26 Easy Fabric Crafts Ideas (Sew and No-Sew!)

Last Updated: February 18, 2022

Fabric crafts are a fun way to show off your creative side. They range from simple to intricate, sew to no-sew. In this blog post, we will share some easy fabric crafts ideas that you can try out. We will also introduce you to a new and exciting addition to the wide range of crafting products from Altenew - fabric! Yes, you read that right! Altenew’s trademark images and motifs on fabric - what more could you ask for?! So, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned DIY sewist, we have something for you! Get your fabric stash ready, and let's get ready to craft!

Altenew Dreamy Bouquet Fabric Collection

Altenew Dreamy Bouquet Fabric Bundle

Brief History of Fabric

Before the invention of textile and fabric, animal hides, leaves, and felt were used by humans to protect their bodies from the elements. The first textile examples were believed to be from 6500 BC and discovered in a Neolithic site in Anatolia. The creation of fabric began when ancient people from 34,000 BCE weaved strands of flax fibers (which is now used to make linen). Natural dyes from plants were then used to color this simple and earliest form of fabric textile. The earliest proof of the existence of fabric textiles was found in Turkey, Egypt, and Israel.

Fat Quarter Pieces of Fabric

For the longest time, natural fibers - from animals, plants, and minerals - were the main components for textile manufacturing. However, since natural fibers have intrinsic restrictions, synthetic ones were developed. For instance, cotton and linens wrinkle, wool shrinks, and silk is too delicate. According to thoughtco, “Synthetics delivered greater comfort, soil release, broader aesthetic range, dyeing capabilities, abrasion resistance, colorfastness, and lower costs.”  

Fun Fact! The Banton Burial Cloth is the oldest existing example of warp ikat in Southeast Asia (displayed at the National Museum of the Philippines). The cloth was believed to be made by the native Asian people of northwest Romblon. (Wikipedia)

What Is Fabric?

Fabric, textile, and cloth are all synonymous terms. Fabric is a textile produced through various processes such as weaving, stitching, bonding, crocheting, spreading, knitting, or felting. It is essentially woven or knitted fibers. Fabric is used in creating clothing, shoes, bags, household items (bedsheets, cushions, etc.), upholstery, and fabric art and craft. 

Fun Fact! Derived from Latin, with roots in the Proto-Indo-European language, the word “fabric” stems from the Middle French word “Fabrique” which means 'a building where certain types of things are manufactured,' and from the Latin word “Fabrica” meaning 'workshop; an art, trade.'(Wikipedia)

Pink and Whimsy Fabric from Altenew

What Is Fabric Art and Fabric Craft?

Fabric art (also known as textile art) utilizes plant, animal, or synthetic fibers to create unique designs on either functional or ornamental things. Some examples are a piece of clothing, sculpture, canvas art, rug, or a wall hanging. Fabric crafts can range from repurposed household items to DIY home decor and other everyday items decorated or created with fabric. A quick scroll through Pinterest, Instagram, and Etsy will show you tons of fabric projects to make and sell. 

Altenew Dreamy Bouquet Fabric Collection

Introducing Altenew’s Dreamy Bouquet Fabric Collection!

We love fabric crafts, so we designed this mini collection for crafty people who love Altenew designs and want to play with fabric! 

The bundle contains five pieces of 18" x 22" fabric (fat quarter - standard size for quilters) featuring Altenew motifs. The fabric is quilting cotton making it a versatile choice for crafting, quilting, and more!


  • 100% Pakistan Cotton
  • Machine Wash Gentle Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Warm Iron

Did you know? Our customers' favorite hobby after paper crafting is sewing! 

DIY heart pillow made with fabric

New to fabric and need some fabric crafts ideas?

  • Add a swatch of fabric as a textured background on your cards.
  • Add decoupage medium to one side of the fabric - once it dries, you can treat it like paper! It cuts, scores, folds, and die cuts beautifully.
  • Look up no-sew tutorials online. You will be amazed at what you can do with fabric and adhesive!
  • Ready to try sewing? This fabric would make beautiful tote bags, pouches, scrunchies, face masks, small garments, and more!
  • Follow our blog - we will be posting tutorials and inspiration from our fantastic team!

Fun Fact! The synthetic textile was invented by British chemist Sir Joseph Swan. After 200 years of scientific research on artificial fibers, Swan finally unveiled the first synthetic fiber at the International Inventions Exhibition in London in the early 1800s. (Source) 

What Are Some Examples of Fabric Craft?

Are you into fabric art? Do you need some fun and easy fabric crafts ideas? Or do you simply want to try fabric craft ideas to make and sell? Then, you've come to the right place! We’ve got a variety of projects - both sew and no-sew - that are sure to inspire any crafter (beginner or experienced). 

No-sew fabric craft - gadget holder

  1. Arjita’s fun idea is to customize your gadget holder or gadget protector using your choice of fabric. This can be a sew or no-sew fabric art project, depending on your preference.  

  2. If you like decorating your space with framed photos and artwork, framed fabric wall art is a must-try. This no-sew fabric craft idea is super easy, simply cut your chosen fabric to size and place it in a frame. 

    DIY MISTI storage pouch

    DIY MISTI storage pouch made from fabric

  3. Are you a crafter on the go? One of the most fabulous fabric crafts you can try is this DIY MISTI pouch by Colleen! Depending on your skill, this can be a sew or no-sew project.

PRO TIP! For no-sew fabric crafts, you can use fabric glue. This has a special adhesive formula that will adhere fabric to fabric easily. Of course, an iron-on hem tape will also do the trick. 

4. For experienced DIY sewists, how about creating a cute, floral DIY top? This blouse by Jen required at least two fat quarters of fabric, but she did have a bit of leftover. 

DIY floral top made with Altenew fabric

5. If you only have one fat quarter of fabric, Jen’s advice is to make baby and toddler clothes! Check out more of Jen’s project ideas here.

6. If you need DIY fabric art ideas for leftover fabric, try making fabric collage art and frame it! 

DIY wall hanging home decor with fabric

DIY home decor fabric craft idea

7. Another fun idea for leftover fabric or pieces of fabric is to use it as a background on a DIY wall hanging art. Add a few die-cuts and sequins, just like Erum did, and you’re good to go!

Slimline thank you card with fabric art

Slimline thank you card with fabric die-cuts

8. Hussena’s slimline thank you card is exceptional! She created some lovely fabric art by adding fabric to her alphabet die-cuts. 

Funny and cute DIY fabric craft pillowcases

9. One of the easiest DIY fabric crafts for beginners is DIY throw pillowcases. You can even take it up a notch by adding die-cut words to it, just like Jaycee did.

FUN FACT! The largest manufacturer and exporter of silk in the world (and has been for hundreds of years) is still China.

DIY drawstring pouch - fabric crafts idea

10. A drawstring pouch is another fun idea to try! You can use one design for this or make fabric collage art just like Keren did on her pouch! This is handy for holding small crafting supplies like mini ink cubes, washi tapes, erasers, finger daubers, etc. 

DIY fabric art idea on a handmade card

Window card with pieces of fabric

11. Creating a card with fabric might be a foreign idea for card makers. Try this unique window card idea by Keren! All you need to do is create a window card and use a few pieces of fabric to decorate it. Easy peasy!

DIY fabric crafts idea - baby bibs

12. If you want more handy fabric crafts ideas, try making baby bibs, just like these ones by LauraJane. You can even take your creativity to the next level by creating reversible ones. This is the perfect handmade gift for friends and family who are welcoming a new baby.

DIY tote bag for craft supplies

13. Imagine your favorite Altenew stamp designs on a tote bag?! With our Dreamy Bouquet Fabric Collection, you can create a DIY floral tote bag like this one by LauraJane! This fabric project is another excellent and gorgeous handmade gift idea.

DIY fabric crafts ideas - hoop art

DIY hoop art ideas with fabric

14. If you're into stitching or embroidery, here’s a DIY fabric art idea for you - hoop art. Use the fabric as your background and stitch away! Of course, you can also leave it as-is. This is an excellent handmade gift or DIY home decor.

DIY reversible bag made with fabric

15. Lilith’s reversible bag is so pretty! We love how she used four fabric designs from our new Dreamy Bouquet collection.

DID YOU KNOW? The thinnest artificial fiber is a type of fiber that was only invented 20 years in Japan. Microfiber, also known as Ultrasuede, is even more delicate than silk and a hundred times finer than a strand of human hair!

DIY fabric craft - storage pouch with zipper

Perfect fabric storage pouch for arts and crafts supplies

16. For advanced sewists, you can take your DIY bag to the next level by adding a zipper AND doing some embroidery to personalize it. For example, check out Linda’s customized Altenew bag - perfect for holding her Altenew stash!

Easy DIY headband ribbon made with fabric

17. How sweet and lovely is this DIY headband by Michelle? This is one of the most straightforward fabric craft ideas to make and sell. You only need a bit of fabric, a plain headband, and some string!

DIY fabric ribbon on a pouch

18. If you’d like to keep it quick and simple, you can try Nandini’s project above. She simply decorated her pouch with some DIY ribbon made from fabric scraps.

DIY fabric art idea on a shaker card

19. Have you made a shaker card before? How about a shaker card with a stunning and unique background? In her shaker card, Nandini used a piece of fabric as the background, and we love it! You can also try this technique with framed fabric wall art.

handmade cards with fabric art

Create fabric art on handmade cards

20. Speaking of backgrounds, Natasha had a similar DIY fabric art idea on her handmade cards. Using fabric as a background added beautiful colors and texture to her creations.

FUN FACT! Rayon, the first man-made fiber, was created in 1910 and was called ‘artificial silk’.

DIY fabric craft - roll-up crafting supplies storage pouch

DIY roll-up storage for craft supplies

21. There are tons of creative fabric crafts ideas out there. But this roll-up craft supplies case by Nathalie takes the cake! It’s not just pretty to look at; it’s super handy too! Her storage can hold a few pens, markers, washi tapes, liquid glue pens, and even our Woodless Watercolor Pencil Set!  

DIY notebook and journal cover made with fabric

22. Another beginner-friendly no-sew fabric craft project is a notebook or journal cover. It’s also a great way to cover your well-loved books.

DIY fabric alcohol marker storage and holder

23. Are you looking for the best way to store your alcohol marker collection? Nichol has an excellent idea for you! Her fabric marker storage is perfect for storing and protecting your beloved markers, and it’s a great decorative piece in your craft room too! 

24. Don’t worry, scrapbookers, we’ve also got your back! You can use a piece of fabric or some scraps as a background or an element on your scrapbook layout. In her layout, Rosie added a few adorable fabric butterflies too!

Easy DIY fabric crafts idea

25. This DIY fabric art idea is so easy to do that even those without sewing skills can do it! Norine cut out a few flowers and images on some of the Dreamy Bouquet Fabric and sewed them onto a plain t-shirt. What a fun and quick way to customize your favorite shirt!

Handmade card with DIY fabric butterflies

Handmade card idea with fabric die-cuts

26. Virginia’s DIY fabric butterflies added so much color, texture, and life to her handmade card! It’s definitely a must-try fabric craft

 DIY roll-up storage pouch for art supplies

Try Fabric Crafts Now!

So what are you waiting for? Start your next sewing project with one of these 26 easy DIY fabric crafts ideas. From beginner to experienced crafters, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re looking for even more inspiration, be sure to check out the NEW fabric collection in our store – it’s gorgeous! We can’t wait to see what amazing things you create. Ready, set, sew!


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