Stampwheel 101: Creative Ways to Use Your Stamping Tool

Last Updated: July 5, 2023

The Stampwheel is finally HERE for regular order, and we are so excited to see how crafters have been using it in new ways! From its wreath-building abilities to its stencil-securing features, the Stampwheel is on its way to becoming one of the crafters' favorite stamping tools in the market!

A beautiful floral card featuring the Sketched Flowers Stamp Set from Altenew

Mini Cube Crisp Dye Inks

If you're curious about what other exciting features you can do with the Stampwheel, then this blog post is for you! Today, we'll explore more stamping techniques and uses for this versatile tool in your craft room. So, let's dive in and unleash the full potential of the Stampwheel together!

The Latest Stampwheel Updates + NEW Accessories

Since its introduction to the market, the Stampwheel has received an overwhelming amount of feedback, particularly from our beloved crafters, who have shared valuable tips and tutorials. Inspired by these creative ideas, we have developed a range of accessories that aim to enhance your crafting experience with the Stampwheel, making it even more convenient and versatile! 

Two beautiful floral cards created with the Stampwheel

Mini Delight: Folk Motif Stamp & Die Set

If you need a quick recap on the Stampwheel and its various components, we recommend referring to our previous blog post titled "How to Make the Most Out of Your Stampwheel." However, today, we will focus on the exciting new accessories exclusively designed for the Stampwheel, further amplifying its already extensive benefits. 

Stampwheel - Center Alignment Guides

Centering your cardstock bases on the Stampwheel has never been easier with these Center Alignment Guides! With a perfectly centered piece of cardstock, you can create stunning designs with precision and confidence. No more guesswork or uneven results - these Center Alignment Guides will ensure that your stamped creations are beautifully symmetrical every time. They are made of the same material as our crafty stencils, so you can be sure they are durable and perfect for long-term use.

Ink on the Stampwheel easily being cleaned by Stamp Cleaner

Stamp Cleaner

Whatever the cardstock size you're working with, there is a coordinating alignment guide for it! 

  • Guide 1: 4.25" x 5.5" (A2)
  • Guide 2: 6" x 6"
  • Guide 3: 5.5" x 5.5"
  • Guide 4: 4.25" x 4.25"

Here's the step-by-step guide on how to use these handy guides:

  1. Place the chosen Alignment Guide in one corner of the Stampwheel on the Sticky Mat. Make sure that the two outer sides of the guide are firmly pressed against the two walls of the Stampwheel Stage (platform).
  2. Take your cardstock and position it in the inner corner of the guide, ensuring there is no gap between the cardstock and the guide.
  3. Once your cardstock is aligned perfectly, remove the Center Alignment Guide.
  4. And voila! You now have a flawlessly centered piece of cardstock, ready to unleash your creativity with the Stampwheel. 

This simple yet effective tool will streamline your crafting process, saving you time and frustration while guaranteeing professional-looking results.

Stampwheel - Ultra Sticky Mat: Grid

Among all of the features that the Stampwheel has, one part has stood out the most - the Sticky Mat! Now, there's an upgraded version of it - the Ultra Sticky Mat! Are you wondering about the difference between the regular Sticky Mat that comes with your Stampwheel and the Ultra Sticky Mat one? 

Well, the Ultra Sticky Mat is perfect for securing thicker paper, such as 110lb and higher cardstock and watercolor paper. It's tackier than the original one, giving you a stronger hold. Plus, with its etched grid, aligning your Stampwheel becomes a breeze, guaranteeing precise placement and professional results. 

A wreath floral card colored with water-based markers

 Islands of Fiji Dual Tip Pens (Water-based)

Some crafters, like Simon Hurley, even use the Ultra Sticky Mat grid as a huge photopolymer stamp set - perfect for creating grid backgrounds on your cardstock! It is made from the same material as Altenew stamps, so it would work the same way as your regular stamp - only bigger!

So if you'd like a versatile 7.5”x 7.5” Sticky Mat that has more tack, easy-to-clean, and doubles as a background stamp, then this Ultra Sticky Mat is a must-have for your crafty arsenal! You can purchase it on its own, or use it as a replacement for your Stampwheel's Sticky Mat. 

Stampwheel - Low Tack Sticky Mat: Grid

While we got the Ultra Sticky Mat for thicker cardstock and surfaces, the Low Tack Sticky Mat is the opposite. For more delicate papers and thinner materials, such as vellum, tissue paper, and copy paper, the Low Tack Sticky Mat will help secure them in place without the risk of tearing or damaging them.

A colorful card created with the Stampwheel

Stampwheel - Center Alignment Guides

The Low-Tack Sticky Mat measures 7.5" x 7.5", providing ample space for your crafting endeavors. It's specifically designed to ensure hassle-free stamping and stenciling on thinner materials, granting you more creative possibilities with the Stampwheel! 

Botanical Wreath Builder

Since the Stampwheel is perfect for wreath-building, we just couldn't help it! The Botanical Builder is a stamp-and-die bundle that lets you create beautiful wreaths, mandalas, and foliage arrangements for all your DIY projects. They're not just for wreaths too, but they're also perfect as accents to your existing floral stamps! 

You can also make beautiful backgrounds easily in just one go by arranging the different elements, inking them all at once, and using the Stampwheel to make an imprint. With these versatile stamps and the unique features of the Stampwheel, the creative projects you can make are limitless! 

Delightful Day

Designed to make layered stamping faster, the Stampwheel is perfect to use with your layering stamps. The Delightful Day, the first of its kind, was uniquely made to accommodate the Stampwheel's unique feature. The stamp set features a cross in the middle, which you can align to the center of your Stampwheel. You can see the process clearly in this video:

The stamp set, coupled with the Stampwheel, will help you create gorgeous, layered flowers faster! This makes it perfect for making batches of cards and multiple floral backgrounds, ensuring that you get consistent and professional results every time. 

What Kind of Stamps Can I Use for My Altenew Stampwheel?

The Stampwheel is best used for your usual clear stamps, sentiment stamps, layering stamps, background stamps, Turnabout stamps, and every other type of stamp you can think of! Small stamp sets like the Mini Delight also offer a lot of use, as they are perfect for making backgrounds, mandalas, and wreaths.

Find Sticky Mat replacements for your Altenew Stampwheel here!

Stampwheel - Ultra Sticky Mat: Grid

Big stamp sets can easily fit in the 7.5”x7.5” mat, and you can extend the possibilities of your stamps by playing with rotation and placement on the Flip Plate. Geometric stamps are also suitable for the Stampwheel, as precise measurements and placements can easily help you make fun, repetitive, and symmetrical geometric patterns. 

Other Crafty Hacks You Can Do With the Altenew Stampwheel

Here are a few more tricks to stretch the use of your Stampwheel:

  • Easily create mirrored images by stamping on the Sticky Mat directly for the second image! Then, while the ink is wet, transfer the image to your cardstock.  
  • Use the Sticky Mat to create smooshed backgrounds. Simply place and mix some dye inks on the flat side of the Sticky Mat, spray a bit of water, and use watercolor paper to absorb the ink. This will make soft and beautiful washes that are perfect as backgrounds! 
  • As mentioned before, ink up the Ultra Sticky Mat Grid and stamp it to create geometric grid lines for your cards, scrapbooks, and other DIY projects. 

Batches of cards made easy and fast with the Altenew Stampwheel

Build-A-Garden: Tulips & Friends

  • Let the Sticky Mat hold down your die-cuts while you're ink-blending them! 
  • Use the Stampwheel to adhere wide washi tapes to your cardstock easily. 
  • Make the most of your Flip Plate by using both sides for your stamps! For example, you can have flowers stuck on one side and, on the other side, the leaves. 
  • Thanks to the size of the Stampwheel, you can say goodbye to removing and adding stamps one by one! You can position multiple stamps on the different corners of the Flip Plate and simply ink and rotate. 

A close-up shot of layering floral stamps on the Stampwheel

Snapdragon Crisp Dye Ink

There you have it - the Stampwheel at its finest! We hope you get to try this crafty must-have soon! For your convenience, you can also get the Ultimate Stampwheel & Accessories Bundle at a discounted price to really get the most out of your new stamping tool. We cannot wait to see how you use the Stampwheel in more ways! For more inspiration and tutorials, drop by the Altenew Blog. Here’s to an easier and more creative way of stamping! 

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