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Craft Your Life With Altenew

Calling all crafters! Dive into the world of crafting and discover never-before-heard stories and secrets straight from the Altenew family and our crafty friends! Gain insight into what it's like to be in the crafting industry, learn how Altenew has grown over the years, and share a few laughs along the way. This podcast is your perfect companion while crafting. It's also FREE, so you can listen to any episode again and again, anytime, anywhere! 


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Craft Your Life with Altenew Podcast Episode with Simon Hurley

Crafting Organizing Tips for Every Space: A Fun Chat with Jen and Nicole

One of the challenges of being a crafter is figuring out how to store all those crafting supplies. In this must-listen episode, Nicole shares her best tried-and-true tips to best organizing your crafting space - whether you have a dedicated crafting room or a temporary crafting space.
 Don't be surprised if you start rearranging your crafting supplies as soon as you finish listening to this episode!

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Most Listened Episode: Catching Up with Paper Crafting Celebrity, Jennifer McGuire

Craft Your Life with Altenew Podcast Episode with Jennifer McGuire

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