Rich, Smooth, and Round Pigment Ink Pads

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    Highly-Vibrant Pigment Ink Pads - In a Fresh and Round Look!

    Our exquisite and unique collection of high-quality, round pigment inks is essential for any paper crafting enthusiast! Crafters, cardmakers, and scrapbookers alike will find these rich, vibrant inks a must-have addition to their creative arsenal. Water-based, acid-free, and fade-resistant, our round pigment ink pads ensure that your handmade creations retain their beauty for a long time. Plus, their convenient round shapes allow for stackability and portability - saving you room in your crafty space!

    Whether working on a card, scrapbook, art journal, or engaging in mixed media art, these versatile, slow-drying inks perform flawlessly on various surfaces, leaving a stunning impression! Experience the joy of consistent coverage, vibrant hues, and crisp results - every time!

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