Crafting Inspiration from 13 Happy Customers of Altenew’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

Crafting is more than just a hobby; it's a form of self-expression, a therapeutic outlet, and a way to create beautiful, meaningful items.

What seasoned crafters know, and what beginners eventually learn, is that the right crafting products can make all the difference in bringing your artistic visions to life.

For this blog post, let’s explore the joy and satisfaction that crafters have found in 13 exceptional crafting products, as shared through their heartfelt testimonials below.

Important Note: More of our crafting goodies are on sale right now! Check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Collection here for great discounts on various crafting supplies like these. 

1. Scintillating Shades Fresh Dye Ink Bundle

A thank-you card crated with the Scintillating Shades Fresh Dye Ink Bundle

If you want gorgeous and impeccable coverage with a sharp impression every time you use your preferred stamps, our fresh dye inks are essential. The Scintillating Shades Fresh Dye Ink Bundle, for example, was designed to provide stunningly crisp outcomes when stamping, and they work exceptionally well with our clear photopolymer stamps. 

Here’s what crafter Chris loves about it:

“These new inks seem to lay down even better than your famous Crisp Inks do. There is a measurable improvement in ink blending quality. I really like the circular format in the hand which makes smooshing, trapping and swiping ink so much more comfortable for those of us with dexterity issues. So off I go to continue to replace colours!” 

- Chris Fugle

What’s more, these inks are spill-free, have an easy-to-open twist mechanism, and are stackable, too! As we’ve said before, our products are made by crafters, for crafters.

2. Craft Your Life Project Kit: Floral Acanthus 4-in-1 Set with Add-on Layering Stencil and Embossing Folder

A "Hugs" card created with the Craft Your Life Project Kit: Floral Acanthus with Add-on Layering Stencil for Embossing Folder

Our Craft Your Life Project Kits have always provided crafters with the supplies and inspiration they need for their next project every month. This is why many of our customers continue to subscribe to the Craft Your Life monthly subscription plan

Moreover, if they’re not into the upcoming set for the next month, they can easily put their subscription on hold and reactivate it whenever they want. For this set, the theme was Floral Acanthus, which has become a staple in architecture, textile, and furniture designs. Crafter Hema expresses what she loves most about the Craft Your Life Project Kit:

“The whole set was incredible. Having all the parts - stamps, dies, stencils and embossing folder arrive together was the easy way to start using the set.”

- Hema S.

As crafters ourselves, we couldn’t agree more. Receiving a bundle with everything you need for crafting excites us, too!

3. Garden Love 24 Artist Alcohol Markers Bundle

Various card designs colored in with Altenew's Garden Love 24 Artist Alcohol Markers

There’s always something so fascinating about tools with more than one capability. For crafters, it’s an awesome feeling when you get supplies that have multiple uses and purposes. And that is why crafters like Anne are fans of the Garden Love 24 Artist Alcohol Markers Bundle. Check out her testimonial below:

“My first time using these markers won't be the last. I've already ordered more. The brush tip is perfect for blending and the other tip is great for precision work.”

- Anne Bradway

Our alcohol markers are great on the go, too! Want to create dazzling sceneries inspired by the places you’re visiting? These alcohol markers are your best friend!

4. Atomic Fresh Dye Ink Bundle

A "Just saying Hi" card with floral designs colored in with Atomic Fresh Dye Ink from Altenew

Another fan favorite in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is the Atomic Fresh Dye Ink Bundle, This vibrant and colorful set includes the Red Sunset Fresh Dye Inks and the Sweet Dreams Fresh Dye Inks. Here’s one explanation of why crafters love this bundle:

“I love these inks! They are like their name - fresh! The colors are crisp & vibrant. They seem to have a smoothing agent that helps them spread out evenly. I am very happy with them. Great buy!”

- Claudine V.

Thanks, Claudine! And you’re right: the new fresh dye inks are a step up from our original crisp dye inks (although if you do prefer our crisp dye inks, we love that about you, too!). Learn more about the differences between various types of craft ink in this blog post.

5. 16 Small Ink Blending Tool Bundle (4 Sets of 4 Tools)

A "Hello there" card colored in with the help of the Small Ink Blending Tools from Altenew

Blending tools are very handy in maximizing the use of craft inks. These tools work well with any ink color to make stunning and vibrant paper crafting projects. Each one has soft, white bristles and comfortable handles, which makes it easy to blend ink without tiring your hands.

Here, take a look at what crafter Sue likes most about this set:

“I am enjoying using these new smaller sized ink blending tools. The white bristles show the color used so I am using each one for a similar color family. The color blends so smoothly over the cardstock which makes for beautiful backgrounds.”

- Sue Wisniewski

Cleaning them is a breeze, too! Just rinse the blending tool with mild soap and water, then let them dry naturally.

6. Build-A-Garden: Grand Carnations & Add-On Die Bundle

A "You're on my mind" card created with the Build-A-Garden: Grand Carnations & Add-On Die Bundle

Our Build-A-Garden: Grand Carnations kit consists of a stamp set that showcases an open carnation with two buds, a lone carnation, and three matching leaves. The sentiments and phrases in the bundle are flexible and come in an attractive cursive font. 

Crafters can color them using pencils or watercolor, or make vibrant designs with the matching stencil set. And, with a bit more creativity, you can add your own twists to the design, just like what another crafter did here:

“I have long loved the look of pink daffodils. So when I received this set I took artistic license with it and created them. I am looking forward to creating the yellow ones in the future.”

- K Knutson

Indeed, there is no wrong way to use the Build-A-Garden crafting set. Let your imagination run wild, create designs with different color palettes, and craft to your heart’s content. 

7. Ultimate Watercolor Brush Markers Bundle

A "Happy hello" card with floral design, colored in with the Ultimate Watercolor Brush Markers Bundle

There’s a reason we call this bundle “ultimate” – it has a wide variety of stunning and flamboyant colors that also coordinate with our fresh dye ink line! The brush tip has flexible and robust bristles that enable both broad and fine strokes, and the color can be applied directly from the marker or thinned with water for a more subtle effect.

Plus, it’s beginner-friendly, too, as evidenced by the testimonial below:

“Watercoloring is not something I’m good at, but Altenew’s Watercolor Brush Markers are so easy to manage that when I first used it, I created this art journal page background easily. (I used Mountain Mist, Lagoon, Emerald, Ruby Red, Rouge, and Purple Wine (Tropical Fiesta Set). I sure will be using them very often.”

- Helen Liu

So, for crafters like Helen who are not quite confident with their watercoloring skills, the Ultimate Watercolor Brush Markers are a great help!

8. Large Storage Pouches - 25/pack

Yes, you read that right: Even our storage pouches are getting some love during the Black Friday Sale!

Altenew crafting materials stored in Large Storage Pouches

And why not? Having clean, reusable storage pouches is a must for crafters who want to keep their space neat and clutter-free. But what do our crafters really think about our pouches? Michele says:

“Storage is always an issue when one is a Crafter. These pouches take away some of the worry that we have when we put things away that they won't be in the same condition when we next reach for them. They are nice heavyweight pouches and I can see myself using them continuously.”

- Michele W.

This is true: Having the right storage solutions will ensure a longer lifespan for your crafting supplies and even your creations. So get your own pack of storage pouches and say goodbye to your crafting storage worries.

9. Artist Alcohol Markers Set D & Remember This Stamp Set Bundle

A card with a Dr. Seuss quote, created from Altenew's Artist Alcohol Markers Set D & Remember This Stamp Set Bundle

Altenew’s Black Friday Sale also includes a perfect pairing – the Artist Alcohol Markers Set D & Remember This Stamp Set Bundle. This package consists of the following: 

  • A 32-piece set of 6" x 8" stamps made from top-notch photopolymer, and;
  • A set of 12 alcohol-based artist markers with dual tips, which come in shades of purple, green, and brown.

Let’s take a look at why crafters like Jenny love this markers-and-stamps pair:

“This set is my all-time favourite set of markers from Altenew. The colours are so glorious. I reach for these more than any other markers. Can't get enough!! Additionally, the stamping set is just beautiful. The sentiment is unique and I've used it when I could not adequately say how I felt. Stunning.”

- Jenny Lloyd

We couldn’t agree more, Jenny. These tools complement each other so well and allow crafters to create dazzling designs!

10. Versatile Greetings Complete Bundle

The Versatile Greetings Bundle with a sample card with a butterfly design and the sentiment "hugs"

“Everything about this die set is perfect! The font is bold, simple, and timeless, and it’s just the right size for A2 cards. The best part, though? That COMMA! As an English teacher, there’s nothing more frustrating than missing punctuation in sentiments, so that tiny interrupter alone is reason enough to buy this set!”

- Tammy Massey

Tammy sums everything up perfectly for this set. If you enjoy incorporating shiny, die-cut phrases or messages into your paper crafts (with punctuations), then the Versatile Greetings Bundle is for you. 

Elevate your crafting projects with depth and sparkle using these beautiful complementary greetings. This set includes dies for eight different greetings and a comma, as well as matching hot foil plates to add a bit of glamour to your sentiments.

11. Layered Dahlia Stencil Set (A & B)

A birthday greeting card designed with the Layered Dahlia Stencil Set

Combine modern artistry and timeless elegance with the Layered Dahlia A & B Stencil Set. These stencils work together seamlessly to create a radiant and unique layered effect. They are incredibly user-friendly and allow crafters to create beautiful projects with ease. But what makes them so intuitive is what crafter Kathy points out below:

“This is a really beautiful stencil set. Altenew's grouped color palettes make it so simple to figure out which color is best suited for each of the layers.”

- Kathy Kuehnle

Truly, Altenew’s color palettes make coloring any stencil set a breeze. Still, creativity has no limits, and experimenting with different color combinations is highly encouraged!

Also, whether you use them with an ink blending tool, ink spray, or modeling paste, the possibilities for achieving different effects are endless.

12. Mystic Garden & Beach Garden Artist Alcohol Markers Bundle

A slimline card colored with Altenew's Mystic Garden & Beach Garden Artist Alcohol Markers

Here’s another stunning set of alcohol markers for you. Experience a seamless crafting journey with the Mystic Garden & Beach Garden Artist Alcohol Markers.

Moreover, every set in this collection includes downloadable color and blank swatches, instructional videos, and inspiring guides! These alcohol markers, along with their resources, are meticulously designed to assist you in bringing your paper crafting projects to life with enjoyment and ease. As Annie says in her testimonial:

“I am so impressed with the smooth, vibrant quality of these markers! Since receiving my sets I've been using them with my stamps and coloring my heart away! I'M HOOKED!! As a newbie there's lot to learn, but with these alcohol markers, I'm up for the challenge. Thank you Altenew for these high quality products!”

- Annie

Thanks for the compliments, Annie. We’ll be sure to continue supplying crafters with high-quality products that help create striking designs and remarkable projects!

13. Textured Perfection: Top 5 3D Embossing Folder Bundle

A sentiment card designed with an embossing folder from the Textured Perfection Bundle

Finally, we have the Textured Perfection Embossing Folder set. This set consists of the top five most popular embossing folders from the Altenew store.

Furthermore, these are not your regular embossing folders. They are designed to create three-dimensional shapes, going beyond the typical 2D embossed texture. To enhance your creations, simply use a die cutter and follow the manufacturer's instructions for 3D embossing folders. It's as easy as that!

Here’s a testimonial from Dex, who’s grown so fond of these tools:

“A delightful assortment of 3D embossing folders and I've been designing with these new folders with brilliant results. Love each folder for its unique design, especially the daisies. Thanks ALTENEW for sparking my creative juices once again!”

- S Dex

Truly, these embossing folders will elevate your craft and create an amazing visual and tactile experience for your card’s recipient!

Find more crafting goodies and supplies in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Collections!

Take Your Crafting Projects to the Next Level 

A "Sending hugs" sentiment card created with the Scintillating Shades Fresh Dye Ink Bundle

Crafting is a journey of self-discovery, and having the right tools can make that journey even more enjoyable. The testimonials shared by these happy customers highlight the impact that quality crafting products can have on creativity, satisfaction, and their overall crafting experience.

Investing in the right tools can turn your crafty and artistic visions into tangible masterpieces. So, gather your supplies, embrace your creativity, and let these testimonials inspire your next crafting adventure.

And, as always, feel free to visit us In the Craft Room for more crafting inspiration and unique ideas. Happy crafting!

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