What is Designer Spotlight?

Are you curious about your favorite card maker's humble beginnings? Do you want to know how crafting influencers deal with crafter's block? Would you like to get to know these incredible crafters more? Our monthly Designer Spotlight feature aims to answer all your burning questions about your favorite paper crafters and more! Get inspired by their "why I started" stories, discover their fave card making techniques, and learn some top tips to help YOU craft your life!

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Discover the Secrets of Expert Card Makers and Paper Crafters!

Unleash your creativity with exclusive insider tips and hacks from crafting industry experts. Go behind the scenes and uncover their fascinating and inspiring stories as you delve into the captivating world of paper crafting.



Take a stroll down memory lane and find out more about the first-ever designer featured on our Designer Spotlight! Of course, it's our crafty friend and everyone's fave card maker - the fabulous Jennifer McGuire!
Read more about Jennifer's crafting tips, fave techniques, & more!



  • LauraJane
  • Joy D'souza
  • Amy Tan
  • Amy Tan
  • Erum Tasneem
  • Amanda Baldwin
  • Nicole Watt
  • Tania Ahmed
  • Tenia Nelson


  • Michelle Short
  • Kelly Griglione
  • Mindy Eggen
  • Jenny Collacicco
  • Dana Joy
  • Amanda Baldwin
  • Nicole Watt
  • Tania Ahmed
  • Tenia Nelson


  • Maryám Pérez
  • Jaycee Gaspar
  • Nathalie DeSousa
  • Ashlea Cornell
  • Reiko Tsuchida


  • Zsoka Marko
  • Kelly Latevola
  • Kathleen Graumuller
  • Emily Midgett
  • Zinia Redo
  • Amber Rain Davis
  • Kymona Tracey
  • Galina Filippenko
  • LauraJane
  • Amy Tan
  • Agnieszka Malyszek
  • Sandra Dietrich


  • May Park
  • Enza Gudor
  • Paige Taylor Evans
  • Rubeena Lanigro
  • Gayatri Murali
  • Therese Calvird
  • Norine Borys
  • Laurie Willison


  • Taheerah Atchia
  • Nina Marie Trapani
  • Vicky Papaioannou
  • Keeway Tsao
  • Flora Farkas
  • Lydia Evans
  • Yoonsun Hur
  • Erum Tasneem
  • Terri Koszler
  • Lilith Eeckels
  • Karen DeJarnette
  • Jennifer Rzasa


  • Kathy Racoosin
  • Sara Naumann
  • Virginia Lu
  • Julia Altermann
  • Melania Deasy
  • Julie Ebersole
  • Ellen Hutson
  • Paulina Nakamura
  • Heidi Crowl
  • Kristina Werner
  • Debby Hughes
  • Jennifer Mcguire