Unique Ways to Use Altenew’s Mini Ink Cubes for Crafting

Last Updated: August 23, 2023

Do you ever wish to find more ways to stretch the use of your paper crafting supplies? If you're anything like us, you've got a stash of crafting supplies that you just lack inspiration for. “How can you tinker with this and that - can I use this tool for this and that?” For each supply, there is more than what meets the eye - and there are ways to use them beyond their intended purpose. Today, we're shining a spotlight on a true gem in the crafting universe – Altenew's Mini Ink Cubes

A cute bee-themed card with yellow ink colors

Pocketful of Sunshine Crisp Dye Ink Mini Cube Set

These inky powerhouses might be tiny in size, but they're HUGE in potential. Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of unique inspiration as we explore some seriously cool and unconventional ways to put these Mini Ink Cubes to work. From creating eye-popping backgrounds to adding that perfect pop of pigment, your crafting game is about to get a major upgrade. So, gather your supplies, and let's journey into the colorful versatility of Altenew's Mini Ink Cubes! 

What Are Mini Ink Cubes for Crafting?

Mini ink cubes are compact ink pads, available in dye-based versions and other types, that have gained popularity among crafters for their versatility and convenience. These small ink pads typically measure around 1" x 1", making them suitable for various crafting applications. With the nature of their size, this also enables you to achieve precise ink application when working with more intricate designs! 

A stack of vibrant and colorful Mini Crisp Dye Inks for crafting

Mini Cube Crisp Dye Inks

In the Altenew store, our Mini Ink Cubes, available in both Crisp Dye Ink and Fresh Dye inks, offer a curated selection of coordinating colors in a single set, allowing for seamless color coordination in various projects. The dye-based formulation of the ink ensures smooth and even coverage, giving you perfectly clear impressions. If you've ever wanted to try more colors on a limited budget, these mini cubes help you try out many more colors before you decide on buying their larger versions. 

Plus, these inks are designed to be easily stackable and portable! With a focus on quality, color variety, and space-saving design, mini ink cubes are an essential tool for elevating your projects with vibrant and professional-looking ink details.

Fun and Unique Ideas to Try With Mini Ink Cubes

Now that you know what ink cubes are and what they're primarily used for - what are the other ways to use this crafty tool? Here are some fun project ideas on incorporating these tiny but mighty ink supplies: 

Geometric Color Swatches and Backgrounds

Have you ever tried creating a color swatch of your mini ink cubes? If you've ever pressed these ink cubes down on paper, you'd see that they'd make a cute geometric image! Thanks to their square shape, you can create gorgeously coordinated, one-of-a-kind backgrounds.

A vibrant blue scrapbook layout featuring dye ink patterns

Cool Summer Night Crisp Dye Ink Mini Cube Set

Do a Monochrome Ink Challenge 

Why not try a little creativity exercise for your next project? Choose a single mini ink cube and challenge yourself to create an entire project using only shades from that cube. This monochromatic approach adds a unique twist to your crafting and showcases your ability to work within a limited palette! 

A beautiful, monochromatic blue scrapbook page using the Cool Summer Night Slim Washi Tape Set

Cool Summer Night Slim Washi Tape Set

Color Your Embossing Paste 

Save your larger ink pads for bigger projects - use your mini ink cubes to add color to your embossing paste! You can also use the ink pads to lightly add some accents to your embossed images (whether by paste or embossing folders) by tapping them on the raised parts. The limits are your imagination! 

A pink-themed card design using embossing paste colored with mini ink cubes

Spring Bouquet 6 Crisp Dye Ink Mini Cube Set

Rainbow Smooshing Technique

Have you ever tried the rainbow ink smooshing technique? First off, choose your colors. You don't need to have to do the traditional rainbow colors - have fun making your own palette! Then, press mini ink cubes onto a plastic sheet or a non-porous surface, like an acrylic block, mist them with water, and then press your paper onto the ink. This creates a beautiful, abstract background with a mix of colors! 

You can also choose to heat emboss a stamped image first, then add color to it using the same technique above for unique designs. Watch this second process below, with Erum's beautiful card:

Ink up Your Edges

Want to create unique borders for your cards? Use the mini ink cubes to apply colors directly to the edges of your project to frame it with a burst of color. On the edges of your card, lightly tap or run the ink cube across. This technique works wonders for giving your design a polished finish! 

Get Your Hands Inky With These Handy Project Ideas!

There you have it – a guide to the endless possibilities that Altenew's Mini Ink Cubes bring to your creative arsenal! From dazzling gradients to textured wonders, these pint-sized powerhouses have proven themselves to be more than just ink pads. As you dive into creative adventures armed with these unique techniques, remember that your imagination is the only limit!

A cute and vibrant scrapbook layout featuring florals and stripes

Martian Terrain Crisp Dye Ink Mini Cube Set

So go ahead, blend, watercolor, smoosh, and splatter your heart out - we can't wait to see you get inky! If you ever need more inspiration, tips, and techniques like these, the All About Crafting blog is your best bet. Happy inking! 

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