Build-A-Flower: Anemone Coronaria & Ink Bundle

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  • This is a special bundle of the following products, providing a great value for the price! You can easily start creating realistic, beautifully layered flowers for your projects with this Build-A-Flower set with a 6 mini cube set.

    • Build-A-Flower: Anemone Coronaria
    • Pretty in Peach 6 Mini Cube Set

    Anemone Coronaria is a flower native to the Mediterranean region. This beautiful poppy-like flower typically blooms in spring in red, blue, and white, with a black center. This flower was drawn in a loose and sketchy style, with an additional layer for adding color. You will get two flowers, four leaf clusters and a couple of buds, which are perfect for creating various floral arrangements. This simple yet gorgeous bloom will be a great addition to your floral stamp collection!

  • Download: Build-A-Flower: Anemone Coronaria Layering Guide