Altenew Class Progressive Cardmaking Online Class
Altenew Class Progressive Cardmaking Online Class
Altenew Class Progressive Cardmaking Online Class
Altenew Class Progressive Cardmaking Online Class

Progressive Cardmaking Online Class

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We are so excited to feature a class suitable for all leveled paper crafters! This class focuses on creating cards with a beginner level and progressing to intermediate, and to advance level. This would be a perfect class for those who are just starting out with cardmaking and for those who want to improve their cardmaking skills with added techniques and tips. Join us for fun days of progressive cardmaking!

Instructor: Justine Hovey

Class Level: Beginner to Advanced

Class Supplies can be found HERE.

Class Features:

    • 6 in-depth, step by step video tutorials with exclusive projects
    • This is an independent class: sign up for the class and enjoy the lesson at your convenience!
    • Inspiration filled high-quality project photos
    • Enjoy exclusive class contents whenever, wherever, and how many times you'd like!

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Sara Fijavž
Great and fun classes

Justine is a master of card making technique. I learned a lot of useful things. Love it

A lot of fun!

Justine does a great job! She is very relaxed and honest about her own trials and fixes. The techniques are very do-able and it's easy to see how they can be enhanced into more complex projects. The Tips and tricks section of each lesson is terrific. Just three little tips for each lesson serve as great reminders about how each technique's effectiveness and ease can be maximized. She packs a LOT into each video. Thank you.

Pam Melieste
Great Instructer

Justine presents in a direct and instructive manner, her classes reach artists of all levels giving them new tools to add to their crafting skill.

"Progressive Cardmaking"

I was very pleased with Justine's ability to make each session informative for all skill levels and highlight different products to enhance one's cards. It was a great introduction or review of simple card techniques. Justine's progression to more advanced levels was great for both new and "seasoned" stampers. If you were new it pointed out the level of creativity one could achieve with practice .If you were a "seasoned" stamper it kept your interest by reintroducing things you may have forgotten about. Also, sometimes "seasoned" stampers can get into set ways and this helps stimulate one to get creative in new ways. A most enjoyable course.

Margarita Navarro-Rivera
Justine's Progressive Cardmaking class

Justine's class was excellent. I really liked that she had three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) for each of her classes. I would love to take more classes from her. I really enjoy the Altenew Academy classes.

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