Say Goodbye to Boring Cards With Animal-Themed Designs!

Last Updated: November 25, 2022

Don't you just love animal-themed card designs? Here at Altenew, we love using the looks of little critters to make fun and creative cards! After all, whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, there are always new techniques and ideas to explore, and animal-themed cards are one of them! 

For cat card ideas, try using cat-themed die cuts together with sequins for a glamorous birthday card!

Cat Life Stamp & Die Bundle

There are endless possibilities with animal-themed designs - from cute Christmas cards and funny puns to playful die-cuts! These adorable creatures will surely spruce up your projects. Plus, they are versatile to use for many occasions, so why not try them? In this blog post, we'll share fun animal-themed ideas for your next cardmaking project. These projects are perfect for kids, adults, and anyone in between! So get your thinking hats on and let’s get started!

Bring the Beauty of Nature Into Your Cards With Animals!

Making handmade cards is an imaginative and unique way to show your friends and loved ones how much you care. What could be more creative and fun than adding animals as the focal point, accents, and backgrounds to your creation? Whether you're making an animal-themed Christmas card or a happy birthday one, there are plenty of ways to add some furry flair to your projects. These one-of-a-kind card designs will surely bring joy to the animal-lovers and nature enthusiasts in your life! 

Funny Pun-Filled Cards to Cheer Up Your Loved Ones

Puns and animal designs are a match made in heaven! If you're looking to make a fun and innovative card to make your loved ones smile, look no further than pun-filled cards. All you need are some basic cardmaking supplies, some animal-themed stamps, and a sense of humor!

Learn how to use adorable kitten-themed images for your next cardmaking projects!

How to Add Cute Kitten-Themed Images to Your Cards with Cat Life Stamp Set

To get started, simply choose your favorite animal-themed stamps and start designing. Pair the image with a sentiment pun related to your animal (their food, habits, even their names). Then, make funky patterns to complement the puns with stencils or embossing foldersand voila!

PRO TIP: For birthday cards, use fun and vibrant colors to signify party time!

Making funny puns on your cards is best paired with a cute, coordinating critter!

Chipmunk & Squirrel Stamp & Die Bundle

Once you have your cards made, it's time to start sending them out to friends and family! We guarantee they'll get a good chuckle (and maybe even a few groans) when they see your pun-tastic creations. So what are you waiting for? Make "punny" cards with animals today!

Elegant Celebration Cards With Aquatic Friends

If you're looking for something a little different for your celebration cards, why not try an aquatic-themed design? Aquatic creatures are elegant and ethereal critters, making them beautiful focal points for cardmaking projects.

Make beautiful watery-looks by pairing fish-themed stamp and dies with watercolor washes!

Goldfish Pond Stamp & Die Bundle

Plus, aquatic animal stamps are fun to work with, as you can try various coloring techniques with them. You can pair them with soft watercolor washes as backgrounds or color them with bold and solid colors. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that aquatic animal designs will bring a sense of elegance and grace to your cards in unique ways! 

Make your Valentine's Day cards extra-special with elegant swan images against an embossed background!

Sweet Swans Stamp & Die Bundle

Stunning Monochromatic Cards With Nature’s Creatures

Bring the elegance of flamingos to your cards with this beautiful stamp & die bundle!

Poised Flamingo Stamp & Die Bundle

Monochromatic cards are a great and easy way to make a stunning card for any occasion. With just using one single hue to create a variety of color effects in your projects, you can save up on supplies and make a one-of-a-kind design! To spruce up your monochromatic cards with animals, you can do the following:  

  1. Start by selecting a single color scheme. You can choose to use different shades of blue, red, pink, or green. Whatever works for you! 
  2. Decide on what coloring medium to use to achieve the monochromatic effect. Whether you're working with inks, markers, or even washi tapes to add a pop of color to your project, ensure that the medium can give you different shades of just one color. This is easier now since most bundled coloring products belong to the same color family. 
  3. Pick a critter to stamp as your card's focal point. Is it a penguin, bird, butterfly, or cat? The animal you choose will help you imagine what scene and elements you can add to the card. 

The best pair to your floral die-cuts is a gorgeous dovetail butterfly stamp!

Dovetail Butterflies Stamp & Die Bundle

Once you have gone through these steps, the rest is up to your imagination! Embellish your card and add texture with die-cuts, sequins, and embossing folders. There is no limit to what you can create! Since the card will feature the same color in different hues, it will give a unifying and harmonious effect no matter what design you end up with. Have fun! 

Show your love and care through a handmade card featuring adorable penguins!

Warm Heart Stamp & Die Bundle

Extra-Special Holiday Cards With Festive Critters

Animal-themed Christmas cards are a fun and unique way to spread holiday cheer. Wintertime is the perfect time to use animal stamps, as there are so many festive creatures to choose from. For example, reindeer, penguins, squirrels, polar bears, and doves make for adorable card designs. 

Nothing better than a polar bear for your holiday cardmaking projects!

Mini Delight: Polar Bear Stamp & Die Set

If you want your holiday cards to be extra-special, try experimenting with making winter scenes with animals! To recreate this beautiful winter scene design by Svitlana featuring our Modern Deer Stamp Set, simply follow these steps: 

Make beautiful winter scenes for your holiday cards with tree and reindeer-themed stamps!

Birch Forest Stamp Set

  1. Stamp a forest tree background with black ink
  2. Mask one part of the forest background and stamp a reindeer in brown to create the illusion of the reindeer being partially behind a tree.
  3. Then, use white ink spray to mimic snow on the black forest background.
  4. To recreate the snow drifts she made, tear a piece of white cardstock and prop it with Instant Dimension Foam Tape
  5. Finally, stamp and die-cut one more reindeer and adhere it to the front of the mounted snowdrift for a 3D effect. 

All in all, experiment with different layouts and color schemes until you find a design you love. Then, add your personal touch with a handwritten holiday message. Surely, animal-themed Christmas cards will bring a smile to everyone on your list!

A gorgeous window card featuring two reindeers and a snowy winter background

Modern Deer Stamp & Die Bundle

Vibrant Animal-Themed Cards for All Occasions

Whether animal-themed thank you cards, birthday cards, or even Valentine's Day cards, using these cute critters is the perfect way to add a little fun and personality to any occasion. From cuddly cats and dogs to adorable elephants and lions, there's an animal-themed card for everyone! Here are more examples of stunning projects made with animals: 

A colorful alpaca card featuring a beautifully-colored stencil background

Alpaca Stamp & Die Bundle

Craft extra-sweet Valentine's Day cards with this lovebird stamp set!

All Things Handmade Mini Stamp & Die Bundle

A gorgeous tropical card featuring a toucan as a focal point

Tropical Toucan Stamp Set

Make your friends feel special with this unique bird stamp and die bundle!

Birds of a Feather Stamp & Die Bundle

Celebrate new beginnings with the perfect stamp and die bundle for all your baby cards!

Baby Zoo Stamp & Die Bundle

Make stunning birthday cards featuring a cute, hand-drawn fox as your focal point!

Hug Me Stamp & Die Bundle

Enjoy Making Awe-Striking Cards With Animal Designs!

Animal-themed cards are the perfect way to show your animal-loving friends how much you care. From birthday cards featuring cute kittens to thank you cards with playful puppies, there's an animal-themed card for every occasion. Best of all, animal-themed cards will always make your loved ones smile. So next time you need a little bit of extra warmth and happiness in your life, don't forget to send an animal-themed card!

Now that you know how fun animal-themed designs can be, we hope you use them as inspiration for your next cardmaking project! For more of the hottest cardmaking tips and tricks, make sure to visit our Card Blog. Don’t forget to drop by our Altenew Newsroom, too, for the latest updates in the paper crafting world. See you there, crafters! 

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