May 2024 Stamps, Dies, Artsy Aprons, Press Plates, and MORE!

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    Beguile With Art Deco-Inspired Designs on NEW Stamps, Dies, Stencils, Artsy Aprons and MORE!

    It’s gonna be May! And this month, we invite you to step into the enchanting era of Art Deco, where the glamor and charm of the roaring twenties come to life! Picture lavish ballrooms, rhythmic jazz melodies, and intricate patterns that defined the Art Deco movement.

    In this release, our stamps, stencils, dies, 3D embossing folders, hot foil plates, and press plates are the storytellers, weaving a tale of timeless elegance and geometric allure. We are also proud to present our NEW Artsy Aprons, with lovely floral designs and colorful variants! Plus, grow your collection of exclusive mini-cube inks, enamel dots, and glitter tapes with our new sparkly, blushy additions! Bedazzle your cards and crafts with Art Deco glamor today!.

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