Altenew Watercolor Bundle Watercolor Palette Bundle
Altenew Watercolor Bundle Watercolor Palette Bundle
Altenew Watercolor Bundle Watercolor Palette Bundle
Altenew Watercolor Bundle Watercolor Palette Bundle
Altenew Watercolor Bundle Watercolor Palette Bundle

Watercolor Palette Bundle

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This is a special bundle of all Watercolor Palette release items! Enjoy them at a specially discounted price! 

Our watercolor palettes are made from 2mm thick polypropylene and are designed to be used with Altenew watercolor paint, our Crisp Dye Ink, or any other water-based media. The light-colored surface ensures an accurate representation of your paint color, and is smooth and sturdy - perfect for your artistic needs!

Products included in this bundle:

  • Watercolor Palette - Large (8.5" x 11")
  • Watercolor Palette - Medium (5.75" x 7.75")

Heat resistant - will not warp with moderate heat applications.

To clean, simply wipe down with a damp cloth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I love this this watercolor palette set~

This is the perfect palette to mix watercolors or alcohol markers on! Thank you!

Carrie Doty
Watercolor Palette Bundle]

Imagine my surprise when I received this watercolor palette bundle instead of a bundle of their wonderful watercolor paper! LOL!! Mistakes happen for a reason they say and I would never have bought this on my own but it’s a game changer for me!
I am new to watercolor and needed something better than a small palette tray or my class craft mat. I am now in love with these as I can use them to also mix up colors, mica, pearls, etc, into various mediums for all my paper crafting. I use nothing but plastic palette knives on them an they have no scratches. Like all of my Altenew products they arrived in top shop in a beautiful bag inside two pieces of cardboard.
I do wish the palettes were white in order to see all the color combinations we mix up or any mediums we might mix together better. IMHO., The artist would get a more true image of what the mediums true colors, opacity, luminosity, sparkle, shine etc. might be when applied to their surface.

karen woods
Watercolor palettes

I use these palettes for various uses. They are great! I am glad that I purchased them.

Should work fine.

I have something similar that I purchased 10+ years ago that I like a little better. I knew these from Altenew would be thinner, but they arrived slightly bowed. As long as I am not using a very wet medium, they should be fine. However, I would like them better if they were white as opposed to slightly translucent and not bowed.

I got the...
Watercolor Palette Bundle

Highly useful palettes. Useful for watercoloring and ink blending. I damaged mine by mixing some embossing paste on it and scratching up the surface. Have purchased a few times and they were slightly warped, but did flatten under weight.

Watercolor Palette Bundle