Get Ready for Christmas Card Day ( 7 Tips for Creating Cards in Bulk!)

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Last Updated: February 3, 2024

Clean and simple holiday card with various stamped foliage, enamel dots, and a stamped holiday greeting.

Are you ready to spread some holiday cheer? Christmas Card Day is the perfect occasion to express your love and send warm wishes to your family and friends!

It is celebrated on December 9th every year, giving you the opportunity to send heartfelt messages and beautiful handmade cards to your loved ones.

In this blog, we are giving you 7 top tips on how to create DIY holiday cards in bulk to help you get a head start on creating and sending out your cards. We’ve also got a few handmade holiday card ideas to spark your creativity. Let’s dive in! 

Quick and simple Merry Christmas Card idea for Christmas Card Day 2023, made with Altenew stamps and dies

What Is Christmas Card Day?

Christmas Card Day 2023 is a special day dedicated to the tradition of sending and receiving holiday cards.

It's a time when people who celebrate this holiday come together to celebrate the joy of the holiday season by exchanging thoughtful greetings. This day encourages us to take a moment to connect with our loved ones, near and far, and let them know that they are in our thoughts and hearts.

When is National Christmas Card Day 2023?

National Christmas Card Day is observed on December 9th each year. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the tradition of sending and receiving holiday cards.

On this day, people honor this heartfelt tradition by exchanging greetings and spreading joy.

A very simple Christmas card for Christmas Card Day 2023, with a gold heat-embossed Christmas tree and a "Merry Christmas" sentiment

7 Top Tips for Creating Holiday Cards in Bulk

1. Keep it clean and simple. Don’t be afraid to keep your handmade holiday cards clean and simple. One focal point and a sentiment is enough to put a smile on your loved one’s face. It’s the thought that counts, right? Plus you don’t need to worry about missing the last day to mail Christmas cards.

Clean and simple handmade Christmas card with a die cut pine tree decorated with red glitter dots, popped up on a red card base

In Laurie’s handmade card idea above, she scored 2 rectangles on the card base and then stamped the sentiment at the top, inside the smallest rectangle. She then stamped and die cut a pine tree and popped it up on the card front with foam tape. Easy peasy! The red glitter dots on the tree gave it some sparkle and the red card base finished the card nicely.

Watch the video tutorial below to see another variation of this clean and simple card. 

2. Let it snow. Nothing screams Christmas more than a lovely snowy scene!

Creating a holiday scene in your handmade holiday card is as easy as adding stamped or die-cut pine trees, a cozy cabin, or some adorable deer, and adding white splatters (using pigment ink or watercolor) to your background.

Clean and simple DIY Christmas card idea with die cut pine trees popped up on a red card panel with white ink splatters all over

Laurie took her DIY holiday card a step further by popping up her pine tree die-cuts on a red card panel - giving it that quintessential Christmas vibe.

3. Create gender-neutral one-layer holiday cards. Making your cards gender-neutral is great for those who need last-minute holiday card ideas.

You won’t need to worry about whether your card is too “feminine” or “masculine,” and they’re super simple to make in bulk too so you won’t miss the last day to mail Christmas cards. 

    Two gender-neutral Christmas cards decorated with Altenew Sohcahtoa Stamp Set and some hollies with berries

    In the video tutorial below, Lydia will walk you through the steps in creating sweet and graphic, gender-neutral holiday cards

    4. Use non-holiday stamps, dies, and stencils. Sometimes when you make DIY holiday cards in bulk, you run out of holiday-themed stamps, dies, and stencils. Here’s how to use any floral stamp in your stash to create a holiday wreath.

    Holiday wreath cards created from Altenew's floral stamp sets

    Are you after more holiday card-making ideas or want to refresh your holiday card stash? Try our Holiday Cardmaking Essentials Online Class Bundle

    Red and gold holiday card idea with gold heat-embossed Simple Flowers stamps from Altenew
    5. Go for gold! We all know how heat embossing transforms even the simplest stamped image. Sveta’s holiday card idea ensures that you can create DIY holiday cards in bulk quickly and easily. Simply stamp the images with embossing ink, add some gold (or silver!) embossing powder, heat emboss them, and voilà! All you’ll need is a holiday sentiment to complete your card.

      Tip: Use a red cardstock to highlight your gold-embossed images.

      6. Create a simple holiday scene. Nowadays, there are plenty of products that depict a complete holiday scene, allowing you to quickly and easily create handmade holiday cards in bulk. You can simply stamp the image as-is, color it in with watercolors or alcohol markers, or add some shine by heat embossing it. 
        Happy Holidays card with a cozy winter cabin scene stamped in white ink on a dark cardstock

        The Winter Wishes Stamp Set includes a beautiful winter scene with a sketched feel to it. It’s simply perfect for creating winter and holiday paper crafting projects - whether it's a card, a scrapbook page, a journal, DIY tag, or home decor. It also has seven heartwarming, holiday-themed sentiments. 

        Tip: Explore different colored cardstock and stamp the image in white ink to elevate your holiday card.

        Simple holiday card idea with a stamped image of a family of four making a snowman popped up on a pastel ombre cut-out background panel

        If you’re looking for a cozy and fun holiday scene, the Cozy Winter Vibes Set is the one for you! This set features all warm winter fuzzy activities – a cute family of four bonding and building a snowman together, three friends sledding, and a beautiful SUV and cottage covered in snow.

        7. Use big and bold greetings. Making last-minute holiday cards can be a bit stressful if you don’t have a lot of holiday-themed stamps or simply can’t think of a design. Why not try using your alphabet stamps to spell out big and bold sentiments on your card? This way you can easily customize your greetings and create a lovely focal point. 
          A Christmas card with the "Noel" greetings stamped on it but the 'o' is replaced with a blue and gold Christmas bauble

          In Jaycee’s card above, he stamped the word “Noel” using the Mega Brush Alpha Stamp Set. He could’ve stopped there but he took it further by replacing the “o” with a round holiday bauble/ornament. You can use any round stamp in your stash to create this effect. 

          Don’t miss the last day to mail Christmas cards! Find more Last-Minute Holiday Card Ideas here.

          What day do people send Christmas cards?

          While Christmas Card Day is celebrated on December 9th, people typically start sending out their Christmas cards in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

          Many choose to send their cards early in December to ensure they reach their recipients in time for the holidays. However, some may also opt to send e-cards or digital greetings closer to Christmas.

          What is the essence of giving Christmas cards?

          The essence of giving Christmas cards lies in the act of thoughtfulness and connection. By taking the time to choose or create a card, write a personal message, and send it to someone, we are showing that we care.

          Holiday cards allow us to express our love, gratitude, and well wishes in a tangible way. They serve as a reminder that we are thinking of our loved ones during this special time of year.

          Clean and simple Christmas card idea with the negative die-cut of the word "happy," a white floral die-cut, and the greetings "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" stamped in black ink

          When is the last day to mail Christmas cards?

          To ensure your Christmas cards arrive in time for the holidays, it's best to mail them no later than a week before Christmas. Postal services can become busier during this time of year, so sending them earlier will help avoid any potential delays.

          However, it's always a good idea to check with your local postal service for specific cut-off dates and recommended mailing times.

          Bulk Up Your Holiday Card Game and Get Ready for Christmas Card Day 2023!

          Embrace the spirit of Christmas Card Day 2023 and start creating your holiday cards in bulk! Whether you choose to personalize each card or mass-create them, the joy of sending and receiving these heartfelt messages will surely make this holiday season even more special. 

          And because we’re feeling a bit generous, here are 15+ DIY Christmas Cards and Christmas Gift Tag Ideas for you to try! Make sure to join us In the Craft Room for more holiday cardmaking tips and tricks!


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