10 Best and Must-Try Washi Tape Ideas and Crafts With Washi Tape

Last Updated: September 28, 2021

Washi tape ideas

Washi tape ideas are all over social media these days. A quick scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook will definitely spark your imagination and give you a ton of inspiration for your next crafts with washi tape. For crafters and DIY enthusiasts, the term “washi tape” isn’t new anymore. To put it simply, washi tapes are a type of adhesive that come in different colors or printed with various patterns, designs, and shapes. It is a decorative tape commonly used for paper crafts like card making, journaling, mixed media, scrapbooking, and other paper crafting projects. To find out more about washi tape sizes, types, and other fun facts, you can read this quick guide.

What is Washi Tape?

Originating back in 2006 in Japan, the word “Washi” translates essentially to mean ‘paper.’ However, unlike typical paper as we know it in the West, Japanese “washi” papers tend to be far more delicate and lightweight. Since the earlier forms of washi tapes were smaller in size, around 5mm (.2 inches) to 1-inch, it was mainly used for decorating cards, scrapbook pages, or journals. Its slim and thin design was perfect for highlighting or adding accents on DIY projects.  

With the arrival of innovative and creative wide washi tapes, a few hacks and ideas on using these decorative tapes came along. From simple crafts with washi tape to washi tape home decor, the possibilities are seemingly endless! For creative people, though, it’s essential to have a space that boosts creativity and sparks imagination. While most opt for clean and simple or minimalist looks, having a few designs, patterns, or a splash of color here and there wouldn’t hurt.

10 Ways to Transform Your Space With Washi Tape

1. Organize by color

No matter what type of art or craft you’re into, it’s essential to organize your space. Even if you’re the “messy” type of crafter, a little bit of organization will go a long way. It would also help clear and (literally) declutter your mind. A great way to do this is by organizing all your crafting supplies by color! How do you do this with washi tapes? 

  • Use one color or design for each type of supply. For example, use gold washi tapes for paintbrushes, galaxy-themed washi tapes for stamps and dies, and floral washi tapes for paper and cardstock sets.

  • Use gradient washi tapes for labeling. If you want simple and plain colors, you can opt for gradient washi tape sets. Each set has a different shade from the same color family. This will ensure uniformity and will elevate your craft room organization!

  • Use rainbow colors! Who doesn’t love the colors of the rainbow? If you can’t decide which colors to use for organizing your supplies, then go for the seven colors of the rainbow! Better yet, use these rainbow-themed washi tape sets on your drawers, boxes, and organizers. That pop of colors will surely transform your ho-hum space into an Instagram-worthy one!

Crafting space

2. Organize by theme

Like organizing by colors, you can level up your crafting space by merely having one common theme. It could be florals, nature, black and white, rainbows, gold and silver, polka dots, etc. The possibilities are truly endless! You can use the tape as a label or cover an area or a spot with it. It’s up to you! Just make sure you stick to this theme all the way. You want your crafting space to have a cohesive look.

3. Organize by type of craft

Some crafters are loyal to their chosen craft. However, if you decide to be a “crafter of all trades,” organizing your supplies by type of craft is a great way to change your crafting space from zero to 100! A fun and cheap way to do this is by getting a specially crafted washi tape bundle! These bundles include three or more different kinds of washi tapes with a common theme, color, or design. Here are a few suggestions for you!

If you want to add a nice pop of gold:

    If your space needs a variety of colors:

    Variety of Washi tape
    If you are looking for some plain black and white washi tapes:

        If you want some lovely florals and pastel colors:

          For that much-needed blues and pinks, you can try the Twinkle and Shine Washi Tape Bundle. Love nature and bright colors? The Enjoy the Ride Washi Tape Bundle is perfect for you! And if you simply can’t decide on the colors or designs, get them all with All the Colors Washi Tape Bundle!

          4. Adorn your walls with washi tapes

          Did you know that the colors of your walls can affect your mood? According to color psychology, specific colors can give off different feelings or vibes. For instance, blue is cool and calming, yellow is bright and brings happiness, and purple stimulates the imagination! Transforming your creative space isn’t just about arranging your desk or organizing your shelves.


          Decals have gained popularity because they’re easy to use and can transform even the drabbest and most boring wall into a piece of art. However, decals tend to be a bit pricey for the average hobbyist. A cheaper option would be to try some washi tape ideas! Wide washi tapes, like the Wild Flora Washi Tape, can cover a large area. You can cut out the patterns or designs and create your own artwork on any surface, whether it’s your wall, desk, laptop, or notebook! If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on organizing your craft room using decals and decal sets, try this blog instead.

          5. Decorate furniture

          When it comes to crafts with washi tape, decorating your cabinets, drawers, closets, and furniture is always trendy. If your washi tape isn’t wide enough, you can always mix and match two or more washi tapes to cover large spaces. Altenew also has a range of wide washi tapes that can help you create your own washi tape home decor!

          Washi tape home decor

          These lovely cabinet doors were adorned by the 11-inch long Wild Flora Washi Tape! How awesome is that? Before you think about buying new chairs for your craft room, decorating your chair (or any furniture) using a couple of washi tapes! It’s simple, quick, and cheaper than buying new ones.

          Decluttering your desk

          6. Decorate tiny stuff on your desk

          Transforming your craft space also means decluttering your desk. Having only the necessary tools and supplies nearby will help you get organized. Remember, clear desk = clear mind! And you need a clear mind to get creative! However, another way to elevate the supplies on your desk is to decorate them with washi tapes! Add some pizazz to that plain tape dispenser, pen holder, or box of trinkets. You can even personalize your watercolor set with these beauties!

          Personalize your watercolor set

          7. Use drawers and organizers

          If you aren’t using drawers, organizers, and carts for your arts and crafts supplies, then you’ve been missing out. For beginners in crafting, a couple of tiny plastic storage boxes may be enough, but the more you invest in supplies, the more space you’ll need. Using drawers and organizers is the perfect way to clear up some space and make everything look neat and tidy.

          Floral-themed washi tapes

          Maryam decorated her beautiful utility trolley cart with a small decal set, but you can always use washi tapes as an alternative! You can also cut out the floral patterns from one of our floral-themed washi tapes and spice up some boring old white furniture with it!

          8. Personalize your space with your loved ones’ photos

          Having photos of your loved ones around your craft room will lift the mood. Most crafters put framed pictures on their desks, keep them hanging on the wall, or create a DIY clothespin photo display. In this blog post, Lilith revamped an old wooden frame using the Floral Flurries Washi Tape and made an instant photo frame! Kymona also personalized a cute heart-shaped wooden frame using the Watercolor Nebula Washi Tape and created an adorable hanging photo frame!

          Watercolor Nebula Washi Tape

          9. Fill it with mementos

          Besides family photos and basic crafting supplies, it’s important to fill up your creative space with mementos. Are you into plants and gardening? Put a potted plant in the corner or a few potted succulents by the window. Do you love music? Put up a poster of your favorite musician on the wall. Are you a bookworm? Display some of your favorite books on one of your shelves! It’s okay to combine your other interests and hobbies with your love for arts and crafts. Of course, washi tapes can make these trinkets, keepsakes, or souvenirs extra special!

          washi tapes

          10. Embellish everyday stuff - planners, journals, notebooks, water bottles, etc

          One of the best things about washi tapes is that they are great for personalizing your stuff. Depending on the washi tape color or design, simple everyday stuff can go from plain Jane to WOW in no time! Besides your crafting supplies, you can revamp a few of your favorite items with the help of washi tapes. Here are a few ideas:

          Water Bottle Decor

          • Water bottle
          • Notebook
          • Planner or journal
          • Old boxes
          • Laptop
          • Pen holder

          How fun and creative are these washi tape ideas?! Are you excited to try them? A washi tape is definitely a staple in a crafter’s stash. It is an excellent investment because of the relatively cheap price, the wide range of designs and colors, and of course, the flexibility. A little goes a long way, and you can be as creative as you want with these must-have decorative tapes. So, are you ready to transform your simple crafting space into a Pinterest-worthy one? Try these ideas today and visit the Altenew store for your supply of washi tapes!  

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