Fun Ideas Using Decorative Stickers for Scrapbooking

Last Updated: January 20, 2022

Are you looking for some new and fun ideas to use decorative stickers for scrapbooking? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll share a variety of ideas that will help you get the most out of your stickers. So, whether you're looking for ways to add color and texture or just want some new scrapbooking inspiration, read on! We guarantee you won't be disappointed with these fun and creative ways to use scrapbook stickers!

Live Your Dream Scrapbook Stickers and Embellishments

What is a scrapbook?

A scrapbook is an album where you can keep your precious memories and past experiences. It can be filled with photos, old ticket stubs, notes, clippings, souvenirs, drawings, and other ephemera that are important to you. The best thing about a scrapbook album is personalizing and designing it according to your chosen theme, favorite colors, personality, etc. Scrapbooking is one of the best activities to let your inner creativity shine, thanks to the wide range of scrapbook stickers and embellishments readily available in the market.

Colorful scrapbook layout with Our Family scrapbook stickers

Why is scrapbooking popular, and how to get started?

Scrapbooking is a popular hobby because it allows people to express themselves creatively while preserving their memories. It’s like a better version of a good ol’ photo album. Today, it has evolved into something even more special and unique. Rather than just documenting moments and occasions, scrapbookers now use their skills to create beautiful works of art. If you are interested in starting a scrapbook, here are a few pointers on how to get started:

  1. Purchase scrapbook supplies at your local craft store or online. Find out the basic scrapbooking supplies you need HERE
  2. Use materials that you may already have on hand (paper, scissors or trimmers, adhesives, ribbon, scrapbook stickers, etc.) 
  3. Don’t skimp on your supplies and tools. Instead, make sure to use decent-quality materials to ensure the longevity of your scrapbook pages. For instance, scrapbooking requires acid-free and lignin-free paper and cardstock.
  4. Learn the basic techniques in scrapbooking - from simple stamping and watercoloring to embossing (both heat and dry) and mixed media techniques.  
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials, textures, colors, and themes. There’s a whole world of design ideas out there just waiting to be turned into Pinterest-worthy scrapbook layouts.
Fun Fact! The origin of “scrap book” can be traced back to 15th century England, when commonplace books and friendship albums were popular. Commonplace books were used to keep “scraps” of paper such as recipes, letters, quotes, poems, and clippings. Friendship albums, on the other hand, were more like yearbook albums. Guests need to sign their names and leave a personal note on the home owner’s album.

Decorative stickers for scrapbooking

Enjoy the Ride Chipboard Sticker Set

What are scrapbook stickers?

If you're a scrapbooker, then you know that decorative stickers for scrapbooking are a fun way to add personality and pizzazz to your pages. These stickers come in a wide variety of colors, designs, sizes, and themes. Scrapbook stickers are used to embellish photos, journaling cards, and other elements on your page. You can also use them to create borders or dividers, highlight an element, or decorate the focal point. Here are a few types of themed stickers that you can use on your scrapbook pages:

  1. Wedding scrapbook stickers - The popularity of wedding scrapbook albums made these stickers in demand. While these are usually floral-themed, there are other designs such as dresses, tuxedos, bells, cakes, champagne glasses, etc.

Family scrapbook stickers on a scrapbook page

Our Family Cardstock Die Cuts

  1. Family scrapbook stickers - There are various sticker designs under the family category. Words, phrases, and quotes referring to family are the most popular ones.
  2. Scrapbook letter stickers/alphabet stickers - Alphabet stickers are a must-have for scrapbooking. They’re great for adding titles and sentiments.

 Enjoy the ride alphabet stickers from Altenew

Enjoy the Ride Chipboard Alphas

  1. Love scrapbook stickers - Love-themed quotes and phrases, words of affirmation, or cute little hearts - there’s an endless possibility when it comes to love scrapbook stickers.

 Scrapbook letter stickers on a scrapbook layout

Our Family 6 X 12 Chipboard Alphabet Stickers

  1. Friendship stickers - Like family scrapbook stickers, the variety of designs for this type of sticker is infinite.

Floral stickers and ephemera on a scrapbook page

Enjoy the Ride - Blooming Ephemera

  1.  Floral stickers - Flowers are timeless, and they elevate any design. You can also use them for literally any event, theme, or occasion. 
  2. Nature-themed stickers - From simple foliage to magnificent scenery, this type of sticker is ideal for travel-themed scrapbook or scrapbook journals.

Butterfly cardstock die-cut stickers

 Watercolor Butterfly Cardstock Stickers

  1. Geometric stickers - Like alphabet stickers, you need some shapes in your scrapbook stickers and embellishment collection. These are excellent for breaking the monotony, adding interest, or simply making things pop.
  2. Animal stickers - Animal-themed stickers are fun to use in family, baby, or friendship scrapbook albums. And let’s face it, they’re just adorable and will make everything look better.
  3. Food stickers - Food journaling and food-themed scrapbook pages are so much fun to create. From pizza and burgers to 8-layered cakes and Japanese ramen - there’s a huge range of food stickers available to crafters now.
Did You Know? Many attributed the first sticker to the invention of adhesive paper by Sir Rowland Hill in 1839. But it was in 1935 when modern-day stickers (back then known as self-adhesive labels with peel-off backing) were created and patented, thanks to Oklahoma’s Ray Stanton Avery. He then established one of the biggest label companies in the world - Avery Labels.

The video below showcases a few scrapbook stickers and embellishments that you’ll surely want to add to your stash! 

How do you use stickers in scrapbooking?

You can use decorative stickers for scrapbooking as-is or create unique designs and patterns on your pages. Most stickers have specific themes (wedding scrapbook stickers, family scrapbook stickers, etc.) and designs, but that shouldn’t stop you from using them in more fun and creative ways. Use them as decorations, borders, photo frames, for movement and flow, or as backgrounds. For example, you can cut up flower stickers and use them throughout the page. Mix and match your scrapbook stickers and use them to tell your story.

Fun Fact! January 13th is National Sticker Day! Each year, this special day is celebrated in honor of the inventor of stickers, Ray Stanton Avery's birthday!

6 Must-Have Decorative Stickers for Scrapbooking

 Whether you’re a newbie in search of the best scrapbook stickers and embellishments, or a seasoned scrapper who’s looking to grow your sticker collection, we’ve got you covered! Here are 6 must-have stickers for all your scrapbooking needs!

Scrapbook page with scrapbook letter stickers and ephemera

Enjoy the Ride Chipboard Alphas

  1. Alphabet Stickers - Also known as scrapbook letter stickers, these are the most basic stickers you’ll need in your kit. Alphabet stickers can be chipboard or puffy and come in various fonts, sizes, and colors.

6x6 scrapbook layout with scrapbook stickers

Enjoy the Ride Chipboard Sticker Set

  1. Chipboard Stickers - While most stickers are made of regular sticker paper, chipboard stickers are made of thicker cardboard. Most scrappers prefer the quality and longevity of these stickers. There’s also a wide range of designs available such as nature, florals, words, banners, shapes, etc. Here’s a quick and easy scrapbook idea using various chipboard stickers.

Floral scrapbook page decorated with scrapbook stickers and wood veneers

Reflection Collection Epoxy Buttons & Wood Veneer Bundle

  1. Cardstock Stickers - As the name suggests, a cardstock sticker is simply a sticker printed on a thicker cardstock and not on regular sticker paper. Cardstock scrapbook stickers may come in a themed set or a variety pack. The designs range from cut-out shapes and florals to pre-made words and phrases. For example, Flora’s wreath layout above simply pops off the page thanks to her creative use of various clear and cardstock stickers!

 Clear scrapbook stickers on a layout

Live Your Dream Clear Stickers

  1. Clear Stickers - Although slightly thinner than chipboard stickers, clear stickers are water-resistant and see-through. These are made of clear vinyl and are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes.

Scrapbook page with acetate die-cut stickers

Butterfly Acetate Die Cuts

  1. Acetate Die-cut Stickers - These semi-transparent stickers are similar to cardstock stickers printed on acetate sheets. Acetate can add a touch of simple beauty and elegance to any page. In this fun scrapbook page, Lilith used a combination of acetate stickers and cardstock stickers, along with other leftover supplies!

Ephemera stickers on a scrapbook page

Enjoy the Ride - Blooming Ephemera

  1. Ephemera Stickers - Movie or concert tickets, notes, leaflets, theater programs, receipts - these are all considered ephemera. An ephemera is anything paper-based, handwritten or printed, and not intended to last a long time, but collected as a memento. It is usually kept for its sentimental value. The ephemera in Reiko’s 6x6 layouts are super fun to look at!
Fun Fact! The Ephemera Society of America defines ephemera as “the minor transient documents of everyday life. (These) items reflect the moods and mores of past times in a way that more formal records cannot.”

You can always find a use for scrapbook stickers and embellishments! Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with these 6 must-have scrapbook stickers. Be creative when decorating your pages so that you stretch the use of your supplies and give yourself more creative options. Try using decorative stickers for scrapbooking to elevate your design - they're perfect for adding texture and dimension where needed. We have a variety of stickers in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and textures available in our store and plenty of ideas on how to use them HERE! What are some ways you've incorporated decoration into your own scrapbook pages? Comment down below!

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