Crafting Through Change: How Creativity Can Help You Navigate Life's Challenges

Last Updated: January 9, 2024

How does creativity help you navigate life's twists and turns?

Whether you're facing a major life change, dealing with unexpected challenges, or just feeling a bit overwhelmed, turning to your creative side can be incredibly empowering. So grab your stamps, knitting needles, or paintbrushes, and let's dive into how crafting through change can help you not just survive, but thrive.

A cardmaker showing off a floral handmade card she created in one of Altenew's in-person cardmaking workshop

How Creativity Can Help You Navigate Life's Challenges

First off, let's acknowledge that change is inevitable. It's like that stubborn glitter that gets everywhere – you can try to avoid it, but it's going to find its way into every nook and cranny of your life. 

Whether it's a career shift, a relationship change, or a global pandemic throwing everything into chaos, change can be seriously daunting. But here's the thing: creativity thrives on chaos. When the world feels like it's spinning out of control, tapping into your creative energy can bring a sense of calm and purpose.

Altenew's Bridget Casey with a fellow crafter at Altenew's in-person cardmaking workshop

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How to Craft Through Change

One of the magical things about crafting through change is that it gives you a tangible way to process your emotions. Instead of letting your feelings swirl around in your head like a frenzied tornado, you can channel them into a beautiful card, a heartfelt poem, or a stunning watercolor painting.

An excited paper crafter taking photos of her Altenew cardmaking workshop kit

It's like taking all those emotions and turning them into something concrete and meaningful. Plus, there's something incredibly cathartic about taking a simple stamp set, a plain white cardstock, or a layering stencil and transforming it into a frame-worthy handmade card.

Altenew's May Park and Lydia Evans showing off their handmade cards

But crafting through change isn't just about making pretty things – it's also about building resilience. When you tackle a challenging project or learn a new skill, you're proving to yourself that you're capable of adapting and growing. That same resilience can carry over into other areas of your life, giving you the confidence to face whatever curveballs come your way.

So the next time life throws you a doozy, remember that time you conquered that intricate layering stamp or that tricky shadowbox card and know that you've got the grit to handle whatever comes next.

Cardmakers smiling for the camera in one of Altenew's in-person card making workshop in New York

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Let's not forget the social aspect of crafting through change, either. Whether you're part of a knitting circle, a cardmaking club, a journaling society, or an online community of DIY enthusiasts, crafting has a way of bringing people together. Sharing your creative journey with others can provide much-needed support, inspiration, and even some lighthearted laughter. And in times of change, having a supportive community can make all the difference.

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Of course, we can't talk about crafting through change without mentioning the pure joy it brings.

Altenew VP of Product Development Jen Rzasa all smiles at one of Altenew's Team Retreat

There's something undeniably uplifting about getting lost in a creative project. Whether it's the satisfaction of finishing a handmade gift for a friend or the simple pleasure of getting lost in the flow of creating, crafting has a way of infusing even the toughest times with moments of pure happiness.

The Altenew team guiding crafters as they create handmade cards in one of Altenew's in-person workshops

Crafting isn’t a magical cure-all for life's challenges. It won't pay your bills, fix a broken heart overnight, or make global pandemics disappear. But what it can do is provide a powerful outlet for self-expression, a source of strength and resilience, and a community of like-minded souls who understand the healing power of creativity.

The next time life throws you for a loop, don't underestimate the transformative power of creativity. Whether you're die-cutting through a breakup, painting through a career change, or stamping through uncertainty, know that your creative spirit is there to guide you through.

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Embrace the messiness, the imperfections, and the unexpected detours – because that's where some of the most beautiful creations come to life.

Stay crafty, everyone! And if you need more card making inspiration and tips, visit In the Craft Room next!

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