PMA Industries, Inc. Tools Stampwheel - Low Tack Sticky Mat: Grid
PMA Industries, Inc. Tools Stampwheel - Low Tack Sticky Mat: Grid
PMA Industries, Inc. Tools Stampwheel - Low Tack Sticky Mat: Grid

Stampwheel - Low Tack Sticky Mat: Grid

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Would you like to stamp or stencil onto thinner materials such as copy paper or vellum? If so, our Low-Tack Sticky Mat will do the trick! It features an etched grid for easy alignment in your Stampwheel and is a little less tacky than our original Sticky Mat.


  • Remove the photopolymer sticky mat from the acetate sheet.
  • Place it inside the Stampwheel with the engraved side down, flat side up.
  • Clean any ink residue immediately with a wet wipe to avoid staining. Please keep in mind that some dark colors (especially reds and blues) may stain the photopolymer. This will not affect its performance. You can protect the photopolymer mat by placing a scrap piece of paper to catch the ink when stamping off the edge of your project.
  • To keep your mat clean and sticky, occasionally remove from the Stampwheel and wash it under running water. Make sure you rub the dust off while rinsing.
  • After washing, allow it to air dry


  • 7.5" x 7.5"
  • Clear Photopolymer
  • Cleans Easily
  • Multi-purpose
  • Made in USA

Get the Add-on: Stampwheel - Center Alignment Guides

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Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Roberta S.
The StampWheel is awesome

The product itself is great. There are 2 issues that caused me to take off a star. My stampwheel arrive in a damaged box that wasn’t securely taped closed by Altenew. The enamel dot(s) for marking stampwheel did not make it. The other issue is the gold wording @The Stampwheel has come off after 3 uses when I wiped some ink off that got on the wheel & transferred to the top of the base. Not a deal breaker just a tad bit disappointed. That part of my stampwheel wasn’t seal coated or imprinted like the wording at the bottom is. I love stamping with it & reach for it more than my misti. It takes up less room on my craft desk as I don’t need the added space for opening a hinged door. I find the wheel much easier to clean.

Nini Kathy
Wow just wow

Using turnabout stamps and wreath builder stamps was quick and easy once you get going. My Misti was my favorite stamping tool until now! Love my stampwheel! If you getting one get the alignment guides too for foolproof aligning!!

Diana Brottlund
Stamping Wheel

I really like this stamping wheel. It just took me a few minutes to get the hang of making
a wreath design for a card. The pop dots really come in handy. I placed a larger pop dot
to remind me of the first position, and then smaller pop dots on every other petal to ease the
placing of the turns when making a wreath. All in all I'm really pleased with the product.
I made my own grid to place under the clear mat for card alignment. Shown in the picture
is the first card I made with the wheel.

Love, love, LOVE

I have been waiting for something like thus for a few years now & I am so SUPER excited that it's here!! Perfect for wreath building and layered stamping! I can't wait to explore all of the other uses for the Stampwheel!! ❤️

This is it!

I’ve really struggled with the hinged stamping tools because you have to put so much pressure on them to get an even stamp. Plus, the hinge design means there is wiggle room on the tool. The Stampwheel solves both of these problems for me. I love how little pressure it takes to get a clean image and I really like how the acrylic wheel Iocks into place so you know you’re getting the right placement. I am thrilled with this purchase. Thank you Altenew!

PMA Industries, Inc. Tools Stampwheel - Low Tack Sticky Mat: Grid

Stampwheel - Low Tack Sticky Mat: Grid

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