Altenew Stencil Illusion Spiral Stencil
Altenew Stencil Illusion Spiral Stencil
Altenew Stencil Illusion Spiral Stencil
Altenew Stencil Illusion Spiral Stencil
Altenew Stencil Illusion Spiral Stencil

Illusion Spiral Stencil

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This stencil will help you create an angular spiral background on your cards or other projects. Add a splash of color with our line of ink sprays, blend with our Crisp Dye Inks, or add texture with our embossing paste.

  • Size: 6" x 6"
  • Made in the USA

How To Use

Place the stencil over the project area and secure it with washi tape, painter's tape, or any other repositionable adhesive. Add patterns to your project by blending inks, spraying mists, applying embossing paste, or adding glitter. Gently pull the stencil off from the project area to see the result.

How To Clean & Care

Use baby wipes or stamp cleaner to remove any residual ink or craft medium. For a more thorough cleaning, a gentle soap with lukewarm water may be used. Lightly pat the stencil dry with a clean cloth and return it to its original packaging or a storage sleeve to keep it clean. Store flat and away from direct heat/sunlight.

Customer Reviews

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Liz O
Put a spin yo your hand made crafts!

I love the easiness of use of stencils and the different looks you can achieve with them. I am a fan of optical illusions so I had to have this Spiral stencil, it is sure to put a spin into your designs whether you chose to use the whole spiral or just the center part as a sunburst. I think it adds more interest to your designs in an effortless manner. 🤩


l am so glad that stencils have resurrected. I'm pleased with the spiral design.

Pam C.
Versatile stencil...

The Illusion Spiral is a really neat stencil - good quality and can be used as a really subtle effect or a screaming attention-getter!

Illusion spiral

Love the design of this stencil, so fun and versatile . I love all of the Altenew stencils. Awesome quality and easy clean up..

Fun Stencil

Great, versatile stencil. Can use with bright colors for a fun celebratory look or with grays as a subtle background. I do mostly scrapbooking so I like to use the Altenew stencils to highlight my photos. Did make one card or two though and attached the photo.

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