The Best Coloring Techniques We’ve Learned From Erum

Last Updated: August 2, 2023

Coloring has always been a cherished pastime for people of all ages. From children wielding crayons to adults seeking relaxation through intricate designs; coloring offers a creative outlet that brings joy and satisfaction. In recent years, the art of coloring has evolved into a captivating and expressive form of art. 

Today, we delve into the world of coloring techniques, drawing inspiration from the talented artist Erum Tasneem, known for her incredible contributions to the coloring community. Join us as we explore some of the best coloring techniques from Erum.

Getting to Know Erum

Over the years, Altenew has had the privilege of getting acquainted and collaborating with extraordinary crafters and artists. Among them is Erum, who became a valued member of our Design Team in January 2017.

Erum, affectionately known as E.T. to her friends, originates from the vibrant city of Karachi, Pakistan. In 2008, she embarked on her blogging journey and aptly named her blog "VIBGYOR Krafts" due to her profound adoration for rainbow colors. 

With a crafting style that gracefully transitions from shabby chic to clean and simple (CAS), she effortlessly brings both aesthetics to life. Her true passion lies in coloring, whether through watercolors or pencils. Encouraged by her friends, Erum took a leap; in 2010, she launched her brand Glitter & Swirls, where she not only sells her exquisite creations but also accepts commissioned work from patrons.

Erum's coloring skills are delightful

A Fresh Start

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Erum devotes her heart and time to rescuing injured or abandoned pets. Her home is a haven for numerous cats she adores unconditionally, forming a delightful feline family.

Erum's Best Coloring Techniques

Erum is beloved by both seasoned and beginner crafters for her outstanding and vibrant creations. If you're looking to start or enhance your coloring, here are techniques and hacks we learned from her:

Embracing Watercolor Magic

Watercolor is a versatile and fascinating medium that has captured the hearts of many artists worldwide. Erum's expertise lies in using watercolors to create stunning and ethereal effects in her artwork. One of the key techniques she employs is wet-on-wet blending. By wetting the paper first and then adding pigment, she achieves a smooth and seamless blending of colors that imparts a dreamy quality to her creations. 

Erum's two-toned watercoloring technique is also phenomenal. This method is used in watercolor painting to create a visually exciting effect by blending two distinct colors seamlessly. It involves applying two shades of watercolor paint side by side on the paper and then using water to blend and merge them. The result is a smooth transition between the two colors, creating a beautiful gradient or ombre effect.

Learn two-toned water coloring with Erum!

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Whether it's delicate florals or whimsical landscapes, Erum's watercolor magic inspires aspiring artists to add depth and vibrancy to their artwork.

Pen and Pencils for Fine Details

Use pencils for a polished finish

Pen Sketched Flowers

When it comes to intricate details and precision, colored pencils are the go-to medium, and Erum demonstrates this beautifully. Her technique involves layering multiple colors to achieve depth and realism. Additionally, she utilizes burnishing techniques to smooth out the pencil strokes, giving her artwork a polished and professional finish. Erum's artistry with colored pencils is a guiding light for artists seeking to enhance their skills in creating lifelike illustrations.

Exploring Alcohol Markers

Alcohol markers have gained immense popularity in the world of coloring due to their ability to deliver vivid and consistent colors. Erum takes full advantage of these markers, showcasing her mastery in blending and layering. Her use of varying pressure on the nibs and employing a feathering technique creates impressive gradients and realistic shading. 

Practice the tip-to-tip method

Poppy Garden Stamp Set

Her skill in the tip-to-tip method is marvelous. Tip-to-tip method is a blending technique used with artist alcohol markers to create smooth color transitions and gradients. It involves touching the tips of two markers together to transfer ink from one marker to another. This method allows Erum to mix colors directly on the drawing surface and achieve seamless blends.

Capturing the Beauty of Heat Embossing

Heat embossing is a unique technique that adds a touch of elegance and texture to any coloring project. Erum expertly incorporates heat embossing into her designs, elevating the overall look of her artwork. She creates raised and glossy outlines by stamping images with embossing ink and then applying embossing powder before heating it. This clever combination of heat embossing with her coloring techniques adds sophistication to her illustrations.

Mastering the Art of No-Line Coloring

Explore no-line coloring

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No-line coloring is a challenging yet rewarding technique where the artist uses faint outlines to create a softer, more painterly effect. But for Erum, she has perfected this skill, skillfully blending colors to achieve a natural and seamless appearance. Her no-line coloring gives life to her subjects, making them appear as if they've been effortlessly painted onto the paper. This technique showcases her impeccable understanding of color harmony and light source, making her artwork captivating.

Let's Make the World Colorful Like Erum!

Erum Tasneem's artistic journey has inspired countless coloring enthusiasts and paved the way for the evolution of coloring as an art form. Her mastery of various coloring techniques, from watercolors to alcohol markers and colored pencils, demonstrates the boundless potential that coloring offers as an art medium.

Explore creative coloring today

Build-A-Garden: Rocktrumpet

As we've explored the best coloring techniques we've learned from Erum, it's evident that her artistry transcends beyond the ordinary. By experimenting with watercolor magic, alcohol markers, colored pencils, heat embossing, and no-line coloring, she has elevated the world of coloring to new heights.

Aspiring artists can learn from Erum's techniques and incorporate them into their work, allowing their creativity to flourish and their artworks to shine. So, pick up your favorite coloring tools and let Erum's invaluable lessons guide you as you embark on your coloring journey! 

For more of her creative coloring ideas, visit the Altenew Blog. Want to learn from Erum herself? Sign up for her classes! Whether seasoned or beginner, Erum is a wonderful teacher.

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