Organizational Labels for Ink Pads, Alcohol Markers, Blending Brushes & More!

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    Spend More Time Crafting and Less Time Organizing with These Organizational Labels

    Give your ink pads, alcohol markers, and ink blending tools a new look, and easily organize your crafting supplies with these colorful, high-quality, and easy-to-apply organizational labels!

    The Ink Organizational Label Sets were designed so they would perfectly wrap around the sides of your ink pads (round, oval, and cube). Now, when the lids are off, you can easily identify the colors; plus, they are simply pretty to look at! The Alcohol Marker Toppers have been designed to fit perfectly on our alcohol marker sets! Simply select your preferred label (color name or color name + nib style) and adhere it to the top of each cap. Use the additional sentiment and floral labels to decorate your projects and containers. The Ink Blending Brushes Label Sets help you quickly identify which brush is dedicated to each ink color, saving you time and frustration during crafting sessions. Craft supplies organization has never been this fun & easy!

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