Watercolor 36 Pan Set


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  • Download: Altenew Watercolor 36 Pan Set Transparency Chart

    This beautiful set of 36 vibrant watercolor half-pans coordinates perfectly with our line of ink. They are intensely pigmented, fade minimally when drying, and some colors have lovely granulating effects. They are stored in a convenient plastic case, designed with space for your brush (included) and a palette in the lid for mixing. Some of the case lids snap off upon opening and can easily snap back on after you are finished creating so you can store your mixed paints with the rest of the pan colors. 

    The lightfastness of these colors range is about 4-5.

    alternative empty case for storing your Altenew Watercolor Pans or any of your favorite mixed media. **For a limited time, we will be including a free Empty Pan Case for all customers who purchase the 36 Watercolor Pan Set for you to use as an alternative case for your watercolors, in case your original case lid has the 'snap off' issue.