Washi Tape Uses: 21 Washi Tape Ideas You Can Easily Try

Last Updated: May 13, 2022

Washi tape is one of the most versatile crafting supplies out there. There's a wide range of washi tape uses and ideas you can easily try at home. You can use it for all kinds of handmade projects, from scrapbooking and card making to decorating planners and organizing spaces. So, if you've been wondering what is washi tape used for, then you're in the right place! We will show you more than 21 fun, easy, and creative ways to use washi tape in your DIY crafts. So, roll up your sleeves and get crafty with washi!

3 handmade greeting cards decorated with gold foil washi tapes, floral dies, and alphabet dies

Washi Tape Uses on Handmade Cards

What Is Washi Tape? 

Washi tape isn't the latest crafting craze to sweep the paper crafting industry, but it is definitely a staple in most craft rooms. But what is washi tape and, more importantly, what CAN you do with it? 

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive made from natural materials like fibers from the inner bark of the gampi tree, Mitsumata shrub, hemp, or paper mulberry (kōzo) bush, which is the most commonly used fiber. Regular paper is made out of tree pulp, but this traditional Japanese paper is made out of local fiber and handcrafted. It is also made in a manual and traditional method. It's often used for crafting, scrapbooking, and journaling projects and comes in various colors, sizes, and designs.  

Thank you card with rainbow background made from colorful washi tapes

Colorful Washi Tape Background on a Card

Washi Tape Definition

From the Japanese characters "wa 和わ," which means harmony, and "shi 紙し," which means paper, the word washi simply translates to "paper" in Japanese. Modern washi tape, as we know it, was initially known as Japanese MT or Masking Tape. Read this quick guide if you want to learn more about washi tape and some ideas!

12x12 scrapbook layout with blue washi tape background and heart die-cuts made from washi tapes

Bright Masculine Scrapbook Layout

What Is Washi Tape Used for?

If you're new to the crafting world or just haven't ventured into using washi tape yet, you might be wondering what is washi tape used for. This colorful and versatile tape can be used for a variety of purposes, especially in crafting and DIY projects. It's fun and easy to use, making it the perfect tool to add a touch of personality to your projects. From handmade cards and scrapbook pages to bullet journals and DIY home decoration, there's a variety of washi tape uses even in everyday life.

 Thinking of you card embellished with gradient washi tape and square frame dies

Fun and Simple Washi Tape Card

What Is So Special About Washi Tape?

Washi tape isn't just like your average craft adhesives. It is a decorative tape that you can tear, reposition, remove, stick, color, and even write on. It is an all-around crafting tape that works on almost any surface - paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal, etc. 

DIY wooden heart home decor decorated with green leafy washi tape and gold hugs die-cut

DIY Wooden Heart Decor

Here are just a few reasons why washi tape is so popular among crafters:

  • Washi tape is easy to use; just peel it from the roll and stick it to a surface.
  • It's incredibly versatile, and you can stick it on almost any surface.
  • It's colorful, pretty, and decorative.
  • It can add personality to any handmade project.
  • It's affordable!

There are a ton of washi tape ideas and uses - even for non-crafty purposes or in everyday life.

2 handmade greeting cards made with 2 neutral colored washi tape sets

Using Washi Tapes on Handmade Cards

Why Is Washi Tape Not Sticky?

Humidity can be one of the reasons why washi tape is not sticking well to a surface. A dirty, wet, dusty, or oily surface can also affect its stickiness. That's why it's essential to clean any surface before sticking washi tape to it. 

Washi tape is basically a low-tack adhesive, which means it isn't as sticky as other adhesives like glue tape, liquid adhesive, or foam tape. Although, depending on the manufacturer, some washi tapes are stickier than others. Its low-tack feature makes it great for various paper crafting and decorating projects. In addition, you don't need to worry about chipping paint or ruining a surface when you use washi tapes.

DIY wood box decorated with washi tapes and stamped sentiment

DIY Heart Gift Box

Can Washi Tape Get Wet?

Washi tape is water-resistant but not waterproof. So, yes, washi tape can get a bit wet, but since it is still made of paper, you don't want to soak it. Getting it wet will also weaken its adhesive side. 

Rainbow handmade card made with colorful and gold foil washi tapes with black die-cut sentiment

Rainbow Card with Washi Tapes

21 Fun and Easy Washi Tape Ideas

Colorful and pretty washi tapes are perfect for card making, scrapbooking, and other papercraft projects. But, after a while, it's easy to run out of ideas on different washi tape uses. So, here's a roundup of 21 different ways to use washi tape so that you can keep your crafting projects fresh and new. Enjoy!

2 journal notebooks decorated with floral washi tapes

DIY Planner and Journal Cover

1. Decorate your planner or calendar with washi tape.
2. Use it to embellish handmade cards or scrapbook pages.
3. Make your own custom phone case or laptop skin.

Gift wrap and handmade card made with wide washi tape with floral patterns

Giftwrapping with Washi Tapes

4. Use it to wrap presents or pack homemade treats.
5. Get creative and make some art! Try making a washi tape mural, collage, or wall art.
6. Use washi tape to add some colors and patterns to your bullet journal.

Memory keeping bullet journal embellished with foliage washi tape and scrapbook ephemera

Use Washi Tapes on Your Memory-Keeping Journals

7. Wrap washi tape around pencils or pens to add a pop of color.
8. Use washi tape to label and organize your gadgets' cords and cables.
9. Create fun patterns on your walls with cute washi tape.
10. Give plain notebooks or folders a makeover with washi tape.

DIY notebook cover using polka dot washi tape and floral patterned paper

DIY Notebook Cover with Washi Tapes

11. Make customized gift boxes using these pretty tapes.
12. Make your own washi tape crafts by repurposing old things and trinkets around your home.
13. Use washi tape to make a prettier version of a sticky note.
14. Make a washi tape party banner.
15. Use washi tape to bring an old cabinet, desk, or drawer back to life.

Mini storage drawers decorated with floral washi tape

Decorating a Mini Storage Box with Washi Tape

16. Wrap washi tape around a vase or jar to create some unique DIY home decor.
17. Use washi tape to make your own patterned paper for scrapbooking.
18. Make your own earrings using your fave washi tape design.
19. Create DIY tags.

DIY tags and bookmarks decorated with wide washi tapes

DIY Tags and Bookmarks

20. Decorate a picture frame with washi tape.
21. Use these pretty tapes to decorate a plain lampshade.

Try These Washi Tape Ideas on Your Next Crafting Project!

Scrapbook layout embellished with die-cut washi tape and floral die-cuts

Vibrant Spray Die-Cut Tape

Ready to get creative with washi tape? Washi tape is the perfect tool to add a pop of color and personality to any paper crafting project. Whether you're looking for a way to dress up your cards, decorate your scrapbook layout, embellish your journal page, or add some flair to your planner, these washi tape ideas will inspire you. So, grab a roll of washi tape (or two!), and start getting wild with washi! 

Can't get enough of washi tapes? Learn more about different washi tape uses on our All About Crafting page!

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