Tips for Easier and Faster Cardmaking for Busy Crafters

Last Updated: July 18, 2023

Let's face it: if we could devote our whole lives to crafting, we would! However, more often than not, real life gets in the way, and sometimes, we struggle to find time for paper crafting. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, work, and household duties, it can be hard to spare time for our hobbies.

A beautiful blue card decorated with blue wide washi tape

Gold Splatter Navy Wide Washi Tape

Being busy is not a bad thing - in fact, it's a blessing! But if you're a crafter who would like to find more space in their day for cardmaking, then this blog post is for you. Today, we'll talk about some tips and tricks on how to make your next cardmaking project go easier and faster. So get your supplies out, and get ready to make breathtaking cards in just a matter of minutes!       

1. Dedicate a Session Entirely to Just Die Cutting and Coloring

We love die cutting, but when you're short on time, die cutting becomes a time-consuming obstacle you have to go through. To counter the amount of time that die cutting takes on cards, set aside one crafty session to cut your favorite dies in advance on different colored cardstock, glitter, or vellum. From layering dies to cover dies, create a stash of die-cuts that you can easily reach for on your next cardmaking project. While you’re at it, color them already as well! 

A minimalistic floral card with enamel dots makes for a quick and easy card!

Just Leaves Die Set

2. Invest in “One-Go” Crafting Products

From one-go stamps to one-go stencils, there are crafty products available that will let you stamp, color, and die cut multiple images all at once. These are specially designed products to help you save time and streamline the cardmaking process. These items would be perfect for multiple batches and building up your "pre-made" elements! 

3. Pre-cut Sentiments for Every Occasion 

Connected to tip #1, having pre-cut or pre-stamped sentiments is also a handy way to top off your cards quickly. When you just need the perfect finishing touches, all you have to do is sort out your sentiment stash. 

Did you know? Altenew has released its very own Sentiment Database! Here, you can quickly find a sentiment stamp and die set that contains the message you were looking for. Isn't that neat?

You are not limited to just die-cut or stamped sentiments. You can make hot foiled sentiments in advance as well! Just make sure to store them in a closed container, such as a small pouch, to keep them away from dust, fresh, and ready to be placed on your project.

A beautiful tone-on-tone embossed card featuring a hot foiled sentiment

Versatile Greetings 2

4. Keep a Collection of Patterned Paper Packs Handy

When you want quick yet stunning cards, patterned paper is the answer! Patterned paper packs offer a wide range of designs, themes, and color schemes in a single package. By having a collection of these packs readily available, you can quickly select and use different patterns for your cards without spending much time searching or creating custom backgrounds. 

A quick and simple card made with patterned paper

Summer Garden 6x6 Paper Pack

Altenew's patterned paper packs offer coordinated elements with other product designs and ink colors, making it easy to match colors and create a cohesive look on your projects. They can serve as quick card bases or card fronts, allowing for instantly decorated foundations for your designs. Indeed, these paper packs will shorten your crafting time in a jiff!

5. Have Pre-cut and Pre-fold Card Bases and Panels

If you like creating cards in other sizes, such as slimline cards or larger 12x12 layouts, cutting and creating card folds can be another time-consuming task. While ready-made A2 card bases can be easily purchased, other sizes have rare to no options available at all. To combat this, we also recommend dedicating one crafty session just to cutting and folding card bases and cutting panels. We know it may not seem like an exciting idea at the time, but your future self will thank you when she reaches for a pre-made card base for a last-minute card! 

6. Create Quick Backgrounds With Wide Washi Tape

​​If you're looking for a quick and friendly way to create charming backgrounds for your cards, wide washi tape is your new best friend! It's an absolute game-changer when adding delightful patterns and designs effortlessly.

To get started, choose a wide washi tape that matches your card's theme or color scheme. Then, simply stick the tape onto your card front, whether it's horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The best part? If you need to adjust the tape placement, no worries! Washi tape's repositionable adhesive properties make it super easy to work with.

A clean and simple card made easily with wide washi tape

Wild Flora Wide Washi Tape

For an extra touch of creativity, try layering different washi tape designs or combining them with patterned paper or cute die-cut shapes. By using wide washi tape for backgrounds, you can save time on techniques like ink blending, stamping, or embossing. What a treat!  

7. Keep a Card Idea Bank for Inspiration

Want to know the secret to endless inspiration? Start by creating a card idea bank! Whether it's a physical notebook or a digital folder, when you come across a captivating card design, a beautiful color palette, or an inspiring technique, jot it down or save a picture. Collect snippets of inspiration from articles, social media images, or even your own creations that you want to revisit.

Create quick and easy cards with the gorgeous cover dies from Altenew!

Circle Quilt Cover Die

This tip is useful when you find yourself short on ideas or in need of a creative boost. Just refer to your idea bank! The card idea bank not only saves you time and effort spent on brainstorming but also ensures that you always have a wellspring of creativity to draw from. Plus, it's a fun and uplifting activity to curate your own collection of inspiring card designs. Want to get started? Check out the Altenew Blog to get your first deposit (wink)!

BONUS: If you're a monthly subscriber to Altenew's Marvelous Monthly Series, we have already curated a private stash of idea banks in PDF forms for you. Simply go to your subscription list to see the secret link!

Breeze Through Cardmaking Projects With These Hacks!

Today, we've explored some fantastic tips and tricks to make cardmaking easier and faster, even in the midst of our hectic lives. By planning ahead, staying organized, and utilizing pre-made elements, we can streamline our creative process without compromising on the beauty of our cards! With these strategies in your crafting arsenal, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve, even with limited time!

So, don't let time get in the way of your passion. Craft out those precious moments, unleash your creativity, and create breathtaking cards that bring joy to others and fulfillment to yourself. Happy cardmaking! For more tips and tricks like these, be sure to drop by our All About Crafting blog. 

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