Elevate Your Envelope Game with Color Coordinated Envelopes!

Last Updated: March 14, 2024

Have you ever found yourself creating a beautiful handmade card and then struggling to find the perfect card making envelope to match? Altenew has heard your crafting woes and we have the perfect solution – Crafty Necessities Envelopes!

Let's dive into the fabulous features of these must-have envelopes for card making and why they are a game-changer for all your card making endeavors.

Floral thank you card with a matching color coordinated card making envelope

Discover the Best Card Making Envelopes

What makes these color-coordinated envelopes perfect for your handmade cards? Read on!

Altenew Crafty Necessities Colored Envelopes for Card Making, in Altenew's Tropical Forest color family

High-Quality Paper Material for Durability

Crafty Necessities Envelopes are made from 150 gsm (68 lbs) paper, making them sturdy and durable. Say goodbye to flimsy, lackluster envelopes that do nothing to enhance your gorgeous cards. These envelopes are here to add a touch of elegance and protection to your masterpieces. If you want something more elegant, try our Vellum Envelopes!

Altenew Crafty Necessities Colored Envelopes for Card Making, in Altenew's Sea Shore color family

Perfectly Sized for A2 Cards

Measuring 4 3/8" x 5 3/4", they are the perfect fit for A2-sized cards, ensuring a snug and stylish enclosure for your creations.

Send stylish and colorful cards with color coordinating envelopes for cardmaking

Stylish Designs and Colors to Enhance the Presentation of Cards

Who said card envelopes have to be boring? Altenew's Crafty Necessities Envelopes come in a variety of colors that match Altenew's signature ink color families, adding a personal touch and a splash of color to your mail. Say hello to envelopes that are as vibrant and eye-catching as your handmade cards!

handmade greeting card with a gold foiled background and a matching pink card envelope from Altenew

Easy-to-Use Peel-and-Seal Closure for Convenience

No more licking and sticking! These envelopes feature a self-sealing feature, making it a breeze to seal and rip open. Convenience at its finest, because let's face it – crafting should be fun and hassle-free.

Why Crafty Necessities Envelopes are a Must-Have for Card Making

Celebration themed floral card with a green card making envelope from Altenew

You might be wondering why these card making envelopes are an absolute essential for your crafting stash. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Crafty Necessities Envelopes ensure the protection and presentation of your handmade cards. There's nothing worse than pouring your heart into a beautiful card only for it to be crammed into a lackluster envelope. These envelopes are here to safeguard your creations in style.
Peach and gold floral birthday card on top of a stack of Icy Water colored envelope for card making
  • Not only do they protect your cards, but they also add a professional touch to your card creations. It's all about the little details, and presenting your cards in color-coordinating envelopes elevates the entire gifting experience.
Friendship card with die-cut flowers with a matching pink A2 card envelope
  • Let's talk about saving time and effort – because who has time to scour the internet for the perfect card envelopes? With Crafty Necessities Envelopes, you can bid adieu to the endless search for suitable envelopes. They're right here, ready to complement your cards effortlessly.
  • Last but certainly not least, these card envelopes enhance the overall gifting experience for the recipient. Imagine receiving a stunning handmade card nestled in a coordinating envelope – talk about making someone's day! It's the little things that make the biggest impact, and these envelopes are all about spreading joy and delight.
Clean and simple floral card with a matching white card envelope decorated with Altenew stamps

How to Use Crafty Necessities Envelopes

These envelopes for card making are already stylish enough to be used as-is, but why stop there? Get creative and customize your envelopes for an extra personalized touch. Here’s how:

Handmade friendship card with a matching pink envelope for cardmaking and a round envelope sticker
Handmade greeting card with an A2 size envelope for cardmaking and a round envelope sticker
Handmade card with a yellow striped background and floral design, a matching yellow envelope and a round envelope sticker
4 different colored envelopes for card making, decorated with stamped designs and images from Altenew's Envelope Art Stamp Set
Blue card envelope decorated with stamped images from Altenew stamp sets
Green card envelope decorated with stamped floral images from Altenew Envelope Art stamp set
Handmade card with a die-cut of a cute open envelope with hearts coming out of it, a geometric background, and XOXO sentiment die-cuts
CAS card made with Altenew's Lovely Envelope Die Set

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A DIY envelope for card making, with a decorated flap
A colorful handmade card with a matching colored envelope, decorated with stamps and dies from Altenew
  • Decorate the flap with die-cuts using any of your favorite die
DIY fabric envelope made with Altenew Dreamy Bouquet Fabric Collection
A Kraft card envelope embellished with a fold wax seal from Altenew
A black card making envelope adorned with a blue "thanks" wax seal
  • Use wax seal stamps to add a touch of elegance!
  • Add hand-lettered addresses using brush markers for an extra dose of love and care
A floral handmade card with a motivational message and a matching colored envelope, decorated with Altenew stamps and dies

Speaking of hand-lettered addresses, who better to inspire you than the amazing queen of hand-lettering, Kristina Werner? Watch her use our Metallic Watercolors to elevate her cardmaking envelopes.

Altenew Crafty Necessities Color Coordinated Envelopes for card making in Red Cosmos color family

DIY Envelope Decorating Ideas You Can Easily Try

And if you're feeling extra crafty, think outside the box and find innovative ways to incorporate these envelopes into your card-making projects. From interactive envelope designs to envelope-based embellishments, the possibilities are endless! 

Here are some must-try ideas on how to level up your cardmaking envelope game!

two lavender envelopes for card making, with a 3D embossed flower image and wax seal

1. Add instant dimension to your envelope using 3D embossing folders, just like Reiko did here.

Adding instant dimension to envelopes using 3D embossing folders

2. Make your 3D embossed envelopes more fabulous by watercoloring the images! Read more about this fun idea here.

3 slimline envelopes for card making, decorated with 3D embossed images

3. Gold heat-embossed images to the front or back of the envelope for some added shine and texture.

DIY envelope for handmade cards, made with Altenew patterned scrapbook paper and 3D embossed florals

4. Create a DIY envelope for card making using your favorite cardstock or patterned paper and decorate it with a die-cut! See how Reiko created this here.

DIY slimline vellum envelope decorated with Altenew round stickers for envelopes

5. Use vellum, Kraft paper, colored cardstock, or scrapbook paper to DIY your card making envelopes. Here’s a non-traditional-sized DIY envelope by Sveta.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common envelope sizes
    Common envelope flap style

    Common envelope sizes and styles

    Q: What size envelope should I use for handmade cards?

    A: Envelopes for handmade cards typically vary based on the size of the card. Common sizes include A2 (4.25" x 5.5"), A6 (4.5" x 6.25"), and A7 (5" x 7"). There are also different sizes for slimline envelopes, ranging from 3 ⅝” x 6 ½” to 4 ⅛” x 9 ½”. It's essential to choose an envelope size that fits your card comfortably.

    Different sized and colored envelopes for card making

    Q: How do you make an envelope for a card?

    A: To make an envelope for a card, you can use a template or an envelope punch board. Simply trace the template onto your chosen paper, cut it out, fold it along the score lines, and adhere the edges together to form the envelope. You can also find envelope punch boards that help you create custom-sized envelopes with ease. 

    Q: Which paper to use for making envelopes?

    A: When making envelopes, it's recommended to use lightweight paper such as patterned paper, vellum, or scrapbook paper that is sturdy enough to hold its shape but flexible enough to fold easily. Avoid using heavyweight paper as it may be challenging to fold and crease. The Crafty Necessities envelopes are made from 150 gsm (68 lbs) paper - making them lightweight but also sturdy enough.

    Q: Can you use cardstock for envelopes?

    A: Yes, you can use lightweight cardstock for making envelopes, especially if you prefer a more durable and sturdy envelope. However, keep in mind that cardstock may be thicker than regular paper, so it may require scoring and careful folding to ensure a clean and professional finish.

    Altenew color coordinated envelopes for card making, in Altenew's popular ink color family

    Stock Up on Color Coordinated Envelopes for Card Making

    Altenew's Crafty Necessities Envelopes are a game-changer for all your card-making adventures. From high-quality paper material to stylish designs and easy-to-use features, these card envelopes are here to elevate your crafting experience.

    Remember, when it comes to crafting, the little details make all the difference. And with Crafty Necessities Envelopes, those little details just got a whole lot more delightful. Check out our In the Craft Room page for more cardmaking tips, tricks, and hacks!

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