DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas for 2023

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

It's that time of the year again when all you see are cute hearts and confetti - Valentine's Day! Are you already dreaming of the perfect card to make for your Valentine this year? With February 14th quickly approaching, now is the time to get creative with your ideas for a heartfelt greeting! 

Feel the love with this stunning Happy Valentine's Day card idea!

Woven Heart Die Set

If you want something unique and special, that's sure to impress even cupid himself, why not try out one of these amazing DIY Valentine's Day card ideas? From handmade chemistry beakers to elegant floral designs, we have many inspirational projects that will help spark your creativity - so let's get crafting!

Simple and Elegant DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

If you want clean and simple cards to make for your Valentines (emphasis on the "s," plural!), then these fun and easy-to-make projects are for you:

Floral Backgrounds Made With Stamps, Stencils, and Inks

Try making a unique card with floral backgrounds using stamps, stencils, and inks! A simple flower bud stamp stamped with lush ink colors can become the perfect centerpiece for your card. You can use a stencil to add a background of small flowers or leaves all around the edges. Blend different colors of ink together, and create stunning effects that are sure to make your Valentine's day cards one-of-a-kind. 

Make easy floral arrangements for your Valentine's Day cards with handy stamps and inks!

Ink-Blended Valentine Cards With Embossed Designs

Add fun splashes of color and dimension to your Valentine's Day card ideas with this floral stencil and embossing folder bundle!

Sixties Sunshine

This Valentine's Day, add some beautiful dimension to your cards! Using vibrant inks, stencils, and embossing folders, you can make unique and colorful cards that will truly impress your loved ones. Plus, you don't have to limit yourself to just hearts, teddy bears, and flowers - with a variety of embossing folder designs, you can choose from endless patterns! You can even make a card with geometric designs - love comes in all forms anyway! 

Instant Heart-Filled Cards With Dies

Die cutting is a heaven-sent technique for those of us who like crafting with textures! After all, what could be better than the ability to quickly and easily create beautiful, heart-filled cards in moments? With just a few heart-themed dies or cover dies, some Instant Dimension Foam Tape, and some colored cardstock, you can immediately get wow-worthy Valentine's Day cards. 

Get gorgeous hearts for all your DIY Valentine's Day cards with this versatile cover die!

Radial Hearts Cover Die

Another tip for using your dies is to experiment with their placement by incorporating them with different folds. For example, Jaycee used two heart-shaped hand die-cuts with his center gate fold card, making an exciting and interactive card front! 

For fun Valentine's Day cards, why not experiment with some die-cuts and folds?

A Little Bit of Love Stamp & Die Bundle

Creative and Fun DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Couples

Miniature Booklets With Love Notes

If you want to make something special for Valentine's Day, why not make a miniature flip-through note card booklet with short, sweet love notes inside? For inspiration on what messages to put inside, you can put short letters, personal memories, or poetry. Try checking our Valentine's Day Card Messages to get your heart pumping! 

Jigsaw Puzzle-Themed Valentine’s Day Card

Make your loved ones' Happy Valentine's Day card extra special with this puzzle die set!

Tessellation Puzzles Die Set

Making a fun jigsaw-themed puzzle design is easy with a puzzle die set! Simply print a photo of you and your loved one, and then cut it with a puzzle die set, assemble it together or use it as the design for your card front. 

Love Coupon Valentine’s Day Cards

Instead of making a general card, try making a tri-fold accordion card filled with love coupons inside. Love coupons are a great and thoughtful way to express your care with acts of service or quality time. These coupons can be "1 Free Hug," "3 Free Massages," or "1 Date Night." 

You can easily make coupon-shaped die-cuts with a Rounded Rectangles Die Set and make dash lines around each coupon so your loved one can cut them for use. Design them with stamps, markers, or washi tape - whatever floats your boat. This is an interactive kind of card that can come in many formats, so let your imagination flow and personalize your cards! 

Fun DIY Valentine’s Day Cards to Make With Kids

If you've been looking for a chance to craft with your kids, grandkids, and the other kiddos of your life, this is your chance! The best way to spend Valentine's is to have some quality bonding time, so gather your kids and craft these beginner-friendly Valentine's Day card ideas: 

Easy One-Layer Valentine’s Day Cards

Start them young! With careful supervision, teach your little youngsters how to use stamps, ink, and markers to make lovely cards. Of course, try using pieces of scrap paper first before giving them cardstock. 

Seal your Happy Valentine's Day cards with some gorgeous red envelopes!

Vineyard Berry Envelope (12 envelopes/set)

It's advisable to use Crisp Dye Inks and water-based markers; these will be easier to clean. Let them explore their creativity and allow them to make their own layouts once they get the hang of stamping and coloring! 

Fingerprint Heart Valentine’s Day Cards

Have you ever tried making finger hearts with paint? It's time to bring out the inner kid in you by getting your hands dirty with paint! It would be best if you had body paint, but any non-toxic paint is good enough as long as you wash it off immediately. To make hearts with paint, simply put some paint on your two thumbs or forefingers, and press them down together on cardstock. You and your kids' fingers will probably have different sizes, so your hearts will make a varied, exciting look!  

Colorful Valentine’s Day Cards Using Stencils

Stencils are excellent for creating backgrounds, textures, and masking for your projects. Now, they are also great for guiding the coloring of your little ones! Break open some kid-friendly paint and inks, and teach them how to have fun with your layering stencils and simple coloring stencils. Help them explore how to make colorful designs for their cards, and add embellishments to spruce up their stencil images. 

Have fun with your children by making these easy DIY Valentine's Card ideas for kids!

Teeny Hearts Stencil

Not only will they produce beautiful projects, but they'll also have a great time learning to color within the lines with their favorite crafter - you! So get on it and start making Valentine's Day cards with stencils! 

Feel the Love This Valentine’s Day With These Ideas!

No matter how much time passes, a handmade Valentine's Day card is still the best thoughtful and personal way to let somebody know you care. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to get your crafting game on! This year, try your hand at one of these delightful DIY ideas. With so many options, there’s bound to be the perfect card for everybody on your list. 

Whether you're looking for something simple and sweet or fun and unique, we've got you covered with these DIY Valentine's Day card ideas. If you need even more inspiration, be sure to check out our Card Blog and Valentine's Day Card Messages page for more great ideas! Have a happy love month! 

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