How to Use Mini Paper Flowers in Crafting Projects

Last Updated: February 7, 2023

Do you like flowers? It goes without saying, but here at Altenew, we adore flowers, especially when they're paper flowers! If you enjoy flower designs, then you're in for a treat because today, we'll be talking about DIY paper flowers and all the ways that you can use them in your paper crafting projects!

Make easy paper flowers with this intricate rose die set!

Mini Rolled Rose Die Set

Paper flower bouquets are one of the most popular projects amongst craft lovers because they are easy to make, require little supplies, and turn out as stunning decorations! In this blog post, we will show you how easy it can be to come up with crafty projects that feature these fun mini-flowers. So grab those supplies, and let's get started on creating some paper flower projects you'll absolutely love!

How Do You Make a Mini Paper Flower Bouquet?

When it comes to making easy paper flowers, there are lots of video tutorials that feature many cutting and folding techniques. The type of technique will depend on the type of flower you're assembling, so the first step to creating your bouquet is to visualize your flower arrangement.

Will you be making carnations, daisies, poppies, hydrangeas, or roses? Not only will your folding technique depend on the flower, but the colors you use for your cardstock and paper will also depend on it as well. 

Make DIY paper flowers quickly with these beautiful 3D layering die sets!

Virginia Rose 3D Die Set

However, did you know that you don't have to DIY paper flowers manually, as dies can significantly help streamline the process? Some layering dies result in 3D paper flowers that you can use on your scrapbooks, cards, journals, and other paper crafting projects.

In fact, the Mini Rolled Rose Die Set is a great example, as this die lets you create beautiful paper roses that pop out! With die sets, all you need is to run your dies through your die cutting machine, and you'll have pre-cut flowers all ready for assembling! 

On the other hand, if you'd like a more 3D traditional paper flower, then you can skip dies and make flowers instead through folding and rolling techniques. 

What Materials Do You Need to Make Mini Paper Flowers?

To start creating easy mini paper flowers, all you need are some scissors, a stick, or a brush you can use to roll paper, glue, and some patterned paper or cardstock. You can also use metallic threads to add beautiful accents to your flower bunches. 

What Can You Use Mini Paper Flowers For?

There are many articles and videos showing how to make these mini paper flowers, but what exactly do you use them for?! Of course, they can be made just for the purpose of sitting pretty on your desk, but there are other creative ways you can use these flowers for your paper crafting projects!

If you're feeling stuck on inspiration for how to include 3D paper flowers in your cards, scrapbooks, journals, home decor, and other projects, then try out these ideas:

Discover stunning layering dies to help you make DIY paper flowers easily!

2021 Year-End Celebration Stand-Alone Dies Release Blog Hop

Use Them as Focal Points for Your Cards

Whether you make them through folding or die cutting techniques, paper flowers make great focal points for your cards. This way, you can add 3D flowers to your card instead of a flat or 2D one. Think of all the ways that you can make beautiful gardens that bring life and dimension to all your cards!

Decorate Your Scrapbooks and Journal Pages

If you're looking for another fun way to decorate your scrapbook and journal pages, mini paper flowers are the perfect detail. They're so easy to put together and will add an eye-catching pop of color to any layout.

By playing around with different paper shapes and sizes, you can create easy paper flowers in all sorts of unique varieties. Whether you'd like to make tiny daisies, bright carnations, or intricate hydrangeas, paper flowers bring elegant blooms to your pages!

Spruce up Your Picture Frames With Flowers

Use the vibrant grace of DIY paper flowers to decorate your old frames at home!

Simple Nesting Flowers Layering Die Set

With just a glue gun and some paper flowers, you can turn dusty old frames into beautiful mantlepiece decors again! To level it up, you can complement paper flowers with wide washi tapes to add fun colors and patterns to your frame's borders. 

Make Fun Keychains With Paper Flowers

Did you know that you can make beautifully lightweight keychains with paper flowers? However, if you want a more durable material, you can also use foam sheets instead of cardstock. Once you finish making your mini paper flower, try securing them with glue, sewing thread, or wire, and attach them to a key ring or jump ring, and voila!  

Level up Your Gifts and Gift Tags 

Paper flowers are a charming and fun way to add some personality to your gift tags and gifts. You can choose any design you like, such as roses, daisies, or poppies, and make them in various sizes to suit your gift tags.

Once you have made your flowers, attach them with adhesives to the top of the tag. Not only are they an eye-catching addition to your gifts, but they also show your recipient that you put thought and effort into the present! 

Craft the perfect gift tags to go with your DIY paper flowers using the Nesting Slim Labels Die Set!

Nesting Slim Labels Die Set

Don't limit yourself to these ideas - you can add them to envelopes and invitations and even make hanging decorations around your room! When it comes to using these small but mighty flowers, your imagination is the limit!

Make Impressive Paper Flower Projects With These Ideas!

Learn how to make DIY paper flowers to put in a frame - perfect as gifts!

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With so many ways to use them, it’s no wonder that mini paper flowers are one of the most popular paper crafting projects! We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of inspirational ideas and that you’ll be inspired to try making some mini paper flowers of your own.

Be sure to check out our All About Crafting blog at Altenew for more inspiration - there’s always something new and exciting in store!

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