5 Scrapbooking Mistakes to Avoid

Last Updated: September 28, 2021

Are you a scrapbooking beginner who wants to learn some crucial dos and don’ts in scrapbooking? So you’ve chosen to embark on your paper crafting journey and decided that DIY scrapbook is your thing. What’s next? Have you already invested in tools and supplies? Did you start following some paper crafting influencers on Instagram and saving scrapbook inspiration from Pinterest? Or are you a complete newbie who hasn’t created their first scrapbook project yet?

Like every other skill, hobby, or craft, scrapbooking takes a lot of practicing and honing. Nobody woke up one day and started creating stunning, perfect, and error-free scrapbook layouts. It takes months for some, years for others, to whip up the perfect layout without any mistakes.

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Avoid these scrapbooking mistakes the next time you create your DIY scrapbook page!

1. Buying cheap embellishments

Beginners often get tempted to buy cheap scrapbooking supplies at first. It’s quite understandable since you’re just starting out, and you’re probably unsure if you’re going to like this new hobby or not. Scrapbooking for beginners mostly involves testing the waters and checking if this paper crafting hobby is the right one for you. However, one of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make is buying cheap scrapbooking tools, especially embellishments! 

Even the most experienced scrapbookers out there were probably guilty of making this mistake when they first started. With the plethora of DIY scrapbook embellishments available in every arts and crafts store out there, it’s simply impossible to choose just one or two. Before you know it, you’ve racked up a $100 (or more!) bill on just stickers, ephemera, and other decorations. Although you’re only using these embellishments to, well, embellish or decorate your pages, you still have to think of the longevity of these supplies. Remember, you’re creating a scrapbook to keep your memories alive for years to come. You’d want everything on your page to last for a very long time, especially if it’s a personal scrapbook, family scrapbook, or a scrapbook about your precious little ones. This is also why scrapbookers opt for acid-free and lignin-free papers to ensure that the paper won’t turn yellow and last longer.

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PRO TIP: Choosing durable and sturdy scrapbook cardstock will protect your photos and scrapbook page from any damage.

Long story short, buying cheap
scrapbooking supplies and embellishments isn’t going to save you more money. It will just ruin your pages and make you regret buying them in the first place. Invest in high-quality and versatile embellishments that you can use for any kind of scrapbook project.

2. Overdecorating

We know how fun it is to decorate your scrapbook layouts. It’s the most exciting part of creating personalized scrapbooks. However, another mistake that beginners commit is putting too much decoration or embellishments on their layouts.

Layering a few elements on a scrapbook layout is, of course, a fabulous technique. But there are instances when a clean and simple page would look better. This might also depend on a few other factors such as your chosen layout, colors, theme, or the idea that you’re going for. Some scrapbookers can make overdecorating work for them, but it is highly recommended that you dial down the decorating and embellishing part when it comes to
scrapbooking for beginners. Remember: less is more!

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Overdecorating could also lead to hoarding supplies. Investing in scrapbooking tools and supplies is one thing; buying WAY too many of them is another.

3. Throwing away your leftover scraps, bits, and bobs.

This is one of the most important rules when it comes to making your DIY scrapbook. Let’s face it. Scrapbooking tools can get pretty pricey. Unlike other paper crafting tools such as stamps, dies, and inks, you cannot reuse most of the scrapbook materials you buy. You can probably reuse some of these supplies once or twice. That’s why it’s necessary to recycle and reuse your scraps and leftover bits and bobs. Even the tiniest scraps can be reused for your future projects. 

Here’s a quick
scrapbooking video tutorial on how to use your leftover bits and bobs on your scrapbook page!

4. Not planning your layout.

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This is a no-brainer! One of the 5 essential steps in creating a scrapbook layout is to plan your design or layout. There are so many layout ideas and inspiration online. You can simply recreate one from your favorite scrapper, combine a few ideas, or try to make your own. Creating your page right away without making a plan, or figuring out your theme and layout, might turn into a disaster. A clear and concrete plan on how you want to do your page will also help you figure out which scrapbooking supplies to prepare.

5. Grammar and spelling mistakes.

You wouldn’t believe how often this mistake happens. Even experienced scrappers have made grammar or spelling mistakes in their scrapbook titles and journaling. Simple typos, spelling mistakes, or other unfortunate grammatical errors could ruin a beautifully-made scrapbook page, especially if you like adding handwritten journaling to your page. Even if it is typewritten, you still need to proofread your work and ensure it is error-free.

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Of course, there are a few hacks on how to correct these mistakes. But if you’ve already spent so much time and effort creating your page, you’d want it to be perfect, right?

Here are a few more tips and reminders before you start creating your personalized scrapbook pages.

  • Be careful when you adhere your photos and other elements to your paper. If you’re using repositionable tape, then you don’t need to worry. But for glue dots, glue tape, and other stronger craft adhesives, it might ruin your page if you try to remove or reposition your photo or element.
  • Make sure that you use archival-safe materials (acid-free and lignin-free) - especially paper and inks.
  • It’s fun to cut out shapes and various elements (if you don’t want to do die-cutting), but careful not to commit cutting mistakes! It’s another common mistake among scrapbookers - both beginners and experienced alike.

Which scrapbooking mistake have you committed already? Did it completely ruin your scrapbook page, or were you able to salvage it? Remember, it’s perfectly fine to make these mistakes, especially if you’re a beginner! Don’t beat yourself up, and don’t think you can never be good at creating scrapbook layouts. It takes a lot of practice, including time, money, and effort, to get better at it. So learn from your mistakes and just enjoy the creative process! Ready to add some beautiful scrapbooking materials to your stash? SHOP HERE.

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