Exploring Color Combinations with Altenew Fresh Dye Inks

Last Updated: December 5, 2023

An embossed card with rainbow colors and the sentiment "Here for you, hang in there."

Color is a powerful tool in crafting, allowing artists and enthusiasts to express emotions, create visual interest, and bring their projects to life. 

Altenew Fresh Dye Inks have become a staple for many crafters due to their vibrant hues, smooth application, and quick-drying properties. These inks are water-based, making them versatile for various techniques, from stamping and blending to watercolor effects. With a broad spectrum of colors available, the possibilities of creating stunning and unique projects are virtually endless.

Delve into the fascinating realm of color exploration with Fresh Dye Inks in this blog post, and unlock a world of possibilities for your creative endeavors.

The Beauty of Altenew Inks and Color Families

Altenew's inks are a delightful spectrum of hues carefully curated to inspire creativity and vibrancy in your crafting projects.

A "For my SWEET friend" card with an embossed outline of a cupcake and a pink-and-purple splotched background

But sometimes, it can be hard to find which colors work best together, especially for layered stamping. Finding which hues and shades complement which allows crafters to create fantastic designs. To simplify color combination and the process of layered stamping, Altenew designed and curated color families. The shades within each color family vary from light to dark, ensuring excellent results for stamping, watercoloring, or layering.

Altenew's color families are designed to cater to different themes, moods, and artistic preferences. Let's explore the captivating color families that make Altenew's inks a must-have for any avid crafter.

1. Blue Mountains

Colors in this family: 

  • Water Hyacinth
  • Alpine Aster
  • Crystal Violet
  • Indigo Skies

The subdued but welcoming embrace of a looming summit: that’s what the Blue Mountains color family brings. These hues combine to produce a blue-toned visual that exudes warmth and coolness at the same time. This is complemented by a prominent purple undertone, resulting in a striking stamped effect.

A "Hugs" card on a green background with a layered blue floral design

2. Frosted Foliage

Colors in this family:

  • Silver Sage
  • Jade
  • Eucalyptus
  • Forest Fern

You know how forests look with the first hints of snowfall as the winter season rolls around? That’s what this color family curates for your designs. Frosted Foliage colors, when combined, result in a mint green image with a low level of saturation and a noticeable contrast.

3. Woodland Escape

Colors in this family:

  • Pink Sand
  • Dusty Rose
  • Toasted Mauve
  • Redwood

The woods can be an enchanting and mysterious place and you can bring that magic into your crafts! Combining these colors creates a gentle, muted brown of the woodlands, with variations and differences in tone.

A "Thank you" tag with the Woodland Escape color combination

4. Red Sunset

Colors in this family:

  • Blush
  • Rogue
  • Crimson
  • Velvet

Ah, sunsets. There are just some things that one cannot totally capture the beauty of in pictures, and sunsets are one of those. But, with this color family, you can bring the dazzle of the setting sun into your crafting projects. These colors combined result in a soft pink/peach hue with striking red shadows.

A pink greeting card with red floral designs and the sentiment "Just saying hi"

5. Green Fields

Colors in this family:

  • Frayed Leaf
  • Forest Glades
  • Evergreen
  • Jet Black

This captivating collection transports crafters to the heart of nature, featuring a spectrum of shades that range from the colors of frayed leaves to the deep and mysterious evergreen shades. Bring the beauty of nature into your crafts with the Green Fields ink color family.

A "Be Happy" card with red floral designs and stencil, along with gold frames and embellishments

6. Deco Garden

Colors in this family:

  • Coral Red
  • Dusty Pink
  • Mid Yellow
  • Olove
  • Pool
  • Navy

The Art Deco movement commonly used bold and vibrant hues to create a striking and luxurious look. Well, now, you can bring that look into your crafts with the Deco Garden ink family. Combining these colors can bring a modern and sophisticated feel to your cards, scrapbooks, and other projects.

Did you know? It was the emergence of the Industrial Revolution that motivated artists to create a form of expression representing elegance, luxury, advancement, and contemporary ideas – thus, the Art Deco movement was born.

7. Sweet Dreams Fresh Dye Ink

Colors in this family:

  • Dew Drops
  • Aqualicious
  • Teal Cave
  • Galactic Stream

“Goodnight and sweet dreams,” is something we would often say to our loved ones as they drift off into dreamland. Capture the feeling of that sentiment with this color family. These hues come together and create a pale blue picture featuring vivid teal shades that stand out.

A scrapbook entry colored and designed with the Sweet Dreams ink family

8. Golden Sunset Fresh Dye Ink

Colors in this family:

  • Sunray
  • Chamomile
  • Snapdragon
  • Terracotta

The Golden Sunset color family brings the warm, golden glow of the sun as it settles on the horizon. Add energy and liveliness to your creations with shades of yellow and orange that give your cards a sunshiny feel.

9. Red Cosmos Fresh Dye Ink

Colors in this family:

  • Frosty Pink
  • Coral Berry
  • Ruby Red
  • Grapevine

This color family consists of a gentle shade of pink, a vibrant coral hue, a deep red tone, and a dark burgundy shade that blends harmoniously to produce a stunning result of cool red/dark pink when stamped. This color family is, for all intents and purposes, out of this world.

A striped card with floral designs and the sentiment JOY in bold letters

10. Summer Afternoon Fresh Dye Ink

Colors in this family:

  • Buttercream
  • Warm Sunshine
  • Caramel Toffee
  • Paper Bag

This color family brings the cozy feeling of afternoon tea, as the sun shines through your window. It consists of a gentle yet warm beige shade, a lively and warm yellow shade, a rich and warm terra cotta tone, and a subtle earthy brown that all blends harmoniously.

11. Cool Summer Night Fresh Dye Ink

Colors in this family:

  • Sea Glass
  • Ocean Waves
  • Dusk
  • Desert Night

A soft shade of light blue, a bright and vibrant shade of cyan, a rich deep blue tone with a touch of teal, and a dark muted blue with a hint of green. These colors layer together perfectly to re-create the dulcet tones of a cool, summer night.

A card with simple floral designs with the sentiment "You are SEW lovely."

12. Sea Shore Fresh Dye Ink

Colors in this family:

  • Mountain Mist
  • Volcano Lake
  • Lagoon
  • Emerald

The cool shades of the calm sea – these colors combine into a stunningly deep and luxurious teal-blue color. Perfect for sea-themed cards, scrapbook entries, and more. Celebrate a chill and relaxing time at the beach with the Sea Shore color family.

13. Summer Sunrise Fresh Dye Ink

Colors in this family:

  • Peachy Keen
  • Tickled Pink
  • Cherry Sweet
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Lemonade Stand

Don’t you just love the first rays of sunshine as summer begins? Capture the hues and shades of the summer season with this cool, refreshing family of fruit-themed colors.

A "Happiness is Handmade" card in purple, red, and orange shades for the background

14. Ocean Dreams Fresh Dye Ink

Colors in this family:

  • Lettuce Celebrate
  • Berry Cool
  • Easy Breezy
  • Ride The Wave
  • Be Grapeful
  • Silver Lining

Beyond the shores lie the ocean – powerful yet calm; imposing yet quiet. Dream of the ocean breeze and under-the-sea adventures with the Ocean Dreams Fresh Dye Ink colors. Bring the majesty of the vast ocean into your crafting projects.

Our ink color families open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to explore various themes, styles, and emotions through vibrant and carefully curated shades. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just beginning your creative journey, these color families provide a versatile and inspiring palette to bring your crafting projects to life.

Tips to Explore Color Pairings with Fresh Dye Inks

A "Follow What Feels Good" card with floral designs in green and teal shades

Understanding the color wheel, complementary colors, and analogous color schemes will be instrumental in creating harmonious and visually appealing combinations.

Create Harmonious Combinations.

One of the joys of working with Altenew Fresh Dye Inks is the fact that colors are already grouped to create harmonious combinations. 

Still, we encourage you to experiment with blending these colors, either directly, through watercoloring techniques or with blending tools. The result? Harmonious and visually pleasing color schemes that add depth and dimension to your projects.

Work with Layering and Gradation Techniques.

Fresh Dye Inks are perfect for layering and creating gradation effects. Experiment with different shades within the same color family to add depth to your stamped images. 

Whether you're working on a floral arrangement or a background for your card, layering these inks will provide a professional and polished look to your creations.

Embrace Contrast.

For projects that pop, consider embracing contrast in your color combinations. Choose complementary colors that stand out against each other to create eye-catching elements in your designs. Fresh Dye Inks allow you to play with contrast seamlessly, giving you the flexibility to experiment with bold and striking color choices.

Add Emotional Impact.

Colors evoke emotions, and crafting with Altenew Fresh Dye Inks provides you with the opportunity to convey specific moods in your projects. 

Warm tones like reds and yellows may evoke energy and passion, while cool blues and greens create a sense of calm and tranquility. Explore the emotional impact of different color combinations and use them to tell a story through your art.

The Power of Color Combinations in Your Fingertips

A card with a yellow flower on a background of green and blue spots and splatters

Altenew inks allows you to confidently explore, experiment, and create. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting on your crafting journey, these inks offer a versatile and enjoyable experience. 

Our advice: grab your favorite Fresh Dye Inks sets, let your creativity flow, and embark on a colorful adventure to elevate your crafting. Also, don’t forget to drop by In the Craft Room for more ideas and inspiration!

A colorful crafting day to you!

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