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Christmas Card Messages and Ideas

Thinking of sending a Christmas card to someone but don't know what to say? If you're looking for what to write in a Christmas card, look no further! Spread the festive cheer and joy of the holidays with these Christmas card messages and ideas!

Christmas Card Messages

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  • For a Friend
  • For a Neighbor
  • For Your Boss
  • For a Coworker
  • For Your Grandma
  • For Your Grandpa
  • For Your Mom
  • For Your Dad
  • For Your Brother
  • For Your Sister
  • For Your In-Laws
  • For Your Daughter
  • For Your Teacher
  • For Your Spouse/Partner
  • From Our Family to Yours
  • Long Distance
  • Nondenominational
  • Belated

For a Friend

  • There is no greater gift in the world than a friend like you. Happy holidays, you deserve the best! (Holiday Tag Stamp & Die Bundle)
  • Santa asked me for my wishlist this year. I told him I had everything I needed with a friend like you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
  • The holidays are certainly more festive with you in my life. Merry Christmas, my dearest friend!
  • A friend like you is a unique snowflake that can't be found easily! May the holidays bring you endless happiness! 

For a Neighbor

  • It's always a jolly time with you around next door! Wishing you and your family a warm and festive holiday! (Dry Brush Poinsettia Stamp Set)
  • A great neighbor like you is a present to be treasured forever. Merry Christmas to you and your household!
  • I am always thankful for the gift of living next door to such a great person like you. Happy holidays to the best neighbor around! 

For Your Boss

  • You are the best boss that any elf could ask for! Merry Christmas to our outstanding leader!
  • Happy Holidays to the captain of our ship! You being our boss is the best Christmas bonus each year!
  • We wish you and your family a warm, festive, relaxing, and joyous holiday! You deserve it!
  • To you, the bright light that continuously guides our team, happy holidays! (All Is Bright Stamp Set

For a Coworker

  • Work never feels like work with you, as you always bring festive joy to the workplace! Merry Christmas!
  • To the one who always brings the party to the office, happy holidays to you!
  • The best memories I have in the office are the ones with you. Merry Christmas, my work comrade! 

For Your Grandma

  • Grandma, your love is like a warm fuzzy sweater. No matter the weather, I will be there for you whenever. To have you as my grandma, I couldn't ask for anything better. Merry Christmas, and I hope you enjoy this letter!
  • Thank you for the warmth you have given our family. You are the greatest grandma, and I wish you the best this festive holiday offers!
  • It's the most wonderful time of the year, and having you around makes it even better! Merry Christmas, my dear grandmom! (Dry Brush Poinsettia Stamp Set

For Your Grandpa

  • My only wish for this year is excellent health and happiness for you, my dear Gramps!
  • Merry Christmas to the man who taught me the magic of this holiday growing up. Here's to more winters with you, Grandpa!
  • Life is always a fun sleigh ride with you around, Grandpa!
  • You deserve all the good eggnog in the world. Merry Christmas!
  • To my grandpa, who has been my role model growing up, you have made me into the person I am today. Merry Christmas! 

For Your Mom

  • I must have been on the nice list every Christmas because Santa gave me the best gift anyone could ever ask for - a mom like YOU!
  • You have given me the greatest gift of all - my life. Thank you for being my mom. You are the best!
  • With a mother like you, who needs presents? Merry Christmas to the ultimate mom of the year!
  • Your love is the warmth that fills our family's home every Christmas. Thank you for everything, mom!
  • You are the light that brightens our home every Christmas.
  • You are more beautiful than the poinsettias around this year. Merry Christmas to the flower of our family! 

For Your Dad

  • Dad, Christmas with you is the best kind there is.
  • You are the shining star on top of our family's Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to the most incredible dad!
  • Happy Holidays to our family's favorite Santa!
  • Merry Christmas to the man of the house. May your holidays be filled with beer, laughter, and goodwill!
  • Ho ho ho! May your cup this year always be filled with blessings, Dad! (Holiday Flower Stamp Set)
  • Our hearts are full of gratitude having you around, Dad. May you always fill our home with your belly laughters and smiles! 

For Your Brother

  • Christmas is a treat to spend with a brother like you.
  • With you as my brother, all my years will undoubtedly be bright!
  • A loving sibling is a gift. Good thing I always get you as mine every Christmas!
  • Brothers are life's greatest joys. Thank you for being mine - you are truly a blessing to this family!
  • If there was a nice list of the best brothers around, you'd be at the top each year! 

For Your Sister

  • You are the candle in my life's darkest moments. Thank you, my dear sister, for always being there for me in times of need. 
  • You are the star that travelers look up to for guidance. Thank you for always being the one that brings me home. I love you, my sister!
  • My life is a Christmas tree, and you are the ornaments - I am not complete without you! Thanks for everything, sis! 

For Your In-Laws

  • To my in-laws, may your home be filled with happiness, peace, and blessings this Christmas! Happy Holidays! (Peaceful Wreath Stamp Set)
  • Thank you for opening up your hearts and home to me. You are the best second family that anyone could ask for.
  • May your cup never be empty of joy, and may your hearts always be full of love. Happy Holidays to my caring in-laws!
  • Receiving your love is the best gift I got for Christmas. Thank you for including me in your family!  

For Your Daughter

  • Having you in my life is like opening a Christmas present every day. Indeed, I am so blessed to have a daughter like you. Merry Christmas, my dear!
  • You are the best gift that God has given to me and your dad. There is nothing else we could ask for except for you to grow healthy and happy! We love you so much!
  • Nothing compares to the joy you bring to my life. So when Christmas comes around, I don't know what to ask Santa because no gift could ever be better than having you as my child!
  • You shine in our lives like the brightest star on Christmas night. Thank you for gracing our family with your light! (Halftone Holidays Stamp & Die & Christmas Season Die Set Bundle)

For Your Teacher

  • Thank you for giving me the greatest gift - the gift of knowledge! I use it with love and kindness daily, just like you taught me. Happy Holidays, my dearest teacher!
  • To the bright star of the classroom, thank you for growing our minds, hearts, and spirits! Wishing you nothing but the best this holiday season!
  • Guess what's on my wishlist this year? Endless fruits of joy, peace, and goodwill for you! (Festive Foliage Stamp Set)
  • You have taught me many things - including the magic of this holiday season! Here's to you, my teacher. May your days be filled with unwavering happiness, strength, and love!  

For Your Spouse/Partner

  • With you by my side, it's Christmas every day! Merry Christmas to my life's greatest joy!
  • For as long as you love me so, let it snow! Here's to spending more holidays with you, my dear! (Holiday Seals Stamp Set)
  • All I want for Christmas is to be with you now and forever. Happy Holidays!
  • It looks like Santa gave me everything I wanted this year -- YOU! I have to send him a thank you note because you're the best gift that I could ever ask for!
  • You are my home for all seasons. Here's to building snowmen and drinking eggnogs with you for all my years!
  • You are the embodiment of all my Christmas wishes finally coming true!
  • Never mind Scrooge's ghosts - you are my Christmas past, present, and future! 

From Our Family to Yours

  • Our family sends loads of warm and joyous Christmas greetings to you and your family! (Holiday Wishes Stamp Set)
  • Like the snow drifting on the rooftop, we wish for blessings to fall upon your family nonstop! Merry Christmas from ours to yours!
  • With love from our family, Happy Holidays to yours! May you all spend the holiday season surrounded by prosperity, peace, and happiness.

Long Distance

  • If I could, I would hop on a sleigh and ride all the way to you — Merry Christmas from my heart to yours.
  • Christmas is best felt by the heart. Here's to feeling it with you, even if we're miles apart.
  • No matter the distance, my warm holiday greetings will always make it home to you. Merry Christmas, and I wish you were here!
  • The greatest gift I could ever ask for is to be there with you. For now, let this card send my love! (Holiday Flower Stamp Set)


  • May your holiday season be filled with love, light, peace, and joy! (Beautiful Inside Stamp Set)
  • Here's to wishing that your halls are decked with boughs of fun, laughter, and warmth!
  • Tis' the season to jingle bell rock all the way in your PJs! Have a warm and festive holiday! 

For Your Spouse/Partner

  • "Full of love, full of gratitude, full of happiness because I married you! Happy Thanksgiving To My Wonderful Husband!"
  • "Every day I am reminded of the greatest blessing I’ve received. I always show my gratitude for all you are to me. I am so very thankful for having you in my life. You’re more to me than anyone can dream, you’re my wonderful and beautiful wife! Happy Thanksgiving!"
  • "I have been blessed with someone to call my true love, my best friend, my husband and for that, I am eternally grateful. I love you now and always! Happy Thanksgiving!"
  • "I give thanks for your kind words, for your tender caresses, and for you loving me like no other. Happy Thanksgiving With Love!"
  • "Love, happiness, blessings, and joy that’s what I have because of you. Happy Thanksgiving to My Wife!"


  • Better late than never! Here's to wishing you had a great holiday season!
  • Blessings upon blessings for you and your family - belated Merry Christmas!
  • Sorry for the late greeting - the traffic in the North Pole was heavy! Santa and his elves wish you a merry belated Christmas!