Glam up Your Creations With the New Sparkled Frame Die!

Last Updated: April 12, 2024

Do you want to create amazing and dazzling backgrounds for your next projects? Looking for crafting tools that can provide sophisticated designs and decorations for your greeting cards? Look no further than frame dies!

A congratulatory card with a blue floral background and the Sparkled Frame die-cut decorated with Deep Sea Sapphire Gem Sparkles

What Are Frame Dies?

An "I admire you" card with a wood-grain background and a pink blossom,  designed with the Sparkled Frame DieA congratulatory greeting card with a luscious floral bloom, designed with the Sparkled Frame Die and some Red Jasper Gem Sparkles

Frame dies are metal dies that come in various shapes and sizes – think circles, squares, rectangles, and even fancier shapes like hearts or stars. They're like cookie cutters for crafting, but instead of making delicious treats, they slice through paper (and sometimes other materials) to create perfectly shaped, often elaborately designed, frames.

Now, here's where frame dies stand out: While other crafting dies might help you create intricate flowers, cute animals, or intricate patterns, frame dies are more about providing a solid foundation and background for your projects. They can be a trusty sidekick that adds a touch of flair and polish to your crafting adventures.

A love greeting card with a lovely yellow background and a yellow hibiscus flower as a focal point, created with designed with the Sparkled Frame Die

And the best part? Frame dies play well with others! You can mix and match them with different crafting techniques, layer them up for added depth, or even use them as stencils for some next-level creativity!

Why Are Frame Dies Absolute Gems?

A lovely book-and-nature themed card, designed with the Sparkled Frame Die, plus die-cuts of a bird and some branches and leaveesA clean-and-simple card designed with the Sparkled Frame Die and a simple background bouquet of poppies.
  1. Perfect Precision: These precise crafting tools can slice through paper with surgical precision, giving you perfectly shaped frames every time.
  2. Endless Options: With frame dies, you're not limited to squares or rectangles. You can get circles, ovals, hearts, stars, and even more shapes than you can think of. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!
  3. Time Saver Extraordinaire: Say goodbye to painstakingly cutting out shapes by hand. Frame dies, with the help of die-cutting machines, let you crank out perfectly shaped frames faster than you can say "scissors."
  4. Layering Galore: Want to add some depth and dimension to your masterpiece? Frame dies make layering a breeze. Stack 'em up to create eye-catching designs that'll make your crafts pop.
  5. Professional Finish: Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a newbie just dipping your toes into the world of paper crafting, frame dies give your projects that polished, professional look that'll have everyone thinking you're a crafting wizard.
  6. Mixed Media Magic: Frame dies aren't just for paper! Bust out the felt, foam, fabric, or even thin metal sheets, and watch as your frame dies work their magic across a variety of materials.
  7. Repeatable Results: Ever tried cutting out multiple shapes by hand, only to end up with a wonky assortment of mismatched frames? Frame dies ensure consistent results every time, so you can craft to your heart's content without worrying about wonky edges.
A "have a good day" greeting card designed with the Sparkled Frame Die and a cute bird die-cutA clean-and-simple "you are enough" card with a pink floral blossom designed with the Sparkled Frame Die on top of kraft paper.

Sparkled Frame Die: A New Way to Glam Up Your Creations!

Check out Altenew’s most recent addition to our frame die collection!

The Sparkled Frame die-set, along with new Gem Sparkle variants — Smoky Quartz, Deep Sea Sapphire, and Red Jasper

Sparkled Frame Die

The Sparkled Frame Die is stunning and intricate, and it has a unique feature - the debossed circular areas are perfectly sized to add Altenew’s Gem Sparkles! However, you can also leave them blank (the circles alone add a nice design element) or add your preferred sequins and enamel dots.

A "sending love" card created with the Sparkled Frame Die and some nature-themed die-cuts

Gem Sparkles

Elevate your creations with Altenew's Gem Sparkles—stunning adhesive-backed gems that add a brilliant touch to your projects! These stones shimmer with a captivating glossy finish, guaranteeing that your artwork shines with sophistication. With three adaptable sizes - 3mm, 6mm, and 8mm - you have the flexibility to showcase your creativity. Gem Sparkles are the key to taking your crafting to new heights of excellence!

At the moment, these Gem Sparkles come in 6 different variants: Crystal Clear, Metallic Gold & Silver, Iridescent Crystals, and the 3 new ones — Smoky Quartz, Deep Sea Sapphire, and Red Jasper. But more color options are on the way!

Combining these dazzling crafting tools creates an amazing card decoration that your recipients will surely enjoy!

A "celebrate" card designed with the Sparkled Frame Die and a white blooming flower as a focal pointA nature-themed birthday card designed with the Sparkled Frame Die and simple wooden fence background

Want to check out which other Altenew products pair perfectly with these frame dies and craft gems?

So, if you're looking to add some dimension, precision, and a dash of pizzazz to your crafting repertoire, frame dies are definitely worth a spot in your crafter’s toolbox! Don’t hesitate to add them, and you’re guaranteed dramatic, gorgeous backgrounds and frames from time to time!

And, if you want, you can get more ideas and inspiration from In the Craft Room! Happy die-cutting!

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