Photocentric Stencil Aztec Motif Stencil
Photocentric Stencil Aztec Motif Stencil
Photocentric Stencil Aztec Motif Stencil
Photocentric Stencil Aztec Motif Stencil
Photocentric Stencil Aztec Motif Stencil
Photocentric Stencil Aztec Motif Stencil

Aztec Motif Stencil

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This stencil was inspired by textile patterns from the Aztec civilization. You may use it as is or create a larger pattern by reflecting the design using the reverse side.

  • Size: 6" x 6"
  • Made in the USA

How To Use

Place the stencil over the project area and secure it with washi tape, painter's tape, or any other repositionable adhesive. Add patterns to your project by blending inks, spraying mists, applying embossing paste, or adding glitter. Gently pull the stencil off from the project area to see the result.

How To Clean & Care

Use baby wipes or stamp cleaner to remove any residual ink or craft medium. For more thorough cleaning, a gentle soap with lukewarm water may be used. Lightly pat the stencil dry with a clean cloth and return it to its original packaging or a storage sleeve to keep it clean. Store flat and away from direct heat/sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Peaceful Reverie Stamp & Die & Mask Stencil Bundle

Love this bundle especially the stippled look of the flowers.

Peaceful Reverie Stamp and Die Set - BEAUTIFUL!

Layered stamping is new to me and I'm sure with time I will improve on lining them up. That being said, when done correctly the results are absolutely worth it, giving your cards new depth. Try it!

Peaceful Reverie stamps, stencil, and die set.

I love that the shading on these flowers is stippled as it provides a different look. The layers are not difficult to line up and allow you to change the whole look of the flower just by playing with different color combinations. I would have given the set 5 stars but I was disappointed that the die set did not include a die for all of the larger flowers. I found this to be a curious omission. I found the masking stencil wonderfully convenient since I hate cutting masks, but it does still require some practice with placement since the thickness of the stencil still requires a set back from the edge to avoid a halo effect around the covered flower. This is a set which allows for a multitude of looks which gives you greater choices over which way to with color or by whether or not you use the stippling layer. The ideas contained in the accompanying brochure to be extremely helpful.


Really beautiful set!

Aztec Motif Stencil