast!

Make Fun and Engaging Scenes

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Essential Black & White Enamel Dots

With the coordinating products in ensembles, you can create scenes that tell a story. Since the products in ensembles belong to a certain theme or idea, a great tip is to use elements such as pairing trees and animals for a nature scene or combining balloons and confetti for a festive setting. By making fun and engaging scenes, you can add more life to your cards. 

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If you want to learn more crafty facts about ensembles and how to use them, try watching this video tutorial by Jaycee:

We hope this blog post encourages you to check out ensembles and see the benefits of buying them for yourself! Remember to stay tuned for more upcoming inspiration on how to maximize the power of ensembles for an improved crafting experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Yes, ensembles are designed for crafters of all skill levels, including beginners. We have blog posts, project tips, video tutorials, and even inspiration on the packaging to help you create many designs with your ensemble, making it easy even for beginners to start with paper crafting.
Ensembles are a set of coordinating products bundled together for your convenience. While you cannot customize them, you can mix and match different products from different ensembles by purchasing them individually.
Consider your crafting style and the type of techniques that you want to play with. Look for ensembles that include designs and themes that you know you will use and enjoy for many kinds of crafty masterpieces. We recommend getting the ensemble that sparks your creativity the most.
Ensembles can be a cost-effective way to try out new products and techniques and build up your crafting supplies without having to purchase each item individually. They also come with discounts if you buy them as a bundle, so not only is it convenient for you, but also for your wallet!

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