How to Make the Most Out of Your Stampwheel

Last Updated: February 27, 2023

Have you heard about the new paper crafting tool in town? The first of its kind, the Altenew Stampwheel is here to blow you away! Perfect stamping is now made simple, thanks to the innovative features of the Stampwheel. From its convenient Lock and Key mechanism to the handy grid lines on the clear plate, crafters like you will have a blast playing around with this new device! 

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Whether you want to make a mirrored image or just want a quicker way to layer stamps, the Stampwheel will undoubtedly revolutionize your crafting experience! In this blog post, we'll discuss all the ways that you can stretch this nifty tool and the fantastic stamping techniques and styles that you can do. So get your stamping game on, and let's do this! 

What Is the Altenew Stampwheel?

The Stampwheel is a paper crafting tool meant to streamline your stamping process. It's made out of three parts: the Stage, the Sticky Mat, and the Clear Flip Plate. Let's quickly discuss the different parts of the Altenew Stampwheel one by one and the purpose that they serve: 

Stampwheel Stage

The Stampwheel base is the stage that holds everything together. It's a secure, square-shaped platform that enables the Lock and Key mechanism of the flip plate to work. It holds the Sticky Mat and conveniently protects both the Sticky Mat and Flip Plate when not in use. Since the Stampwheel Stage is sized 9” x 9 ½”, it can accommodate most cardstock sizes, except for 12x12-sized and above papers. 

Sticky Mat

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally move your cardstock during stamping? This 7 ½” x 7 ½” Sticky Mat ensures that your shifty problem is now a thing of the past! The high-quality photopolymer sticky mat is placed on the Stampwheel Stage and ensures that your paper and stencils stay exactly where you want them, so you can create stunning designs without any smudging or shifting.

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The Sticky Mat provides an even surface for your cardstock and paper surfaces, and thanks to their stick, your cards, stencils, and whatever type of paper that you put on the mat will not budge. Of course, it offers a stick that leaves your card and papers unharmed, so you won't have to worry about any residue, torn cardstock, or your card clinging to the mat. 

Stampwheel Clear Flip Plate 

Among the three parts of the Stampwheel, the 10⅞” x 10⅞” clear Flip Plate is no doubt the star of the show! Instead of the usual rectangular shape of acrylic blocks and other stamp positioning tools, the Stampwheel features a unique, circular plate with scalloped edges. If you look closely at the clear plate, you'll see that it has grid lines that you can use for measurement, and indications for your stamps' positions. 

The scalloped plate is designed to enable easier flipping ​​and to fit into the corners at different rotation points. Don't be fooled by the elaborate looks of the Stampwheel - the plate is user-friendly, and you can easily flip the plate with minimal effort. This method of stamping ensures that you will get the image you wanted exactly where and how you want it! It will also give you equal stamping, so you don’t have to worry about uneven pressure or warping. 

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It also features a Lock and Key mechanism - the plate will fit itself on the base no matter which way you put it down due to its 16 equal intervals. How neat is that? 

The Difference Between the Stampwheel, Acrylic Blocks, and Others

You may be wondering: what's the difference between the Stampwheel and all the other stamping tools on the market? Check out this helpful guide on the different stamping products available so you can figure out what tool best suits your needs as a crafter:  
Acrylic Blocks
Other Stamp Positioning Tools
Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
A 3-part product
Similar to a clear, flippable notebook
Thick blocks that come in elongated or square shape
Thick clear flippable plate; a bit heavier but durable
Thin clear plates that can break with improper use
With a grid
Includes a grid, a base, and a plate
Includes a clear hinge-based platform, a magnet, and foam pads
Best for small stamps; can easily reach corners of the paper
Best for layered, repeated, and inverted stamping; can provide consistent and even results, no matter what angle
Best for repeated stamping; can make even images by inking up lighter parts
You need to look at it directly overhead to get an accurate look of the position; needs a steady hand
Just position your stamp, ink it up, and easily flip and stamp
Uses a foam pad for clear stamps to make stamping even with a folding gesture
Perfect for clear photopolymer stamps
Perfect for clear photopolymer stamps and stencils
Perfect for clear photopolymer stamps and cling stamps

What Cool Tricks Can I Do With My Altenew Stampwheel?

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Now that you know all the parts of the Stampwheel and their differences from other stamping supplies, what kind of crafty magic can you do with this amazing, multi-purpose tool? Here are some stamping techniques, styles, and hacks that you can do with the Stampwheel: 

Create Wreaths Easily With Any Stamp

Who says you need a wreath stamp to make a wreath? With the Altenew Stampwheel, you can easily make use of any of your stamps to make a wreath. You can make a wreath made out of ice cream, flowers, plants, planets, stars, sentiments, and basically - anything! The world is your oyster. 

The Stampwheel's rotational grid system makes it easy to position and stamp your designs with precision, allowing you to create beautiful wreaths with ease. Just use the grid system to guide you on where to put your stamps to make a circular pattern, and voilà! 

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If you're feeling feisty, why not align different stamps in a circular manner, ink them, and stamp them all at once? 

Experiment With Inverted and Mirror Looks

The Altenew Stampwheel offers endless creative possibilities, including the ability to experiment with inverted and mirror designs for your projects! The clear rotational plate, grid system, and Sticky Mat combo of the Stampwheel make it easy to flip your stamps over and create inverted images that are back to back. This is possible because you can use both sides of the flip plate to stamp!

You can experiment with different stamp combinations and positions to create truly unique and personalized designs. 

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Make Ink-Blending with Stencils a Breeze 

Thanks to the Sticky Mat, you can now quickly secure your cardstock and stencils in place when you do your ink-blending techniques. You can now save your washi tape for decorating your cards, and not as low-tack tape to secure your stencils (LOL)! 

Say Goodbye to Slow Stamping

Do we need to say more? The Stampwheel was born out of the need to make stamping techniques easier and fuss-free for crafters like you. Gone are the days of manually removing your stamp one by one, since you can easily arrange your stamps on both sides of the flip plate!

With the Stampwheel, positioning and layering are a breeze! Plus, you can take advantage of the flip plate and stick your stamps on the free spaces. You can organize them so you'd quickly know what stamp is next - the possibilities are endless!

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Find Your Own Crafty Use of Altenew’s New Stampwheel!

All in all, the Altenew Stampwheel is a must-have for any crafter's toolkit! With features that make stamping more accessible and more efficient, plus all the fantastic techniques you can do with it, this revolutionary tool is guaranteed to take your projects to the next level. 

Plus, don't forget that it's an incredibly useful tool if you want to save time when prepping for detailed and intricate stamping projects. From creating unique backgrounds to playing with ghost stamping, the Stampwheel can genuinely do it all. So why not give it a go and see what kind of magic you can make with it? Get yours now, and don't miss out on this revolutionary tool!


  • Altenew

    Thank you for your feedback, Beth! We’re constantly innovating, so we highly appreciate comments like these that help us think of ways to improve the product. 😍 We’ll see about adding shims to the Stampwheel in the future. 😉

  • Beth Weickel

    I found I need to use shims sometimes and the best stamping is in the middle depending on stamp thickness. I love this tool but wish it came with additional shims.

  • Altenew

    Hi Lauri! We are glad your Stampwheel has arrived! <3 You can use both sides of the Flip Plate, as both sides will lock in on your base. That’s the beauty of it – it makes the process of mass-producing and layering stamps easier and faster.

    Most crafters use the side with the etched grid lines to affix their stamps. We recommend sticking different-colored enamel dots (north and south direction) to the side you use the most, as this will help you with the alignment as well :) We hope this helps!

  • Lauri

    My stamp wheel has arrived but I am wondering…on the flip plate it has a smooth side and then the side with the lines which are ever so slightly raised. Which side of the stamp wheel do you a fix your stamps to? Does it matter? Does the wheel hold stamps better on the one side versus the other?

  • Altenew

    Hi Betty! Thank you for your comment. Each stamping tool has its own benefits and advantages, but here are a few of the different features the Stampwheel has:

    1. Stampwheel has solid sides, so it’s easier to “butt-up” pieces and get things straight.
    2. It is easier to create a full wreath or mandala because Stampwheel gives you more rotations. The other tool mentioned has four, while the Stampwheel has 16.
    3. Clear Sticky Mat – a huge hit among crafters! No need for magnets, so you can stamp the full area freely.
    4. You can use both sides of the Stampwheel Flip Plate, making it faster to mass-produce or use layering stamps.

    We hope we have answered your query, and if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Thank you! :)

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