March 14th: A Day to Encourage Kids’ Love of Crafts

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

March is finally here, and you know what that means: it's time for National Craft Month! This year, we're kicking off this beloved month by celebrating National Children's Craft Day on March 14. It's the perfect chance to show your little ones just how amazing arts and crafts can be! 

Why should you get your young ones into paper crafting? Crafting helps children tap into their creativity, express themselves, and gives them a sense of accomplishment when they finish their project. It develops their cognitive and social skills, all while having fun! Even your teens can craft, too - after all, crafting is meant to be enjoyed by all ages!

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In this blog post, we'll talk about National Children's Craft Day, a little bit of National Craft Month, and some fun DIY projects to do with kids! From making cards to introducing them to easy-to-learn stamping techniques, you can do many activities together on this special day. So prepare your creativity, gather up your materials, and join us as we explore some irresistible and inspiring craft projects designed especially for kiddies!

How to Celebrate National Children’s Craft Day

National Children's Craft Day is part of the celebration of National Craft Month, wherein crafters all around the world partake in activities that help encourage or introduce kids to start paper crafting. After all, crafting is a well-loved tradition passed down from generation to generation. Even in this digital era, kids all over the globe are still discovering the magic of creating handmade projects. 

More than that, National Children's Craft Day is also a reminder to nourish the inner kid in us, who is always curious, adventurous, and creative! We all were a child once who loved to tinker with paper and crayons to make imaginary friends, paper puppets, card castles, and stick drawings that would end up on our fridge. Now, it's time to pass that enchanting feeling to our kids and let them form worlds with their imagination. 

Whether you're a quilter, cardmaker, scrapper, journaler, or origami-maker, it's time to share our love of craft with the youth of today to pave their creativity for tomorrow! 

As you know, National Children's Day is celebrated on March 14 every year during the festivities of National Craft Month. Every year, National Craft Month is celebrated for the whole month of March to commemorate crafters and their activities. It's a month dedicated to rediscovering crafting, learning a new hobby or skill, and sharing your crafts with others.   

Fun and Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Into Paper Crafting

Now that you know what National Children's Craft Day entails, tell your teens to put down their screens and get some good ol' bonding in! To introduce your youngsters to paper crafting, here are a few beginner-friendly projects to do:    

Make Cute Paper Plate Animal Masks 

Using a paper plate, you can make cute and funny animal masks by drawing with markers, making ears with cut-outs, or playing with paint. You can make eyeholes with scissors, but make sure to be the one handling the cutting, so your little ones won't risk any accidents. 

Teach Them the Basics of Watercoloring

When it comes to painting mediums, watercolor is one of the best paints to use with kids! They are easy to use, make less of a mess, and are washable, so they're safer for your kiddos to experiment with. 

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You can teach them loose watercoloring or put water on watercolor paper, spread the water around, and let them add colors to see the streaks of pigment flowing. They'll have fun seeing the colors mix and blend where the water goes!

Design Your Own DIY Bookmarks

Play around with safe and non-toxic inks for crafting with your kids on National Children's Craft Day!

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To easily make bookmarks, you can cut some tag-shaped dies in advance, so your young ones can do the decorating for themselves! You can let them use your washi tapes, coloring pencils, and stamps to achieve their personalized DIY bookmarks. 

Let Them Enjoy Simple Stamping Techniques

If your young ones haven't indulged in the magic of stamping already, now is the perfect time to teach them! With some simple stamps and inks for beginners, you can let them make beautiful patterns and images they can color in. When it comes to encouraging first-time crafters, stamping is one of the best techniques to learn first! Once they get the hang of it, you can also guide them to make their first-ever card!

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Decorate Paper Airplanes With Stickers

Paper airplanes are quick to make and even more fun to design! You can decorate and add pops of color to the wings of your aircraft with stickers and ephemera. Once you're finished, you can even make a game out of it and see the best plane by measuring the one that flies the highest and fastest! 

Enjoy Coloring Books With Markers

Water-based markers are the best markers that kids can use since they are non-toxic and washable but still produce beautifully vibrant colors! If you have coloring books, take them out and watch your kiddos make their own colorful artwork. Otherwise, you can make your own DIY coloring book pages by stamping outline stamps on some cardstock

Celebrate National Children's Craft Day with our annual Kids' Coloring Contest!

15 Lucky Winners of the Kids’ Coloring Contest 2022

Celebrate the Joy of Crafting With Your Kids This March! 

Crafting is a fun and educational way for kids to get creative – and what better time to encourage their crafty side than on National Children's Craft Day? 

We hope our suggestions inspired you and your little ones to try crafting at home. Remember: keep it simple, creative, and, most importantly – have fun! If you're seeking more inspiration and ideas, check out our All About Crafting blog at Altenew. Happy National Children's Craft Day!


  • Altenew

    That’s such a touching story, Liz! Stories and feedback like yours are what keeps us thriving and striving to give you even more inspiration and creativity! <3 Kudos to the little coloring masters in your family! :)

  • Liz O

    I love crafting with my kids, they have grown so much artistically, and I think it is in part because I have always made sure they have paper and a coloring medium near by… I still own a chair that was “decorated” by my then 2 yo Picasso using sharpie markers … full disclosure back then it was frustrating to find my off white new chair colored, but now that they are older I treasure those memories… as the years have gone by, we have experimented with pretty much every medium out there. I believe they have been more receptive to art instruction at school since they know it is just a medium and that they are allowed to have fun while creating! They DO LOVE Altenew’s alcohol markers and watercolors… Thank you for all that you do to encourage us getting our babies involved in crafting. I have enabled my youngest nice, and nephew to the point they are addicted to coloring too … Happy Craft month!

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