AECP Participants

Since December 2017 we have been pleased to offer the Altenew Educator Certification Program to Altenew fans and friends across the globe. The Altenew Academy takes a systematic and self-paced learning approach to help crafting enthusiasts perfect their skills, gain recognition in the crafting community, and teach Altenew workshops. We will be encouraging and supporting you on this crafting journey every step of the way! We are excited to have the following participants who embarked on their creative journey with us! For more information about the Altenew Educator Certification Program, please click here .

AECP Coordinator

Erum's friends call her E.T. She hails from Karachi, Pakistan. She started blogging in 2008, creating cards using everyday items since she didn't have any craft supplies. Her crafting style varies from shabby chic mixed media to CAS and she can accomplish both looks beautifully. She loves to color - whether it's watercolor or pencil color. Her friends motivated her to start selling her work so, in 2010, she launched her brand Glitter & Swirls where she sells her work and also takes on custom orders. When she is not crafting she is rescuing injured or abandoned pets. She has a house full of cats of her own too; she loves them unconditionally.

You can find Erum's creations on  her blog  and connect with her on  Instagram  Facebook  Pinterest  YouTube , and  Flickr .

Educator of the Year 2022

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a widow to my wonderful husband, Sean.  I have one son, Ryan, and two furry sidekicks, Emery and Dexter. Emery is frequently seen in my videos and live classes.  In my professional life, I am a graduate student pursuing my Master’s Degree in Social work.  I am also an adult case manager at a company that serves the Indigenous population of Maine. I am extremely proud of this as I am a member of the Penobscot Nation and Tobique First Nation.  

I have been crafting for almost 30 years, and WOW, is that tough to write!  I began by purchasing a scrapbooking kit at a big box store.  That purchase sent me deep into the YouTube world, and I moved to cardmaking.  I felt less overwhelmed by the smaller space I had to create.  I started my blog and YouTube channel about 12 years ago.  Similar to many crafters, I also am passionate about other crafts, such as crocheting, and quilting. 

At Altenew, you can see me around in various roles.  I have taught at retreats, moderated retreats, interviewed guests, led virtual workshops, hosted lives on Facebook and YouTube, created content for the Altenew YouTube channel, and guest design for releases. Recently, I have begun hosting retreats to feature the Altenew Educators.  We have had one 24-hour and one 12-hour retreat, with more scheduled for 2023.


IG: @bridgetcaseydesigns


Facebook: Bridget Casey Designs

What made you choose AECP?

My husband was a huge influence on applying to AECP.  When I began college, I also wanted to be a middle-school teacher. My path in college changed, but I still had a passion for teaching. 

I fell in love with the first Altenew stamp set I purchased, Antique Roses, and became obsessed with the Altenew website.  I randomly came across the ad for AECP and thought it sounded like an interesting adventure.  However, I honestly did not believe I had the skills to be accepted.  All of the projects were so polished and beautiful.  They were projects I dreamed of being able to create one day.  With a loving push from Sean, I uploaded projects to apply, and my jaw dropped the day I was accepted.

How much of an impact did AECP have on you (in regards to skills and teaching) and would you recommend it to others?

AECP is an amazing experience.  You can learn new skills and polish skills you feel confident in. The catalog of classes touches on every skill you could imagine! It was wonderful to get feedback on how to improve my projects.  The process helped to develop my confidence in my creative abilities.  

I recommend the AECP journey to anyone and everyone.  This certification is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had.   Not only have I learned so much, but I have also met some of the most amazing people because of this journey.

What has been your favorite part of the AECP journey?

My favorite part of my AECP journey has been the people I have met.  Working with Altenew and my fellow Altenew crafters is an honor.  To share in someone’s journey is a priceless experience for me. I have been fortunate to share in many journeys through the Saturday workshops I offer.  EVERY Saturday, there is a workshop that is offered completely free.   Educators in the AECP will sometimes come in to practice for their Level three workshop.  As well, I regularly have other certified educators teach every month.  

This program and the community helped me through one of the worst tragedies of my life when I lost my husband.  Altenew and the community still help me motivate myself some days.

If you are to add an extra class to the syllabus, what would it be?

I would add a class in color theory.  Many crafters have the color wheel, but it sits on a shelf, not getting much use.  I know that is a challenge I have in my crafting.  Understanding why colors work together and how to create my colors, not just brown, would be helpful!

How does the switch from being an AECP participant, essentially a student, to an Educator feel?

Beyond amazing!  AECP is one of my top three life decisions, next to marrying my husband and having my son.  I am so grateful for this program helping me to become who I am today.  It has been an absolute honor to be a mentor to other participants in the program.  I could never have envisioned where I am today because of AECP when I clicked that button two years ago.  And now, I am educator of the year!  It is so amazing to be recognized for something I am passionate about.  I get so much more from this community than I could ever give.

Making cards and teaching others has been my passion for over 10 years. When I discovered the AECP it offered me an opportunity to enhance my skills. It has truly been so much fun & I look forward to more opportunities.
I have just recently gotten seriously into cardmaking and was super excited to be part of AECP. I have learned countless techniques from expert cardmakers and fallen totally in love with the Altenew family.
Teaching paper crafting for over 4 years, I entered AECP to gain professional growth. The video lessons suggest excellent techniques. My students agree that Altenew products are innovative and inspiring.
AECP has expanded my skill base and given me new techniques to share with fellow crafters. I'm enjoying learning, trying new things and making new friends who love Altenew as much as I do.
I've been stamping for 1.5 years. I'm thrilled to be part of AECP! I've learned so much and have seen my designs go to the next level. As a result, I was invited to guest design for Altenew!
I am so excited to be part of AECP. It inspires my knowledge and creativity. I love showcasing Altenew's fabulous products. With such beautiful quality products and skilled crafters - amazing works of art can be achieved.
Through AECP I learned new techniques, but I also learned to use old techniques in a more efficient and precise way. All of these at my own pace, on my own time, from wherever I wanted!
Addicted to color and paper and a lifelong crafter. I am a wife, a mom, and Mimi to a little boy. AECP has been an incredible journey. I've been challenged in new ways and I love being part of the group!
I am a Christian, married 33 yrs with two beautiful, married daughters. I have been crafting, in different ways, all my life and just fell in love with making cards. The AECP was just what I needed to develop and build my skills. When I am not making cards I enjoy time at the gym and riding my bike while the weather is nice.
I have been a paper crafter for over 15 years but started making cards when photopolymer stamps became popular. I'm so grateful to Altenew for coming up with the AECP. With the variety of classes to choose from, I learned so many techniques from talented educators and was pushed beyond my comfort zone. It was such a creatively inspiring process. I'm so grateful to be a part of this community.
While I am a long time papercrafter, I only started making cards in the late 2015. I love to share my passion for high quality, innovative products. I loved that every AECP Class was an opportunity to learn a new technique or to improve on one that I already knew.<
I've been a scrapbooker for 20 years, dabbling in card making along the way. I entered AECP for the opportunity to learn new techniques in paper crafting. The best part of it all is being able to share with others.
I applied for AECP because I'm a huge fan of Altenew and really respect the brand. I have picked up so many new techniques and rediscovered old ones during the classes. And all at my own pace!
I am so happy to be part of the Altenew family. I have been card making for 7 years. I learnt so much from watching others and exploring different techniques. Now I am able to share my knowledge with others. I love colouring and ink blending, using bright colours in my designs. 
Aside from card making I am a Mum of 3 who loves cats and cross stitch.

AECP gave me the inspiration and motivation I needed to build my cardmaking skills and the confidence to pass that crafty knowledge to other people and share the love for stamping.

Although I have been an avid papercrafter for many years, the AECP helped to bring new techniques, inspiration and motivation to try something different. Each lesson was jam packed with so many ideas I was compelled to stretch my cardmaking muscles and make multiple projects. I also learned to use my Altenew supplies in new ways. Through this journey I have met wonderful crafty friends and been inspired to teach crafting to others. Thank you, AECP, for renewing my crafty mojo.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Altenew family! I absolutely love to inspire and teach others the art of paper-crafting. I love to color, especially watercolor. Like others on the Certification team, making cards and teaching others has been my passion for many years. Altenew is where I feel I can offer my passion and talents the most, after all who doesn’t love a floral stamp? I am looking forward to getting to know more of the Altenew community.


I have had a passion for handcrafted items for over 14 years and I am the founder of Auzz Trinklets N Krafts. I started my paper craft journey in 2012 to learn and inspire myself for making cards which became my full-time job. I am a tax consultant by profession but I quit my job to learn more about this industry. I am excited to teach and spread the joy of creating with Altenew products


I love crafting because it allows me to be a lifelong learner. There are always new products and techniques to learn and explore. That's why I was drawn to the AECP program. Though I've been a cardmaker for over a decade, the Altenew "style" was new to me! What better way to learn than by taking Academy classes. I learned so many new techniques and was re-introduced to tried and true methods, used in new ways - all from people just like me!


The start of Altenew was a turning-point in my stamping life; those amazing stamps made me want to be part of this company! When AECP was announced I immediately applied and was delighted to be accepted. I love that I could do the AECP classes at my own pace, within my limited crafting time while working full-time. Moving home to Europe I plan to spread my love of card-making as an Altenew Educator.


I started stamping many years ago. I have enjoyed taking the Altenew classes and upping my card making game. What I love about stamping is it is multi-generational! I sit down and make cards with my mother, daughter, and even my granddaughters. I love the joy a handmade card brings! It is my pleasure to be part of the AECP educators and to now teach others.


I’ve been crafting since 2013, and this past year has been a year of momentum. Being a part of the AECP has been incredible and I’ve learned so much from all the classes. I’ve created some of my best work and I look forward to what comes next, family, God and my love of all things Altenew! Huge thanks to my hubby for everything! ​


I began crafting around the same time that Altenew first began selling their gorgeous craft supplies, and I have been a fan ever since. I was accepted into the very first group of AECP participants, and was able to take my time to work through the classes at my own pace with the support of so many talented people. I am thrilled to be included in this group of artists, and excited to share all of the techniques and skills I’ve developed with others in the crafting community.


59 and holding!
I was a kid that liked to pretend I was the owner of an office, because I knew they never ran out of paper or crayons!
Now, I am the owner of my own craft room and I always have ink, paper and stamps!
I have been “playing” with paper for as long as I can remember. These days you can find me in my craft room creating with paper every day.

Profile_AECP_Colleen Balija
I have been making cards over 6 years now. I love to color flowers, which of course attracted me to Altenew! The AECP program taught me how to improve composition and quality, create blog tutorials, and photograph my cards. It's opened so many doors of opportunity! I enjoy sharing what I've learned with others, watching their excitement when my students discover a new technique and add their own style to a card!
Profile_AECP_Kari VanNoy
I have completely enjoyed my AECP experience! I have been making cards for over 10 years, and I still learned some awesome tips and new ideas that I will carry with me in my creating. A big thank you to all the Instructors for the wonderful classes and to Altenew for putting this all together to help creators continue to learn and try new techniques. You can find me happily creating at

I admit to having a serious addiction to paper.

The scrapbook and card-making industry has been a major part of my life for more than 25 years.  Teaching classes, taking classes and working in stores created a passion that has never waned. 

Retired but never tired of learning, I jumped at the opportunity to become an AECP Educator.  It gives me great joy to share this creative addiction.

I have always loved to craft and decorate. I started Scrapbooking about 25 years ago when when my boys were small, then began teaching classes in 2000. I enjoying teaching and love to share the joy of paper crafting with others! Altenew has such beautiful quality products and designs, and I’m so happy to have found the AECP program! It has really grown my love of card making and broadened my creativity in so many ways!!
Joining the AECP has allowed me to connect with many talented crafters and expand my own creative thinking.  Card making happens to encompass many materials.  It is this expansive artful realm that satisfies my need to reach into different mediums.  The program's diverse and inclusive community helps promote personal growth and outward thinking.  Aside from the opportunity to teach, I am most grateful to learn from a multitude of talents; all with their unique approach to beautiful handcrafted art.  
Tania Ahmed
I am a craft content creator and demonstrator based in the UK. Over the years, I have blended my multi crafts experience to hone my mixed media and papercraft art. I draw my inspiration from diverse cultures, bright colors, bold graphic design, and eclectic patterns! I have taught at independent craft stores, demonstrated at international trade and consumer art & craft shows and been published in various creative magazines. 
Profile_AECP_Roteja Galvan
I've been crafting for all my life. I started cardmaking when I was jobless and it has become part of my everyday life. Making cards is like meditation for me. I love the smiles on people's faces when they receive my crafts. I'm always looking to learn new skills that will help me create joy and smiles. The AECP has definitely helped in adding that and sharing it forward.
My background is as a primary school teacher who has always been interested in art and craft from an early age. I happened to volunteer at a craft show as a demonstrator and thankfully the owner saw potential in me. She introduced me to the Altenew Education Program which I shall be forever grateful for. I love the endless interpretations that each of us can create from the huge range of Altenew products.
Profile_AECP_Sandra Woodson
I have only been cardmaking for a year, but I have been an educator my whole life. Two years ago I retired from a career as a university dean in CA and moved to Alaska with my high school sweetheart hubby of 50 years. I am so excited about being an Altenew Educator! I love being a lifelong learner and I can also continue teaching in a new & different way.
Bridget Casey
Greetings from Maine! I am a widow with a son, and a furry sidekick. I have been a paper crafter (card making and scrapbooking) for 20 years. This educator program allowed me to learn new skills, sharpen old ones, and helps me share my passion with others. Altenew has helped me to express my creativity in wonderful new ways. I look forward to sharing my crafty journey and passion with you all.
Profile_AECP_Karen Brown
Joining AECP helped me grow so much as a paper-crafter as I learned new techniques and improved my skills. I find cardmaking so relaxing and therapeutic. My favorite part is coming up with the concept for my card and then translating that idea into reality. I also love to play with color and texture. When not cardmaking I enjoy tennis and long dog-walks.
I’m short, love to laugh, afraid of heights yet married to a pilot and a huge Harry Potter fan! I love to craft - it's my zen. And I can do it in my PJS!
Profile_AECP_Tasha Davies
I first began crafting after I was taken ill in 2016, then cardmaking just sort of found me, late 2018, and I soon discovered the joy it brought me.
I have absolutely LOVED working through AECP! I am certain that the evidence of what I’ve learned is apparent both within my card designs themselves but also in my blog, project photography, video creation, and in my confidence.
Maryam Sharara
I found in AECP exceptional classes, encouraging challenges, outstanding gallery, very supportive leaders, and kind colleagues. All these and more helped me to improve my self and teach others the beauty of card making crafthoppy . I am so glad to be one of AECP participants.
Tenia Nelson grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but has called Denver, Colorado her home since 1990. She is a wife to Tim, momma to Thelonious, and doggie momma to Snowball. When Tenia is not making cards or getting inky, she plays music professionally as a pianist and percussionist and teaches private and public school music. Tenia got her start in paper crafting over 20 years ago.
Nancy Souza
My favorite color is glitter and I add something sparkly to every card I create and mail. I have  been a card maker and paper crafter for over twenty years. I am a retired Language  Arts/reading consultant and have taught card-making classes and continue to teach locally.  Once a teacher, always a teacher. I am so excited to have achieved my goal to become a  Altenew Certified Educator! Hooray!
After 15 years of crafting, the AECP came into my world as the world was shutting down with Covid. With more time on my hands to explore all the great classes, I truly enjoyed the process. I have an Education degree, have taught adults in a professional setting so now it is the fun of crafting that will allow me to expand my horizons and hopefully help others also.
I started making cards in 2016 with my best friend and enjoyed it so much. When the Pandemic came about in 2020 and my company closed its doors permanently, my best friend and I joined the AECP and the Pandemic Crafter was born. I have enjoyed the program, learned so much, and continue to learn with every new class that comes out.
I have been an avid paper crafter for most of my life. My journey into cardmaking began only a few years ago and it all started with an Altenew stamp! The AECP program has been instrumental in taking my cardmaking skills to the next level. The Educator program is top-notch -- there is nothing like it anywhere! I look forward to teaching what I have learned to fellow cardmakers and paper crafters.
Stamping has been a source of great pleasure for more than 15 years. It is the best way to express my artistic side, experiment with colors and styles without being a good drawer. My stamping friends call me “Blümchenstemplerin” (floral stamper) because many of my cards have flowers on them. I am a big fan of Altenew and was very happy to discover AECP, where I could enhance my skills.
Cardmaking has always helped me relax and brought out my creative side. To enhance my skills, I joined AECP, which not only helped improve my cardmaking skills but also encouraged me to think out of the box. I am honoured to be an Altenew educator and I look forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained with my fellow crafters.
Hi! (My profile photo was my husband’s inspiration.) I’ve been making cards since I was a young child. I still have a card that I made when I was 8! I found Altenew while in the hospital going through lymphoma chemo. The videos kept me distracted and focused. I love learning, teaching, and making worldwide friends! So happy to be part of the fantastic AECP group!
I am a nurse, wife, mother and lover of all things crafty!I have been paper-crafting since my school days.My passion is to teach and share my skills again, having taught scrapbooking and paper crafts when I owned a scrapbook store AECP taught me so much and helped me grow and was so much fun. I'm honored to be part of the Altenew family.
I remember the very first, high quality stamp set I bought was from Altenew & that is when my love for this company & this industry was born. AECP has been a journey of a lifetime, something that I will always carry with me. Wonderful program that helped me find out what kind of card maker I want to be. It makes me so happy to be part of the group!
I am a retired physician, wife, mother, grandmother, dog lover and an "artist wanna-be" who took up card making and dabbling in other artistic media a few years ago. Making beautiful and unique cards make me happy, and my hope is that whoever receives them will smile when they open the card. I’m excited to be an Altenew Educator and looking forward to sharing my love of card making with you!
I’ve been making cards since 1999 when I tried to emboss Christmas cards in my oven. Papercrafting is my happy place, and I love sharing this with others. For this reason, I’m proud to be part of the AECP Program. I’m also the proud mom of an adorable Corgi!
I’ve been a school teacher most of my adult life, but I also taught at a paper arts store, which is where my love for card making began. In 2015 I purchased two stamp sets from Altenew and since then I’ve purchased over 50 sets along with their coordinating dies, inks, paints, etc. I have enjoyed the AECP journey, building my cardmaking skills and connecting with wonderful people the world over.
Although I have been a paper crafter and cardmaker for about 15 years, the AECP program has really helped me to evolve and advance my crafty toolbox. My knowledge and cardmaking skills have grown and improved so much more than I had ever imagined! I hope to continue to inspire and teach others through cardmaking, one card at a time. This is more than just a is a community.
I am the perfect mix of a loving, creative mom and a meticulous, innovative dad who taught me to look at things and situations from at least two perspectives. I live on the edge of the Barje National Park in the heart of Slovenia. My days are full of such and other surprises prepared by my wonderful daughter, a confident puppy, and a wonderful partner who supports my imagination and hobbies. I create always and everywhere, but I prefer to start with white paper and leave traces on it with different techniques and colors. That’s why paper crafting is “my happy place”.
Having been a quilter for many years, finding AECP has allowed me to further my love of color and texture. It has enabled me to focus on a servant attitude by sending a little love to those who need it—also giving cards to organizations that will do the same.

I can't wait to spread my love of card making to others. The learning opportunities are endless.
I am a Christian, wife, mother, and Nonnie. Crafting has been a part of my life since childhood. My card-making addiction began when my children were in college. I sent them handmade cards weekly. I enjoy sharing crafting time with others because it not only makes beautiful objects but beautiful memories.
I've never met a craft I didn't like! But juggling with family and a professional career always left crafting on the back burner. My priorities are shifting though, and I'm spending more time doing things I love. Discovering Altenew and their AECP has been a godsend. I have learned many awesome techniques that have taken my work to the next level. Now I'm enjoying teaching them.
I am a wife, mom and Gigi who recently moved to Texas. I have been making cards and papercrafting for over 2 decades. I discovered the AECP at a time when I needed to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. I love that the classes had me go back to refine old techniques plus taught many new ones. I am excited to share this knowledge with others.
I've been scrapbooking since my High School Days, created over 30 Scrapbooks for my 7 kids, and discovered Altenew in 2020. I am a crazy cat lady, loving wife and Momma! This program has advanced my crafty skills in ways I'd never imagine!I have learned so many new skills and can't wait to begin teaching and sharing my love of Altenew with others!
Hello, I'm Irene, and I'm from Texas. My primary job is being a wife and mother. Crafting is my haven where I can express myself. I'm fluent in English as well as Spanish. I've been a crafter for many years, but I didn't begin card making until April 2021 and fell in love with it.
Since childhood, I have studied and practiced many forms of art. I started scrapbooking 20 years ago and recently turned to card making. I believe, as crafters, we must always be learning as well as teaching, and I am excited for the opportunity to do that now with Altenew. When I'm not crafting, I play "Vintage Base Ball" with my husband or hang out with our seven cats.
I started scrapbooking over 20 years ago and quickly realized that I loved spreading joy with cards more than scrapbooking. My training is as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, which I practiced for 20 years. I am currently staying home with my 2 boys and realized that my ability to explain things in a simple, organized way to my patients is really helpful for YouTube and making cards.

This community is amazing and I can't wait to meet more great people through becoming an Educator!
I have been paper crafting for 6 years and paper crafting is my passion! I use this gift to serve others by volunteering with seniors for crafts and making cards for children in my community to go in their pre-packed snack packs. I grew up on a farm and love animals and outdoors! I love live music and feel blessed to be in Nashville where live music is everywhere!
Mary was in sales before finishing her career teaching Special Education. She has been a paper crafter for more than 30 years. She is a Certified Zentangle Teacher. She owns Eltimar Design, selling (and teaching classes for) Zentangle, mixed media art, altered books, scrapbook journals, and cards. She and her husband own an organic dairy farm in NY, where they raised 4 children. She’s a proud Mima to 3 grandchildren.
Hi there, I’m Shahina. You can call me "Shahi". I am originally from the southern part of India, but I have settled down in the Middle East with my family. That is where I have completed all my Education. Right now, I am married and settled down in Dubai with my husband and our little princess. They are definitely my biggest support system. I always wanted to be like my father, (who is a self made businessman) and dreamt of creating a brand of my own. I work as a teacher and run a small business from home. I tag my products under the brand name "ShahiCreationz". I'm someone who is always looking to share some precious memories with the world through handmade cards and handcrafted memories.

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession, a paper crafter, and a cross stitcher by passion. Thus I adore including stitching in my paper crafting. After a brief introduction to paper crafting in 2005, children and career required my foray into crafting to take a back seat. After a long hiatus, I started crafting again in 2020 when the pandemic hit, as I was not traveling for work and had more time on my hands. I discovered Altenew at this point and was attracted to their range of products. In the spring of 2021, I found AECP and started the journey, where I learned so many new techniques, and even in techniques I had used before, I learned new aspects. I know I will continue learning even after becoming a Certified Educator. Finally, I have made so many friends virtually in the crafting community who are so willing to help, whether about crafting techniques, products, or the tech aspect of social media – I am hugely thankful and appreciative for these friendships.

I am a heart transplant survivor and cardmaker. I have been crafting for around 10 years. About a year ago, I applied to be a certified demonstrator with Altenew, which has changed the way I craft. Altenew has been a wonderful experience, helping me to fine-tune my knowledge and has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this program.
Anna is a cardmaker and a relatively new blogger (since 2019). She grew up on a farm in Arizona but now calls Portland, Oregon, her home. She is a long-time high school teacher (19 years at the same local high school) and lives with her husband and two children. When she isn't crafting, she loves to ride her bike, Parkour (although not well), nerd out to Star Wars, read, and listen to music. She started making cards early in her teaching career for stress relief and as a way to express her creativity. There were some breaks while her kids were super small, but she has really gotten back into the craft room in 2020 and hasn't looked back. She has been really fortunate to be part of several challenge design teams as well as being able to learn a lot from the Altenew Educator Certification Program. Her style basically revolves around sparkle, bright colors, and dimension.
Hey there, I'm Aya, hailing all the way from Egypt! I'm a proud mom to Mariam and Jibreel. My passion for crafting has been burning bright for a decade now—I'm truly a jack of all trades when it comes to creative endeavors! Scrapbooking, Mixed Media, coloring, card making —name it. I hold a master's degree in educational psychology, which has been instrumental in shaping my approach to crafting and teaching. So, join me on this creative journey where my heart truly shines, and together, let's dive into the boundless world of crafts!
I started crafting in 2014 - for a DIY wedding. This started me on my journey with handcrafted flowers, DIY photo frames, and DIY home decor. I've evolved to cardmaking and accumulated more crafting supplies than I actually use (I’m not complaining). My passion is greeting cards, crepe paper flowers, and home decor. I'm honored to be a part of the AECP family. I come from London, England, where I live with my partner and our son. I have crafted all my life, but when I found cardmaking, it became my passion! I love that there are so many techniques to learn and that it's like creating a mini piece of art each time, but there are so many products to help you that you don't have to be an artist to get a fantastic result!

Addicted to color and splatter, I have been a paper crafter and mixed media artist for a decade. I live in India, and the culture and beauty around me definitely impact my creations. I'm always attracted to the deeper meaning of life and emotions, and I connect that to my art. Apart from crafting, I am a full-time healing practitioner and intuitive coach, and I often integrate the two worlds when creating. I look forward to teaching and inspiring you all as we plunge into the world of colors.

I was born to create. I loved crayons until I discovered graphite and ink! I fell in love, got married, had a son, earned my degree, authored books, ran businesses, homeschooled kids, hosted radio, and earned my Altenew Certification, a whole life under threat of seizures. So yes, I'm blessed to be here – surrounded by such excellent, creative friends, and I couldn't be more excited to see what comes next!

Ruby McGuire, aka Ruby 2 Shoes, Business Coach and Mentor, Trainer, Speaker, and Author. She’s also a Certified Zentangle Teacher. She’s been card-making for many years. She’s a Brit who now lives in Scotland with her hubby, little dog, Daisy, and some chickens! She loves to read, craft, and tangle while drinking copious amounts of vanilla-flavored coffee! With a passion for crafting cultivated over many years, I am a dedicated artisan, gardener, and Certified Divemaster. Balancing a full-time job, I am committed to realizing my entrepreneurial dream with Forget-Me-Not Card Company. Driven by my love for crafting and a profound aspiration for autonomy, I am on a journey to turn my creative pursuits into a thriving business, aspiring to become my own boss.
A little about me… I’m fairly new to card crafting and have only been cardmaking for about two and a half years. I fell into it after my young daughter accidentally found some Jennifer McGuire videos on YouTube, and I was instantly hooked. The videos we loved most were Altenew layering stamp videos, and now, I am an Altenew Certified Educator. Outside of crafting, I have a corporate job, I’m married, and I have one daughter.
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