Celebrate International Podcast Day 2022 with Must-Listen Crafting Podcast Episodes

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

September 30 is International Podcast Day! This international holiday is a celebration of the power of podcasts. In honor of this special day, we wanted to give our listeners a few fun facts and trivia about podcasts, as well as an exclusive look at the most-listened episodes of our podcast - Craft Your Life with Altenew. Keep reading to learn more about how this remarkable invention has changed the way we consume audio entertainment, and catch up on your favorite paper crafting podcast.

The perfect podcast to listen to while crafting - Altenew Craft Your Life Podcast

What Is a Podcast?

Podcasts were originally known as “audioblogs” and date back to as early as the 1980s. It wasn’t until 2004, though, when podcasting truly began. Thanks to a former MTV VJ, a software developer, the advent of broadband Internet, and portable digital audio devices, we now have hundreds of thousands of podcasts in various languages available for streaming and downloading anytime, anywhere.  

When Was the First Podcast Made?

In 2004, former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer developed a program called iPodder. This program enables the user to download Internet radio broadcasts to their iPods. Hence, the term “podcast,” which is a portmanteau of “iPod” and “broadcast.”

Fun Fact! The first President to have his weekly address delivered in the form of a podcast was George W. Bush.

What Was the Very First Podcast?

The first true podcast was published by Doug Kaye when he created an RSS feed with enclosures. Prior to this, he had been publishing MP3 recordings of his interviews at IT Conversations way before the act of “podcasting” was invented by Curry and Winer.

Did You Know? One half of the duo behind the invention of podcasting, Dave Winer, is also the author/creator of the popular RSS feed format.

Who Coined the Term “Podcast”?

In his 2004 article in The Guardian titled “Audible Revolution,” Ben Hammersley discussed the boom of online radio and suggested the term “podcasting” to refer to this new sensation of “audio blogging.” The term stuck and the rest is history. In the same article, Hammersley mentioned what makes a podcast tick: it combines “the intimacy of voice, the interactivity of a weblog, and the convenience and portability of an MP3 download.”

Fun Fact! 1 in 5 Americans prioritize listening to a podcast in their busy schedules. (Source)

What Is the Most Downloaded Podcast?

British Comedian Ricky Gervais held the world record for the most downloaded podcast (with over 260,000 downloads per week in its first month), earning him a spot in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records.

Fun Fact! The Joe Rogan Experience takes the #1 spot of the Most Listened to Podcast in the US as of August 2022. (Source)

How to Celebrate International Podcast Day 2022

Listening to your favorite podcast is not just a great way to celebrate this day, it’s also an excellent way to support podcasters all around the world. For paper crafters, what better way to celebrate than to listen to the Craft Your Life Podcast? In each episode, host Jen Rzasa interviews a special crafty guest about their creative journey. You'll hear inspiring stories, laugh along with the occasional innocent hijinks, and learn plenty of tips and techniques to improve your crafting skills.

infographic about Craft Your Life with Altenew podcast

Ready to tune in? Here are 5 reasons why you should start listening to the Craft Your Life Podcast today!

  1. Get Inspired. One of the best things about listening to podcasts is that they provide an endless source of inspiration. Whether you're looking for new card making ideas or you want to learn how to scrapbook like a pro, the Craft Your Life Podcast has you covered. In each episode, Jen interviews your favorite card-makers and paper crafters about their work, their process, and what inspires them. You'll come away from each episode feeling motivated and ready to take your crafty skills to the next level!
  1. Get Insider Tips and Techniques. In addition to being inspired, you'll also pick up some great tips and techniques from the podcast guests. From helpful hints on using Altenew products to time-saving card making hacks, there's something for everyone on the Craft Your Life Podcast. Best of all, you can listen while you're crafting so you can try out the tips and techniques as you hear them!
  1. Laugh Along with Jen and the Guests. Jen sure knows how to have a good time - and she loves to share the fun with her podcast guests! Whether they're reminiscing about embarrassing crafting mishaps or trading jokes back and forth, there's never a dull moment on the Craft Your Life Podcast. You'll find yourself laughing along with Jen and her crafty guests in no time!
  1. Meet New People (and Make New Friends!). Listening to the Craft Your Life Podcast is a great way to meet new people who share your love of crafting. In addition to Jen and her guests, you'll also get to know the other listeners by joining the Altenew Facebook group and sharing your love for the podcast on Altenew’s social media channels. Who knows? You might just make some new crafty friends in the process!
  1. Get FREE Inspirational Resources. That's right - every episode of the Craft Your Life with Altenew Podcast comes with a quick reminder on where to get our FREE paper crafting resources - from our popular Crafting 101 online classes to our monthly Create & Inspire e-books.
Did You Know? A 2021 Statista report found that Sweden leads the world when it comes to podcast consumption! Among the 54 countries surveyed, Sweden topped the list, followed by Ireland and Brazil. 

Top 5 Altenew Craft Your Life Podcast Moments

For over two years, fascinating artists from the paper crafting world have impressed us with their crafting journeys. Let's take a look at the top 5 fan-favorite podcast episodes from the Craft Your Life with Altenew Podcast!

Craft Your Life with Altenew episode with Jennifer McGuire

1. Episode 16: Catching Up with Paper Crafting Celebrity, Jennifer McGuire

Why did this talented engineer leave a dream job? How does she manage all her paper crafting supplies? What do her kids' teachers think about her? Where did she learn about card making in the first place? It's time for the exciting moment our listeners have been waiting for. This month, Jen sits with Jennifer McGuire for a tell-all tale about the beloved paper crafter's life story, how she uses her passion to give back, and more. We love this podcast episode, and we know you will, too!

Craft Your Life with Altenew podcast with Altenew President Tasnim Ahmed

2. Episode 1: Altenew Behind-the-Scenes: How it All Began

Where does Altenew's name come from? What is Altenew's Design Team philosophy? When did our co-founders first meet? In this episode, join Jen and Tasnim as they reminisce about the moments how they started crafting up until the day they co-founded Altenew.

Craft Your Life with Altenew podcast episode with Laura Bassen

3. Episode 22: Crafters' Orchestra and Doublestick Heaven - A Fun Chat with Laura Bassen

Hockey, cheerleading, and the trombone! Enjoy listening to a fun conversation with Laura Bassen as she shares all about her beautiful family, her thrilling crafting journey, and more. Hear about her unique childhood dreams - and which ones came to fruition.

Craft Your Life with Altenew podcast episode with Lydia Evans

4. Episode 2: The Two Naughty Sisters Featuring Altenew Creative Ambassador Lydia Evans

Enjoy lots of laughs as you join Altenew Co-Founder Jen Rzasa for another round of Craft Your Life with Altenew. This time, you will get to hear from our Creative Ambassador Lydia Evans who is full of fun stories to tell and funny tidbits to share with Altenew fans. Learn a bit about what it is like to be on TV, Lydia's challenges with technology, and more behind-the-scenes fun facts.

Craft Your Life with Altenew podcast episode with Altenew CEO Nabil Rab

5. Episode 8: Behind the Scenes: A chat with Altenew CEO, Nabil Rab

Learn more about what happens behind the scenes at Altenew with our CEO, Nabil Rab. Listen as he and Jen discuss working at the warehouse, attending trade shows, and other facets of running the business.

We're so excited to bring you informative and inspiring episodes of Craft Your Life with Altenew, and we can't wait to hear what you think! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode, and don't forget to leave us a review on Apple Podcast so we can keep bringing you the best crafty content possible.

Celebrate International Podcast Day 2022 with the Altenew Family!

So there you have it - 5 reasons why you should start listening to the Craft Your Life Podcast today, plus our top 5 must-listen episodes! If you're looking for inspiration, tips and tricks, or just a good laugh, this is the podcast for you. Tune in to the Craft Your Life with Altenew Podcast every month and get your dose of everything crafty and creative!

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